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Chatting with Nicole Michelle: Rising pop singer (Includes interview)

On January 27, she performed at Royale Nightclub in Boston. “Royale was one of the most beautiful, stylistic and enchanting venues I’ve ever performed at. The crowd was rousing and inspiring and having the opportunity to perform with iconic artists such as Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Elliot Easton of The Cars, who are being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this coming April, and so many others was splendid. Truth be told, it’s unlikely that you’ll see such a diverse lineup of artists on stage together again any time soon. It was a night I’ll never forget!”

During that concert, she closed her show with a powerhouse cover of rock band Heart’s “Alone.” “I felt that closing the show with a cover song was appropriate, and ‘Alone’ by Heart allowed me freedom to end the show on a really high note, no pun intended,” she said.

For Michelle, sharing the stage with Timmons was an unforgettable experience. “Jeff is producing my upcoming record and it’s been both an honor and a blessing to work with him. Jeff is always so much fun and I’ve learned so much, and performing with him live was surreal,” she said.

Her goals for the future are to finish her upcoming CD Generation N, and to continue performing live shows. “Amazing things are happening as we speak,” she said. “I’ll leave that as a surprise for my fans who have been so loyal to me. Stay tuned!”

She listed Carrie Underwood as her biggest musical influence, and noted that she admires her due to her humility and angelic voice. She also praised Demi Lovato, for the strength of her vocals, and how she stands up for what she believes in.

On the impact of technology in the music scene, Michelle said, “Technology has made the recording process so much easier from what I’ve read. Being 15 years old, I can only imagine how hits were made in the past. Breaking into the industry, becoming ‘known’ is more difficult and doesn’t benefit the artist because people can get their music in so many different ways without having to pay for it.”

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Regarding her use of technology in her music, Michelle said, “I use technology in many different ways every day from buying songs and recording covers to posting recordings via social media to the innovations it allows for in the studio. The latest technologies also enable me to study my own performances. The history of music is only a few key strokes away: educating myself daily on music legends of the past to artists that are trending.”

She listed Ed Sheeran as her dream male duet choice, due to to his “extraordinary voice,” as well as his singing talent and songwriting abilities. “He plays all kinds of instruments and seems to be a very down-to-earth kind of person,” she said.

For her fans and followers, Michelle concluded, “Thank you for supporting me in my journey! Never give up and dream bigger than life, because everything is possible!”

To learn more about singer Nicole Michelle, check out her official Facebook page.

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