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Steve Bellah

Citizen based in Oklahoma City, OK, United States. Joined on Nov 17, 2007


Op-Ed: Obama supporters are unaware of '9/11 Benghazi' attacks

A new video from an Obama event at Ohio University showcases many people who have not heard of the '9/11 Benghazi' attacks or the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.

Remember the Obama Girl? Meet the Paul Ryan Girl

If you remember the Obama Girl video from 4 years ago, then you are going to appreciate a new video by the Paul Ryan Girl.

Op-Ed: Please don't vote in the election if you're an uninformed voter

While it is very important for citizens to exercise their right to vote and to participate in the political process, it is equally important that those same citizens have some clue about who they're voting for and how the system works.

Op-Ed: Radio show highlights the cluelessness of some Obama supporters

Staffers of the Howard Stern radio show hit the streets to interview Obama supporters and ask them why they are voting for him. The accompanying audio clip is both hilarious and frightening, given the fact that these people are actually allowed to vote.

Anti-Karl Rove Protesters Don't Know Who He Is

Marchers, carrying signs targeting Karl Rove, at a recent rally in Washington D.C. , don't appear to even know who it is that they are protesting.

Op-Ed: Hate Crime? What other kind is there?

The term “hate crime” has always puzzled me. It seems almost intuitive that any violent crime would be, by it’s very nature, a “hate crime”.

Op-Ed: Sharpton Admits A Vote For Obama Was A Vote For Socialism

In this video, the reverend Sharpton admitts that when the American people voted for Obama for president, they were voting for Socialism.

Op-Ed: Obama's Own Words Come Back To Bite Him

Mr. Obama's campaign trail promise of open and transparent debates on health care reform has come back like the ghost of Christmas past. Will the promise be honored, or will the American people get Scrooged?

Obama's Attempt to Exclude Fox News from Pay Czar Interview Fails

In a refreshing show of journalistic integrity, the major Washington DC media chiefs sided with Fox News in defiance of Obama's efforts to deny Fox News interview access to Pay Czar, Kenneth Fienberg.

Op-Ed: Why were the 2016 Olympic Games Obama's No. 1 priority?

Should President Obama have focused on more important issues than winning the 2016 Olympics for Chicago? The city lost the bid today, and less than half of the city's residents supported the games being held in Chicago.

Idolatry of False Hero Jackson Upsets Family of True Fallen Hero

Michael Jackson gets non-stop media coverage befitting a national hero, while the true heroes; our fallen men and women in uniform, often return home and are laid to rest with little, if any appreciation or notice.

Op-Ed: Bye Bye Miss American Pie....

Today I mourn the passing of an icon of Americana, as I read about GM's bankruptcy filing and the subsequent government ownership of this automotive titan. Where cars are concerned, I have always been a GM man. Sadly, those days are gone for me.

Op-Ed: Miss California Denied USA Crown because of Gay Marriage Answer

Congratulations to Miss California, Carrie Prejean, for her honest answer to Perez Hilton's agenda-driven question about her opinion on gay marriage during Sunday's Miss USA competition. She dared to voice traditional values and it cost her the crown.

Op-Ed: Step Right Up, Government Give-Aways, No Waiting

As I watched the euphoric media coverage of the Messiah Obama's coronation...I mean inauguration, I was amazed at the number of people stampeding to get their place in line to suckle at the government teat.

Op-Ed: CMA Awards Show Refreshingly Different Than Other Awards Shows

As I watched last night's CMA awards, I was stuck by how different this show was in comparison to other award shows. There seemed to be something very unusual but I couldn't quite identify it. Then it hit me. These people actually liked America!

Op-Ed: Obama's Election is a Turning Point for America...but What Kind?

Obama's election marks a true turning point in American history alright but not because he's the first black U.S. President. No, the turning point is ideological. We have just elected a man that will jerk us sharply to the left toward socialism/Marxism.

Op-Ed: Motor City Madman for President

Conservative, outspoken rocker Ted Nugent's new book spells out the things he'd do if he were elected President. I gotta tell ya, ole Ted makes a lot of sense.

Dems Resisted Earlier Efforts by GOP to Prevent Current Mortgage Financial Crisis

Leading Democrats strongly opposed earlier efforts by Republicans to impose stricter oversight on Fannnie Mae and Freddie Mac. They were much more interested in making sure high risk mortgage loans remained available to people who could not afford them.

Op-Ed: Plenty of Valid Reasons to Oppose Obama Presidency, Race Not One of Them

Racially charged fliers like the ones distributed by a white supremacist group in New Jersey have no place in the arena of political discussion and only serve to divert attention from issue based reasons for opposing an Obama Presidency.

Op-Ed: Supreme Court Gets it Wrong in 5 to 4 Vote

In a 5 liberal to 4 conservative split, those robe-clad constitutional butchers have decided that raping a child is not all that bad a crime; certainly not one that warrants the death penalty. That, after all, would be cruel and unusual punishment.
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