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9 sales prospecting methods that are sureshot effective

Prospecting is synonymous with sales, even though many sales masterminds will tell you otherwise

Photo by Amy Hirschi, Unsplash
Photo by Amy Hirschi, Unsplash

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Prospecting is synonymous with sales, even though many sales masterminds will tell you otherwise. Using outdated sales prospecting techniques can be devastating for your company in terms of revenue generation. Want qualified leads and finally conversion? You need to focus on what is required. Investing time to chase unqualified leads is a classic way of wasting time and effort. So, how is it possible to make it all better to suit your needs? 

Here, we will talk about the nine sales prospecting methods that will facilitate your hunt for better leads who can turn into conversions with a little bit of engagement and effective interaction: 

  1. Identify yourself as a subject matter expert: If you can prove that you are the subject matter specialist in your domain, people will trust you more, and in turn, you will earn credibility. You might want to start vlogging or invest time in writing blog posts or guest posts on several industry publications, or knowledge transfer during webinars, seminars or even trade shows will prove beneficial for your reputation as a thought-leader. So, this way, you provide your leads an opportunity to know you better. 
  2. Cold calls? Not always: Well, warm calls are pretty potent too. Before contacting the clients directly, you might want to familiarize your clients with your company or brand name. This way, it is possible you will receive a friendly reaction. Introduce your company’s name, key attributes of the brand, your position, and other credentials on LinkedIn. For instance, you can comment on the status or content the client puts up on social media and more. So, before making the first call or sending out the first email, try this out; chances are you will get better reception. 
  3. Establish yourself as a reliable resource: Your client needs knowledge support, be the person that provides them with all they want. Selling is not the only thing you will be doing. Try and become a solutions provider because it will fetch you excellent reviews and word-of-mouth publicity from satisfied customers. Sale is not the ultimate goal; the goal is to have happy clients so that they can trust you in the future. 
  4. A strong relationship with prospecting: The sales ecosystem is evolving gradually. Do not pressurize your prospect to take the buying action too fast. Putting undue stress will invariably put them off. Be slow and steady, instead. 
  5. Prepare a script and refer to it: Script is necessary because you want to sound convincing and correct. The idea is to hear what your prospects have to say because they matter the most for your business. Whenever needed, tweak your script to offer your clients a customized solution, just what they need. 
  6. Check on your prospects: Do not forget your client. Call or send a follow-up email to keep the cordial relationship with your clients alive. Whatever may be the reason for you to connect with your client, whether it is setting up a meeting or sending over newsletters, or disseminating information, connecting with them from time to time proves pretty beneficial. 
  7. Resort to attractive approach: Using videos to approach your clients might lure them to see what’s in there. A video to make your identity known is a great way to start. You can also provide information, vital tips, solutions, and more through a video. Write video in the subject line and bingo! Your job will be done. But do not forget to include a thumbnail image that redirects to the video. 
  8. Invest time in prospecting: Yes, it can be utterly challenging, but the bottom line is, you have to keep aside some time for it. Prospecting keeps your sales funnel active through effective interactions, conversations, and more that ultimately lead to conversions. 
  9. Webinars are great: If you are looking to source leads, webinars are probably the best option for you. Why? Because you know that people attending the webinar have immense interest in the discussion. You can create a poll after the webinar to find people who want to delve deep into what you have to offer. Polling and forgetting won’t do. Keep in touch with the people who positively responded to your poll and include them in your campaigns and other marketing strategies. Keep a tab on their buying positions.
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George Nellist is a public relations, marketing and strategic brand expert who has executed social media and strategic marketing campaigns for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. For more information, visit Ascend Agency.

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