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How hiring a business coach like Kelly Roach coaching can change your life

Kelly Roach is one of the only female founders in the coaching space who has built her business to the 8-figure mark.

Kelly Roach
Photo courtesy Kelly Roach
Photo courtesy Kelly Roach

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When you speak with successful entrepreneurs and captains of industries, you will always hear them credit much of their success to their mentors and coaches. Those without guidance find that their path was much more difficult, and success more elusive. The value of a business coach cannot be understated; their ability to view your specific situation from the outside, after having worked with many other entrepreneurs before you, brings much-needed strategy to your efforts.

If you are the CEO or Founder of a 6-figure or 7-figure business, but you know that your potential is so much greater, or that you find yourself spinning your wheels at your current level of success, you’re not alone. What you need is a mentor or coach with actionable, proven strategies to push you into the kind of explosive growth that reflects your true value.

Kelly Roach has built a consulting empire that does just that. As one of the only female founders in the coaching space who has built her business to the 8-figure mark, Kelly knows what it’s like to be the underdog and the amount of work it takes to achieve your wildest dreams.

Having built her entire career from the ground up, Kelly brings education, motivation, and discipline to all of her programs directed at entrepreneurs. Whether it’s The Live Launch Method, Legacy Builders, Legacy Leaders, or The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, Kelly makes it clear upfront that her strategies and programs are not for dabblers or part-timers. Her goal for your business is pure scalability through tried-and-true business strategy merged with cutting-edge online strategy.

Perhaps the best way to judge a business coach’s success is by speaking with their clients. Purchasing and entering into an intensive coaching program can be overwhelming, but knowing what’s waiting for you on the other end can propel you forward on the hard days. The unstoppable reviews of Kelly Roach Coaching speak to her unique ability to delegate and prioritize tasks, allowing leaders to focus solely on the big picture, growth, and scaling.


Kelly helped us increase our income by refocusing our sales representatives’ time and attention to our biggest customers, who were being neglected, and allow our smaller customers to be served by internal support. This has already effectively increased the sales volume we are receiving from our biggest accounts. With Kelly’s support, we have effectively implemented a company-wide price increase and another increase of 2-3% is due to take effect in January. Kelly helped us identify actionable goals we could implement immediately and eliminate busy work that was getting in the way of our business growth. The best thing I’ve done since starting the Business Acceleration Bootcamp is learn how to delegate so that I can enjoy my time after the work day and on the weekends. I always needed to be in the loop and have control, but I found the right people and have given away some of my reins. Without this class I would still be working 60+ hours a week and every weekend. I’m down to 40-50 hours a week and haven’t worked a weekend since the second week of class. Kelly has provided additional services that we were not expecting and has helped more than anticipated. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues.” – Andy Baso, Vice President of Sales, Park Supply America

Working with Kelly gave me the strategies and tools to stop working 14-hour days and weekends! By learning key productivity, leadership, and delegation strategies I am now able to focus on raising funds and creating educational programs to take my organization to the next level. I highly recommend coaching with Kelly for high-achieving individuals that need balance, structure, and guidance to get to the next level, in every area of life. Once you make the decision to work with Kelly, you will wonder- why didn’t I do this 5, 10 or 20 years ago? I am so glad I did!” – Kim Phelan, Vice President, Coalition for Hemophilia B

Walking the Walk

Kelly doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks the walk of a successful coach. Growing up in a financially-insecure household, she worked multiple jobs as she paved the way for future success. After graduating from college, she quickly climbed the ranks at a Fortune 500 staffing firm, receiving seven promotions in eight years.

At the age of 30, Kelly knew that she could impact more people and help to create more generational wealth and abundance, while also taking the reins of her own freedom and financial independence – if she took the leap and started her own business. So she did, after investing the time and money into a full-fledged coaching education. Kelly Roach stands by the path that she took, despite how demanding it was on her time and her mental state:

“When I first started, the first thing I did was hire a coach, start building my team, and invest in advertising – and I would do exactly the same now. The only thing I’d do differently would be to be more patient, give myself more grace, and let go of the pressure or need for speed in everything.”

As Kelly Roach Coaching has grown to include more than 25 employees and provide services to more than 40,000 entrepreneurs, Kelly remains hyper-focused on delegation of tasks, ensuring that the work she does personally, moves the company forward.

“I always identify the needle-moving activities. Is this ‘busy’ work or is it a profit-producer that will actually contribute to the end goal? The most helpful way I’ve approached work is by identifying the goal and working backwards – breaking it down into milestones, then mile markers, then small and consistent daily actions I can take – and making sure those get done,” she says.

Setting Expectations

Working with Kelly Roach Coaching can be the secret sauce that launches your company into a new tax bracket, but Kelly is direct in letting potential clients know that there is hard work ahead. She refers to her clients as “business athletes,” and expects them to “train for your business like an athlete trains for their sport.”

“Discipline and resilience is EVERYTHING. You have to do what you need to do, even when you don’t want to. And you have to get up, learn and improve when you fail. Continue chasing never ending improvement,” she continues. “No instant gratification decisions – make every single decision with the future in mind (even if it means sacrificing now so you can enjoy the rewards down the line).”

Keep in mind that your belief in yourself and your mindset can be influenced by coaching, but will ultimately be in your hands. If you’re not ready to be a fully confident, aggressive businessperson who understands their true value, you may not be ready to work with Kelly Roach Coaching.

For those who are ready to learn, apply that knowledge, and grow their business to new heights, you can reach out to Kelly and her team at

But be ready for your life to change.

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