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Will Quitriam Finance (QTM) make millionaires following the path of Tezos (XTZ) and Ox (ZRX)?

Quitriam Finance
Photo courtesy Quitriam Finance
Photo courtesy Quitriam Finance

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For every trend in the blockchain industry, there are several other projects in the works coming to become a disciple. This is seen in the shift from just trading with cryptocurrencies to several projects promoting decentralized finance. The opportunities to explore decentralized finance are numerous, and Quitriam Finance is tapping deep into the sphere.

Like Tezos (XTZ) and Ox (ZRX), Quitriam Finance is coming up with an ecosystem that solves a pertinent problem in the traditional finance system and blockchain industry. The platform is composed of features that include saving and lending where depositors can earn interests on their pooled digital assets, a better-automated marketing model, and governance that gives you benefits from several financial incentive schemes.

A significant issue in decentralized finance is the problem of impermanent loss. This is the loss that occurs when you do not get a fair price for your crypto assets for providing liquidity to a liquidity pool. Quitriam Finance will have its automated marketing module that puts a stop to these impermanent losses.

Not only does the ecosystem help with AMMs, but it also serves as an incubator, a decentralized exchange, and a yield farming and NFT launchpad. Quitriam Finance’s decentralized exchange (DEX) is the first of its kind and non-custodial, which means your tokens are totally in your control, and you can trade them as you wish for a small transaction fee.

The platform will allow you to trade securely and safely, utilizing a peer-to-peer connection with liquidity that’s supplied by others. QTM is the platform’s token, and there are 500 billion tokens in circulation. Holders of the $QTM are in for good profits with the ecosystem’s features. Compared to Tezos (XTZ) and Ox (ZRX), Quitriam Finance stands on excellent ground.

Features That Make Quitriam Finance Match Against A Platform Like Ox

Ox is a platform that proves itself as the liquidity endpoint for Defi, Celo, Optimism, Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, Fantom, and Ethereum. The smart order routing enables it to split up transactions across decentralized exchange networks, so customers have the lowest slippage possible.

This functionality is impressive and spurs a platform like Quitriam Finance to be better at reducing the risk of impermanent loss from liquidity pools. Quitriam’s Finance approach to solving this problem is quite unique and innovative.

Whenever a user request is received for a particular asset trade on a particular blockchain, Quitriam Finance’s AMM requests the Router to traverse through the same blockchain and through different blockchains and their AMMs to fulfill the order at the right prices with the least slippage. 

For example, let us say, Router finds a better ETH/USDT price on a venue on the Solana blockchain instead of Uniswap on Ethereum, so Router will try to fill that order from Solana. 

The platform’s other prominent features include efficiently incentivized liquidity, permissionless property, community governance, staking, farming, swap, and a marketplace. 

Quitriam Finance Lending As A Service

Defi’s lending protocols are fully automated, and those involved in lending put loan assets into a general pool while those that are borrowing deposit collateral. Quitriam Finance gives an ultimate experience by enabling lenders and borrowers to select between several modes, including fully automated, semi-automated, and manual.

The fully automated mode in Quitriam Finance automatically allocates funds and secures loans at an algorithmically determined interest rate. This is one of the easiest ways for participants to loan or borrow, but they might not get access to the best rates possible. On the other hand, the semi-automated and manual modes give better rates and conditions.

Is The Presale Worth It?

Holders and liquidity providers have great chances at reaping millions as more people onboard the Quitrance Finance platform. Of course this is always dependent on the public adoption of the service. If the community grows rapidly and it becomes the DeFi platform of choice, early adopters will be very happy with the rewards they reap.

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