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Jeffrey Wachman shares his secrets to overcoming adversity to achieve success

Jeffrey Wachman is certainly no stranger to adversity.

Jeffrey Wachman
Photo courtesy Jeffrey Wachman
Photo courtesy Jeffrey Wachman

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Jeffrey Wachman is certainly no stranger to adversity. Despite becoming a professional male model and Managing Partner for New Age Global & Red Velvet Entertainment, using his entrepreneurial spirit to achieve his many goals, he knows what it’s like to truly start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Now, he’s sharing his secrets to success to inspire others who want to learn to be an entrepreneur and experience personal growth.

From Struggle to Success Through Hard Work and Dedication

When Jeffrey was younger, he didn’t have success handed to him, nor was he fed with a silver spoon. Instead, he lived in poverty and often noticed the financial hardships his parents experienced, leading him to sell drugs to bring in money to support the family. Of course, that path in life would cause him trouble with the law. After spending more than a decade dealing drugs and going in and out of jail, Jeffrey knew something had to change. He didn’t want to live that life anymore.

By the time he turned 27, he had faced the possibility of spending years behind bars due to his legal issues and was also coping with the death of his mother. Knowing that something had to give and he didn’t want to spend the next several years of his life confined to a cell, he decided to change his mindset, using his entrepreneurial spirit to dive into the working world.

“I initially started working with my brother in sales. My brother owned an Electrolux vacuum business and was willing to hire me to help me get my life together. During this time, I realized I was good at selling to people, which motivated me to want even more in life,” shares Jeffrey. “I would eventually start bartending, getting to know people, and networking with like-minded individuals. My ability to socialize with just about anyone helped me get to a point where I received promotions quite often, eventually becoming the Senior Manager for the venue I worked at. I realized that being dedicated to what I was doing paid off, so I kept it up and used my progress as self-motivation.”

During his time as Senior Manager, Jeffrey would encounter the owners of Hunk-O-Mania, a married couple running a multi-million dollar entertainment organization. The couple noticed his incredible work ethic and asked him to join their team, which would open the doors to new and exciting opportunities in no time.

Through his partnership with the two incredibly successful entrepreneurs, Armand Peri and wife Francielle, he received the mentorship needed to be an entrepreneur and work his way up the ladder. “I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit, but working with successful partners has helped me experience tremendous professional and personal growth. My growth has helped me on my entrepreneurial journey and made it possible to achieve goals I never knew I could. For those who want to be successful, it’s important to have drive and find a good mentor to provide guidance along the way,” says Jeffrey. As a current partner for New Age Productions, Inc. and Red Velvet Entertainment Revue, he continues to apply what he’s learned from his mentors in the business world to make great strides and looks forward to seeing what the future has in store for these businesses.

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