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Mark Kersten

Citizen based in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Joined on May 26, 2009


US Silent on Human Rights Abuses in Kyrgyzstan

In the lead up to presidential elections this week, violent attack escalated against those who openly oppose Kyrgyzstan's leadership. The U.S., which wants to maintain a vital air base in the country, has remained silent.

Abdelrazik speaks of his time in Sudan, his 'Guantanamo'

Abousfian Abdelrazik, the Canadian detained and stranded in Sudan for six years, spoke about his experiences today. He said that a Canadian intelligence officer told him "Sudan is your Guantanamo" and harassed him and his family constantly.

2009-2010 Toronto Raptors Renew Excitement and Hope to Keep Bosh Special

The Toronto Raptors made trades, signed the biggest free agent of the season and selected a player chalk full of potential in the draft. Fans now hope it will make the team a contender and convince their superstar to stay in Toronto.

Stage Set for Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to Run in BC?

After it became clear that Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May would not run again in Central Nova, many observers and pundits have been speculating where she will run in the next election. Now it appears the stage is set for an announcement.

UN Court: No Immunity for Karadzic

Bosnian Serb Radovan Karadzic had sought to see his case dismissed. Today the Yugoslavian war crimes tribunal rejected his request, meaning Karadzic is one step closer to facing trial.

Back in Canada, Abdelrazik Seeking Justice and to Clear His Name

Abousfian Abdelrazik, the Canadian citizen who spent the past 6 years stuck in Sudan, has been in Canada for 10 days. His priority is to clear his name after being suspected of links to terrorists and to seek justice for what happened to him.

Y'Argh! Pirate Party Matey Joins European Greens

The Pirate Party candidate elected in last month's European Parliamentary elections has joined the Green Party/European Free Alliance. It has not gone unnoticed by Canada's Green Party.

UN Envoy Bill Clinton Makes First Trip to Haiti

In May, the United Nations' Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, appointed Bill Clinton to be the UN's special envoy in Haiti. Now, the former U.S. President will make his first trip to the country in his new portfolio.

13 new UNESCO sites but Germany's Elbe gets the boot

Thirteen new sites have been added to UNESCO's world heritage list. The additions were made in the past couple of days while officials held their yearly meetings to decide on new members of the list.

Dany who? Senators Pick up Alexei Kovalev

After a relatively quiet front on the free agency market for the Ottawa Senators, the team has picked up forward Alexei Kovalev.

Obama to Meet with Gorabechev Again

American President Barack Obama, visiting Moscow for a summit on Russia-U.S. relations, will meet with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on Tuesday. Gorbachev has been pushing for a new nuclear arms reduction treaty between the two nations.

Obama Set for Summit in Russia

U.S.-Russia relations have been marked by sharp disagreements and tense rhetoric in recent years. But when Barack Obama was elected President he spoke of a "reset" in relations with Moscow. Now he will put his nascent policy to the test.

Nestor and Zimonjic Repeat as Wimbledon Doubles Champions

The game was long and it was close. But in the end the powerful duo of Daniel Nester and Nenad Zimonjic was just too much for Bob and Mike Bryan.

No Monkeying Around: Chimpanzees Escape British Zoo

The Chester Zoo in Cheshire, Britain, has been evacuated and closed after the escape of an unidentified number of chimpanzees.

Report: Raptors Get a Steal and Sign Hedo Turkoglu

It looked as though highly-sought after free agent Hedo Turkoglu was heading to the Portland Trailblazers. But it wasn't to be. The Toronto Raptors swooped in at the last moment and snagged the 30 year old forward, signing him to a 5 year contract.

Civil Liberties Group: Vancouver Olympics Threaten Free Speech

Few would have thought that the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games would be deemed a threat to civil liberties. But the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association says that the Games pose a threat to the right to free speech and political expression.

Iran Hangs 20 Criminals in One Day

While Iran moves through its current political crisis, it's treatment of criminals has remained the same. It has been widely reported that the Islamic Republic has hanged 20 criminals.

WHO: Swine Flu 'Unstoppable', Vaccine Access Needs to be Global

The head of the World Health Organization today called the global spread of the H1N1, 'swine flu', virus "unstoppable", noting that over 100 countries have are now reporting instances of the virus.

A North Korean Special: Beer and Missiles?

At odds with its reclusive, communist regime, North Korea has launched advertisements for a beer company on a state television network.

Op-Ed: Is Michael Ignatieff 'Canadian Enough?' Does It Matter?

While Canada Day passed on Wednesday it gave a chance to consider a conundrum that many Canadians are discussing and will be talking about in the months ahead.
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