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Battlefield 1 officially confirmed

A new Battlefield was announced back in August 2015 but in the last few months rumors began to circulate that DICE was working on a World War I-themed game.

Based on the trailer; Battlefield 1 will be set in the Western Front and the Middle Eastern theatre of the war, while combat will not be limited to the trenches. Players will have access to a verity of weapons such as trench knifes, bolt-action rifles, automatic rifles, artillery, flame-throwers, and mustard gas.

According to Danny Berlin, the game’s designer, the World War I setting was chosen because the setting would be more suitable to players who preferred a different gameplay style. He further added that the title Battlefield 1 was chosen because the team considered the Great War as the birth of “all out warfare.”

The game is now available for pre-order and fans could either get the standard edition, Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, or the Exclusive Collector’s Edition.

This is not the first World War I themed Battlefield title as a fan-made mod had been made for Battlefield 1942. Released in 2011; Battlefield 1918 was a fan project that recreated the setting of the war using the original game engine.

Battlefield 1 will be the eight game in the series and its set to be released for all major consoles and the PC on November 18, 2016. Those with an EA Access and Origin account will get to play it three days early.

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