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Abdul Kuddus

Citizen based in New Delhi, India. Joined on Jun 8, 2013
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China seeks apology from French journalist over Xinjiang article

Beijing - A French journalist in China faces imminent expulsion for writing an article on China’s anti-terrorism policies in the western region of Xinjiang. Reportedly Ursula Gauthier's press credentials would be suspended, prompting her to leave China.

The odd-even traffic rule — Will it clean Delhi’s dirty air?

Delhi’s odd-even traffic plan is expected keep around 1 million private cars off the roads beginning January 2016. The decision brings in fresh challenges for the government without legal framework and absence of concrete action.

Op-Ed: Bullet trains in Modi’s India — Advantage or far-sighted vision?

Mumbai - India’s decision to start high-speed bullet trains with Japan’s technical and economic support promises perceived economic transformation but not many are convinced whether it’s a prudent decision to invest in bullet trains in India at this moment.

Indian actor removed fetus of baby to prevent media publicity

Mumbai - Apprehensive of media publicity, an aspiring actor extricated the fetus of his love child with his own hands. The forced termination of pregnancy reportedly led actress Jiah Khan into depression, leading to her suicide in 2013.

Islamic State assassinates Yemen’s Aden governor

Sanaa - Causing a blow to the United Nation's effort to establish peace in Yemen, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the assassination of the governor of Yemen's port city of Aden.

India allows female pilots in combat roles for the first time

New Delhi - India overruled a rigid exclusion policy of female officers in combat roles, allowing female pilots in combat role for the first time.

Delhi enforces odd-even traffic rule to reduce rising pollution

New Delhi - In a desperate attempt to contain rising pollution in Delhi, the state government passed a regulation directing odd and even number vehicles to drive on alternate days.

Australia: Drones and sonar technology to ward shark attacks

New South Wales - In an attempt to protect people from shark attacks, the Australian state of New South Wales is designing smarter technologies such as aerial surveillance, drones, and early warning systems to keep sharks and swimmers apart.

Bashar al-Assad’s Moscow visit upsets United States

Moscow - The United States disapproved Moscow’s "red-carpet welcome” to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and questioned Russia’s intentions about the political transition in Syria.

A water-cleaning bikini promises a cleaner world in future

California - A bikini prototype pushes the limits of bikini ergonomics, turning the swimwear into a cleaning agent when a wearer swims around in the ocean.

Death toll in Mecca’s Grand Mosque tragedy crosses 100

Mecca - Part of a huge construction crane crashed into Mecca's Grand Mosque, killing more than 100 Hajj pilgrims and injuring dozens of others.

Porn app takes photos of users, demands ransom

An Android porn app reportedly takes secret pictures of porn viewers and demands a ransom later, bringing to focus the lucrative and expanding frontiers of cybercrime.

Saudi King’s extravagance amid refugee tragedy sparks criticism

Washington - Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz booked the entire Four Seasons Hotel, Georgetown, during his visit to Washington DC. Reports highlighted the profligacy citing Saudi Arabia’s apathy to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Op-Ed: Syria's dead Aylan — A powerful image jolts humanity

Ankara - Some images inspire while others horrify. The image of a three-year-old boy lying dead on a Turkish shore is terribly haunting.

Op-Ed: A look at the worst refugee crisis since World War II

Italy - With the civil war in Syria, Iraq and instability in parts of Middle East and Africa showing no signs of closure, Europe is groping for answers to one of the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Palmyra temple destruction is a war crime

The cultural arm of the United Nations condemned the destruction of the 2,000-year-old Baal Shamin temple at the Syrian site of Palmyra, calling it a war crime.

Man stripped and assaulted in public for talking to a woman

Mangalore - In a shocking case of moral policing, a right wing vigilante group disrobed and thrashed a youth for talking to a woman. He was paraded naked, tied to a pole and images, videos of the crime shared on social media.

Op-Ed: Terror attacks across three continents — is it the Islamic State?

Tunis - A string of violence and bloodbath across Europe, the Middle East and Africa Friday raised fears of rising conflict between defenders of Western values and the Islamist hate-ideology.

Haitians not welcome in Dominican Republic

Thousands of black migrants and citizens of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic are facing arbitrary deportation, raising apprehensions of an impending human disaster. An estimated 500,000 undocumented people could face mass deportations.

Islamic State flags hoisted in the Indian state of Jammu Kashmir

Jammu - Pro-Pakistani separatist groups brandished Islamic State flags in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The incident raised alarm within Indian security and the political establishment.
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