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Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach talk about ‘Curious Caterer: Grilling Season’

Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach chatted about their new mystery film “Curious Caterer: Grilling Season,” which will premiere on Sunday, February 5.

Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach in 'Curious Caterer: Grilling Season'
Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach in 'Curious Caterer: Grilling Season.' Photo Credit: Allister Foster, Hallmark Media
Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach in 'Curious Caterer: Grilling Season.' Photo Credit: Allister Foster, Hallmark Media

Actors Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach chatted about their new mystery film “Curious Caterer: Grilling Season,” which will premiere on Sunday, February 5, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

This marks the second installment in the network’s new “Curious Caterer” franchise. “It’s a very smartly-written script. We are not a cozy mystery movie, this is a full-blown suspense thriller and dramatic Hallmark movie,” Walker said.

On reuniting with Andrew Walker, DeLoach said, “It feels incredible, dreams come true.”

“It’s surreal to be able to work with the same person over and over again. We love working together so much, and we work for a network that we appreciate so much. This checks off all the boxes and I just pinch myself,” Walker said.

“The overarching benefit of working together is that we get to better the work and we get to better the experience for the viewers and go deeper into our characters. To revisit these characters and jump into their skin and deepen the flavors and the colors is really awesome,” he added.

The synopsis is as follows: Professional caterer Goldy Berry (Nikki DeLoach) throws a lavish barbeque event for her childhood friend, acclaimed realtor Susie Craig (Amanda May).

Later that night, she is shocked to discover that after the event concluded, Susie’s grill exploded and killed her. Goldy’s professional reputation is put under fire when people realize that she was the last one that used the grill.

On a mission to clear her name, Goldy teams up once again with detective
Tom Schultz (Andrew Walker) to figure out who was behind this mysterious explosion.

As they weed through manipulative party guests, heated gossip, and dark secrets, the suspect list grows with familiar names, ranging from business partners to ex-spouses. Goldy and Tom realize that the murderer might be closer to them than they initially imagined.

They both praised their gifted co-star Jaycie Dotin. “Jaycie is so great, she is so lovely and talented. We are lucky to have her. I love that she is in it more in the second one,” DeLoach said.

“They beefed up Jaycie Dotin’s character, Marla, as well as Riley Davis’ character Mason and Lochlyn Munro. We are so lucky to have these three actors in this movie with us because they bring a lot to the table,” Walker added.

“Curious Caterer: Grilling Season” is from Grilling Season Productions Inc. Ben Silverman, Alexandre Coscas, Michael R. Goldstein and Aidan Heatley are executive producers. Simon Richardson is producer.

“We call Nikki DeLoach the ‘Tom Cruise of Hallmark’ because she gets to do her own stunts,” Walker said. “Nikki jumps in most of her fight scenes and she is doing her own fight work.”

Paul Ziller directed the movie from a script by John Christian Plummer. Based on the book “Grilling Season” by Diane Mott Davidson.

“I want people to have fun watching it, it’s a fun ride,” DeLoach exclaimed. “There is humor, romance, and drama. For 90 minutes go on a journey with us. It’s an active experience for everybody since they are all trying to figure out who the killer is.”

R3 Stem Cell Challenge

In other Andrew Walker news, he is thrilled to be participating in the 90-Day Health and Wellness Challenge for R3 Stem Cell. “I never want to say that I am putting myself through a challenge necessarily, I am constantly doing that anyway,” he said. ” I am tweaking a couple of things and it’s going great.”

Benjamin Ayres

She had great words about working with actor Benjamin Ayres in the Hallmark movie “Cranberry Christmas.” “Benjamin is so wonderful. He is such a talent, a good human, and he makes me laugh so hard,” DeLoach said.

Christmas Con

DeLoach shared that she loved being a part of Christmas Con. “I came on a red eye and went straight to the convention. I had to catch my breath because it had double the people from the year prior. I look forward to doing it every year. I don’t do a lot of conventions but this one I like so much,” she said.

“There are no fans like Hallmark fans, they are so kind, loving, thoughtful, and generous. They are a complete and total reflection of the content we put out. It is such a gift and a blessing to be able to connect with the fans. It brings me so much joy and my heart is so full,” DeLoach added.


DeLoach concluded, “Thank you to all of the fans for all of the love and support. Keep tuning in if you want to see more of these, we are so grateful.”

To learn more about Canadian actor Andrew Walker, follow him on Instagram.

For more information on Nikki DeLoach, follow her on Instagram.

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