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Bryan Lanning opens up about ‘Walls’ country single (Includes interview)

“Walls” was co-penned by Lanning and Daniel Martin, who also produced it. “My wife and I have been talking about selling our house for the past year, and it was something we never really thought we would do,” he said. “Earlier last year, we put it on the market, and when COVID hit, we took it off the market and fell in love with it all over again. We had a newfound appreciation for everything we built there and all the memories we had there.”

“The whole experience of watching our house slip away was really cool since it made us appreciate it more,” he added. “We started writing a song about the houses and how they build a family, and that’s where it came about.”

Kerry Porter and Bryan Lanning co-directed the music video for “Walls,” which may be seen below.

“The video was really cool too because we got to hang out in my cousin’s cabin,” he said.

On life during the quarantine, Lanning said, “Life has been good. I have been able to get a lot of work done. I got a lot of writing done and we did a lot of Zoom writing. It was easy because it forced us to hang out and write more songs.”

Lanning listed Tori Kelly as his female dream collaboration choice in music. “Tori Kelly has been at the top of my list. I love her soul and I have always loved her voice,” he said.

Regarding the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “Tearing down walls.” “I think this title is pretty fitting because we don’t need walls to make a home,” he explained. “Home is wherever we are going to be with the kids.”

He and his wife have a popular YouTube Channel called Daily Bumps, where they candidly shared their story about struggling to conceive, in an effort to help other people that are going through similar challenges. “Now, our channel is like a huge family band on YouTube, where we can travel and explore new things with our kids,” he said. “We have had a couple of million people visit our channel over the years so it has been pretty neat.”

They are now parents to two beautiful little boys. He also serves as CEO and founder of the professional music studio, Cali Co. Music, where he continues to write and record new music.

Lanning defined the word success as “knowing that I gave my all.” “Breaking personal goals with myself,” he said.

There is a rawness, honesty, and authenticity to “Walls,” which will resonate well with his fans and listeners. It is worth more than just a passing glance. “Walls” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

For his fans and listeners, he concluded about “Walls,” “It’s a song that really came from the heart and I hope people can find themselves and their own house, family, and experiences in it.”

To learn more about rising country artist Bryan Lanning, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Bryan Lanning

Bryan Lanning
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