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Magiscriptor app founder and CEO Michael Chierchio on the importance of having soft skills

Having a skill will always come in handy and get you out of challenging situations that life throws at you when climbing your way to the top.

Michael Chierchio
Photo courtesy Michael Chierchio
Photo courtesy Michael Chierchio

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One of the most innovative writing tools that help users generate the best product descriptions is the Magiscriptor App. Created by Michael Chierchio, a tech-savvy entrepreneur and productivity expert, the mobile application leverages A.I. technology to write the most diverse and SEO-friendly product descriptions, giving your brand the voice it needs to boost sales and sustain your brand visibility.

The unique App focuses on writing the best, most suitable descriptions for product listings, generating catchy, beautiful, and SEO-optimized product descriptions in less time than taking a sip of coffee. So far, it’s causing great reviews, and digital marketers find the tool very useful. Michael Chierchio must no doubt be counting his blessings, and it’s all good.

In the world of e-Commerce, writing the best product descriptions can be the key to everything. That is why many businesses spend a fortune trying to get the best writers on their teams. While that is notable, the new Magiscriptor App will put all the worries behind you, as it is designed to write the most compelling and SEO-friendly descriptions for your products.

Available on the Google play store and Apple store, Magiscriptor uses A.I. technology to write the most diverse product descriptions in seconds. This will improve your brand and product visibility on search engines. And for now, Magiscriptor App happens to be in a class of its own as there are no mobile applications around that are just like it in terms of results.

Michael Chierchio says, “I have no competitors perform for resellers. No one has come up with the same algorithm as me or the same API that writes product descriptions based on reselling niches.”

Before creating the breakthrough application that has continued to garner positive ratings and reviews, Michael, a serial entrepreneur, had been involved in several projects. From a young age, as early as 14, Michael had started trying his hands on entrepreneurship.

And it’s not surprising, seeing that he comes from a humble family where hard work and integrity were the watchwords. According to him, he started working as a plumber, and then he went on to start his own plumbing business before he got to the age of 19.

Learning to become a plumber seemed the natural choice since his family had always been involved in that line of work. His father, grandfather, and even great-grandfather were all professional plumbers.

At 14, Michael Chierchio was already digging trenches to lay pipes underneath buildings for sewer lines. “I was taught that at a very early age,” he says. He also knew how to solder pipes together. He worked on high-pressure steam and low-pressure gas lines, which were very hazardous. Yet he could do those things because he had the required skills, thanks to his father, who taught him the ropes.

So a profound lesson from his experience growing up, according to Michael, is the importance of skills. Having a skill will always come in handy and get you out of challenging situations that life throws at you when climbing your way to the top.

“I found that you need to have some skills, some knowledge in this world,” says Michael. “To pick yourself up and pull yourself out of a situation, you want to be able to do that, especially if you want to have a family and take care of other people.”

For Michael, his plumbing skill was always something he could fall back on, even when he got into music and ran a club down in Brooklyn. He worked as a plumber for his day job and then went to the club to play at night while taking the time to grow and gain needed experience in life.

As an innovative entrepreneur, Michael Chierchio is also concerned about helping young people understand how business works and getting them to put things in perspective. For people with ideas bubbling in their head and who feel overwhelmed, Michael’s offers a word of advice – sleep on it.

“Not every idea you have is the be-all-end-all,” he says, “even though it might seem that way at first. If you feel passionate about something, you deserve to take your time with it. Revisit the idea when your endorphins aren’t having a party; wait until your “clarity hour” and see if it has the same effect on you. Doing this helps you not waste time chasing something that will go nowhere.”

And talking about perspectives, Michael reveals he grew up in a positively strict, tightly wound, religious household, which made him see from a different perspective. Family and community were essential to him as a young child growing up.

According to him, “Those are the two biggest things growing up. That was what my parents instilled in me; having people around you who love you and lift you up in the right way was important, rather than getting material items or money.”

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