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Tom Johansmeyer

Citizen based in New York, NY, United States. Joined on Apr 25, 2008


Telecom Market Poised to See Growth Despite Shaky Economy

Technology research firm Gartner, Inc. forecasts 7.6 per cent revenue growth through 2008, with telecom services leading the way.

Rick’s Cabaret Increases Buy-Back Amount to $5 million

Rick's Cabaret seeks to take advantage of market trends by consolidating ownership and increasing shareholder value. The company remains focused on growth, according to the CEO.

Will Cell Phones Replace Banks?

Of the 6.6 billion people walking the Earth today, close to 5 billion do not have sufficient access to banking resources. Cell phones, according to a report by Juniper Research, may hold the solution.

Distress Can Yield Returns in Wake of U.S. Financial Crisis

Private equity records continue to be set, though the sectors being funded are shifting. For the first half of 2008, distressed debt funds pulled ahead of the buyout sector, and investors are hungry for more.

Adult Entertainment Capital Takes Porn Public

There’s a new player in the porn finance market. Adult Entertainment Capital has launched the first publicly traded and licensed investment option. Investors can put their money into many different adult businesses.

Natch Snatch Takes Toxins Out of Adult Novelty Items

Solo sex isn't always safe. Phthalates, chemical compouds that could put your body at risk, abound in adult novelty items. New advances in the manufacture of sex-related products, though, can lead to a healthier sex life.

Americans and Europeans See China Differently

Private equity trends differ by continent, particularly when it comes to China. North American investors prefer to invest in China-focused funds through vehicles based elsewhere, while European investors prefer locally managed private equity funds.

Private Equity Tides Are Changing

Private equity investment is steady, but investors are changing how they approach the sector. PREQIN reports that, based on a recent survey of private equity investors, fundraising remains strong, though the sectors receiving the inflows are changing.

Art Confidence Falls

Confidence in art prices is dropping quickly. Even in light of a strong May auction, art market players seem to think that the bubble can't continue to grow.

NY Artist Successfully Thwarts Market Forces

Artist Nelson Diaz is making art affordable. For the past three weeks, he has been auctioning his work on eBay with starting bids of $1. Nearly half-way through his “grand experiment,” Diaz is happy with the results.

Africa/Middle East Mobile Biz to Hit $107B by 2013

The mobile phone and data business is expected to reach $107 billion by 2013—in Africa and the Middle East. A new report by Juniper Research predicts that mobile data services will drive the sector’s growth in this emerging market.

Reykjavik Real Estate Ready for Decline

Real estate prices seem to be unsustainable in Reykjavik, Iceland. High interest rates and aggressive buying may not support the market much longer. Turns 10,000 and Keeps Going

New York media guru Peter Shankman makes it his business to connect reporters and sources. His new website,, makes it easier for the media to find a story. In six months, it has grown to more than 12,000 members and isn't slowing down.

Op-Ed: Media Asleep at Wheel, Overlooking Soldiers Rights to Privacy

Military policies on sex and porn have forced soldiers to suffer in silence. The press, which normally identifies governmental activity to be changed, has not done its job. Unpopular subject matter has caused media to shy away, leaving our troops with no

Crazy Fundraising: Hot Summer for Private Equity

Private equity funds have had their second most productive quarter in history, raising $162 billion in the second quarter of 2008. Slowdowns in deal flow and continued trouble in credit markets have not dampened investor interest in this asset class.

Small Victories for Cigar Shop: De La Concha Fights Smoking Ban One Dinner at a Time

Manhattan tobacconist De la Concha has refined the formula for surviving a smoking ban. Every few months, the store invites its guests over for dinner and making the seemingly impossible come true: a cigar after a meal.

Appreciate the Disturbed: Baconians Soar in 2007

If you own a painting by Francis Bacon, 2007 was a good year for you. Transactions in works by Bacon (at auction only) reached US$245 million in 2007, far exceeding the US$41 million sold in 2006.

Private Equity More Becoming Expensive

In 2007, the private equity industry’s aggregate management fees reached US$33 billion globally, according to London-based Private Equity Intelligence, Ltd. (Preqin).

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