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How OnlyOptionsTrades is helping clients succeed through their educational platform

As people realize the potential of trading and investing, trading has become an increasingly popular venture.


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As people realize the potential of trading and investing, trading has become an increasingly popular venture. The global pandemic has equally contributed to the rise in popularity. With people staying at home and others losing their jobs, most are looking for ways to earn an extra source of income.

However, not all that have joined the trading market have emerged triumphant. This is partly because some lack basic knowledge of the industry, making it harder to make worthwhile trading decisions. To help people become profitable traders and better understand the market, OnlyOptionsTrades launched an educational service.

Established in early 2020, OnlyOptionsTrades shares skills and tips to help their clients succeed in trading. The group has a team of expert financial analysts and full-time traders providing education, live coaching, and real-time trade call-outs to their clients.

According to Anthony DeGalbo, CEO of OnlyOptionsTrades, the massive shift in demand for financial education caused by the financial crisis due to the pandemic helped them realize a gap in the market. Making it their mission to help people understand the market, the team wanted to develop something that accommodates everyone.

Anthony explains while the average person working the typical 9–5 job may want to create a secondary income from trading, it can be challenging. Working all day, they have no time to research the current happenings in the stock market, let alone do technical analysis. To ensure they do not feel left out, their skilled analysts and traders break down information making it easier to understand.

Additionally, OnlyOptionsTrades offers live online classes. The classes run five times a week and on a consistent schedule. The team notes that this helps the client plan their time around their class schedule. For those who might not make it for various reasons, the group also records the classes, enabling students to check-in and watch when convenient.

OnlyOptionsTrades explains a common mistake many traders make is trading too much or too soon. The hype on the social media platforms around stock trading has caused many new traders to join the market. However, few understand how the market works. Entering trading without prior preparation may have you counting losses as you have no defined plan. Success in trading is not an overnight process; it takes patience, effort, and hard work. Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, OnlyOptionsTrades notes it’s better to start small and grow as you learn more about the market.

The team further notes using a stop-loss order helps you in risk management. The goal of each trader is to be profitable overall, and this goal can only be attained by minimizing losses. “Using a stop-loss order helps you avoid getting too deep into a losing position,” says the team of experts at OnlyOptionsTrades.OnlyOptionsTrades is changing the way people view investing with their educational platform. Stressing education first, then profit, the trading group educates clients on everything about trading, helping them do their own technical analysis to find profitable trades. More information on their platform is available on their Instagram account.

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