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Super Luxury Group is redefining modern luxury homes

Super Luxury Group (SLG) specializes in high-end properties where you can jet-set from Miami to other locations, and vice-versa.

- Photo courtesy Thomas Herd
- Photo courtesy Thomas Herd

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The Miami real estate market is experiencing huge growth, with little headwinds. And leading the wave in this space is Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro who owns Super Luxury Group (SLG), a company that specializes in high-end properties where you can jet-set from Miami to other locations, and vice-versa.

SLG focuses its efforts on high-end properties with a beginning price of $5M and up. Majority of the clients are prominent and successful entrepreneurs who are looking for a space that allows them to integrate work and play.

To go in detail on SLG’s business model, they are a luxury real estate media network that focuses on connecting and helping the affluent to celebritize and sell high end properties, while amplifying these homes through media, luxury brands, and influencer collaborations.

The team at SLG is aware that working with the prominent leaders requires a tactical approach. SLG is well integrated into the end to end process of finalizing a deal, in addition to leveraging their expansive knowledge on understanding the hottest markets. SLG ensures that at the end, the customer is satisfied and content with the service SLG has provided. 

Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro is redefining the way luxury real estate is matched with future homeowners. He draws years of experience as a conscientious leader, who communicates professionally between clients and internal teams, meeting rigorous deadlines, while maintaining a high level of organization.

Moreover, he is an articulate speaker with a charismatic personality and is able to manage high-end clients, even under pressure. He has a sharp acumen, which has brought him notable success in marketing, branding, and creative solutions for the elite. 

To give some background on Alvaro, he is the founder and CEO of Super Luxury Group. He was born in Madrid, Spain and shortly moved to the United States early in his adult life with a tennis scholarship and now lives in Miami.

To elaborate on credentials, he has an Executive program degree from Harvard University and has additional higher education degrees such as an MBA. He created SLG to solve a gap that existed in real estate: helping the affluent find high-end units without sacrificing on quality and attention to detail.

Additionally, SLG has created an expansive network of individuals who not only have experience working in luxury real estate, but are also part of a larger community that emphasizes on giving back. The premise of his company is to conduct world-class real estate business by improving people’s lives and improving their quality of living.

He has experience working with many clients simultaneously in international and domestic markets. His business is successful because of his referral program and partnership network, which allows him to tap into trusted partners and clients who align with his company’s vision and goal. For more information on Super Luxury Group, visit his website.

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Saqib Malik is Director & Head Of Business Development of Prestige Perfections, a world-class service provider in the fields of well-known artist management and music production.

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