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Gar Swaffar

Digital Journalist based in CA, United States. Joined on Mar 13, 2008
Expertise in Government, Hunting & fishing, Dating & relationships, Politics, Charity & volunteer work,   see all» Real estate & construction, Religion



Alleged intruder slain, Second Amendment used

Angels Camp - An investigation is underway in the California Foothills to determine the motives of a person making threats against an Angels Camp resident in Calaveras County. One person is deceased.

Op-Ed: Greek whiners still whining about overspending

Athen - Today's news regarding the Greek intransigence against facing reality is pretty much the same as yesterday's. And the day before, and the day before that.

Op-Ed: UN Sustainable Development Goals - death targets

Sonora - One person in the UK is upset at what the UN calls Sustainable Development Goals and which Prof. Peter Lloyd-Sherlock calls death targets.

Hunters Fire in Mariposa grows to 1,300 acres

Mariposa - More acreage has been consumed by the Hunter's Fire in Mariposa, California. Winds are forecast to increase in the area tomorrow.

Wildland fire in Mariposa County at 300 acres and growing

Last year the Rim Fire in Tuolumne & Mariposa Counties created havoc. This year has seen an early start, and the first fire to cause concern is the 'Hunter Fire' in Mariposa County.

Op-Ed: Venezuelan Ministry of Truth Moment

Caracas - Venezuela institutes 'system of secure supply'. Would George Orwell be proud of the Venezuelan Ministry of Truth and their form of Newspeak?

Op-Ed: Rafael Cruz is why I want Ted Cruz for POTUS Special

Twain Harte - I had the chance to listen to Pastor Rafael Cruz, the father of Rep Ted Cruz (Tex.) Ted Cruz may be a bit of a novice at politics, but his family of origin suggests to me, I could live with Ted Cruz as President.

A suspicious death in the California Mother Lode - updated Special

Sonora - Death can sometimes be too close for comfort. Today is one of those times, with what is only being called a "suspicious" death so far.

Calif. man charged with marijuana possession, sex with a minor

New drug charges, along with additional felony charges, including sexual abuse of a minor land a local man in the County jail.

19 year-old tries to 'hook up' with 10 year-old girl

Valley Springs - Being 19 years old can be difficult, being 19 and facing a lengthy prison sentence has to be much worse. Being in prison with people who don't like child abusers could be even worse yet.

Groveland homicide update, grisly murder

Groveland - The homicide initially reported yesterday in Groveland, Ca. has taken a grisly turn with more information being released today.

Homicide in rural Groveland, Ca linked to Stockton suspect

Groveland - Rural Groveland, Ca. is normally a quiet community with few of the dangers of the larger metro areas. That peace has been shattered with a homicide suspect being arrested in Groveland.

Hashish and guns alter Christmas plans for one family

Valley Springs - Christmas plans can often get changed at the last moment, and one family has definitely found their plans being changed for the worse.

Helicopter hits Scottish pub, casualty numbers unknown

Glasgow - A police helicopter has crashed into a pub in Glasgow, Scotland. Two police and a civilian pilot were aboard the aircraft, with more than 100 in the pub.

Op-Ed: Emptying California prisons is not working

Valley Springs - More trouble from the "Prisoner Catch & Release Program" also known as Assembly Bill 109 signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

DHS to buy non-lethal weapons for unruly crowds

The Department of Homeland Security has caused to be issued a solicitation for nearly $500,000 worth of non-lethal riot control weapons.

Op-Ed: Obamacare CGI website executive has ties to Michelle Obama UPDATE

One source is now reporting a close link between Michelle Obama and one of the senior vice-presidents of CGI Federal, the failed website creator for Obamacare.

Op-Ed: Hannity speaks to woman on BarryCare hotline, 'no one likes it'

As shown by a recording of Sean Hannity, speaking to an Obamacare phone operator, the problems may run deeper than just a website which doesn't work.

Op-Ed: President Obama threatens to default on US loans

President Obama has steadfastly refused to negotiate with House Republicans on funding the government, and the end result could be defaulting on US debts. Some are calling the President petulant, others simply call him childish and self absorbed.

Review: Max Lucado's 'God Will Use This For Good'

Max Lucado is a pastor, speaker and author with an outlook on life that focuses on answers, where answers seem in short supply. His latest offering is another short read which offers hope, even when hope is in short supply.
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