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Steffan Ileman

Citizen based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Joined on May 5, 2011


Turkish students get 8 years in jail for tuition protest

Quebec Premier Jean Charest may wish he had Turkish prosecutors and courts at his disposal to contain the Quebec student protests as Turkey sentences three students to long jail terms for three minutes of protest. UPDATE.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 4 comments

Turkish pianist faces jail for tweets about Islam

Turkey's Islamist government is prosecuting the country's celebrated pianist Fazil Say for uttering humorous tweets, which the government says is defamatory of religious values. Turkish PM wants to cut government funding to the Arts.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman

Op-Ed: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Browser or Spyware? Special

A mysterious Internet Explorer malfunction has inflicted some users of this popular Internet browser. Instead of recording visited URL's on the Internet IE 9 is tracking down and recording documents opened in the computer, raising privacy concerns.
Digital Journal Report by Steffan Ileman - 2 comments

Canada's bank bailout concealed by government

A think-tank claimed that Canada's banks secretly received billions from the government to bail them out during the recession. Toronto Sun says this is pure leftist propaganda for the May 1st crowd and occupy protesters.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 2 comments

Video: Man buried alive by Syrian soldiers

Video circulating in Turkey shows a man being buried alive allegedly by Bashar Assad's soldiers. Caution: the contents of this video are extremely disturbing and not suitable for viewing by all audiences.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 1 comment

Sailors in distress died after U.S. cruise liner refused to stop

A fishing boat had been adrift for two weeks when passengers on luxury liner Star Princess spotted sailors waving for help and alerted the captain, but the cruise liner did not stop to help. UPDATE: Company issues statement, eyewitnesses comment.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 9 comments

Naked man protests TSA security search at Portland Airport

After he beeped positive for explosives at airport checkpoint John Brennan stripped naked to protest his innocence. Man shares the same name with counter-terrorism adviser to President Obama John O. Brennan.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 3 comments

George Washington voted Britain's greatest military enemy

Voters in a British contest named George Washington enemy number one followed by Ireland's Michael Collins, France's Napoleon, German Marshall Rommel and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 2 comments

Ex-TSA Chief: Eliminate airline baggage fees for security

A former head of Transportation Security Administration says air travel is not safer with oppressive airport security checks and in-flight restrictions. He urges politicians to embrace risk and relax some of the restrictions.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 3 comments

Family drama exposes security hole for corporate identity theft Special

Vancouver - Can anyone with the right password hack into the Corporate Registry and erase you from your own company? A War of the Roses unfolding in Vancouver reveals there's no government protection against corporate identity theft or predatory lawyers.
Digital Journal Report by Steffan Ileman - 1 comment

Hitler shampoo commercial gets blasted

Istanbul - In keeping with the adage that there's no such thing as a bad advertisement, an Istanbul ad agency created a truly striking shampoo commercial with the "endorsement" of an historical figure: Adolf Hitler, who was cast as a symbol of virility.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 4 comments

American Airlines flight attendant goes berserk

Dallas - An American Airlines flight attendant terrifies passengers en route from Dallas Ft. Worth to Chicago. Plane returns to the gate and resumes with new crew after she's taken off the flight by police. Questions raised about mental screening of crews.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman

Mysterious Phoenix explosion baffles

Phoenix - A mysterious explosion that appeared in the background during a traffic report in Phoenix, Arizona, baffles newsmen and authorities alike. Speculation grows over a possible UFO incident.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 22 comments

Air Canada loses constitutional challenge to class action Special

Vancouver - A BC Supreme Court judge dismissed yesterday Air Canada’s claim that provincial consumer law is inapplicable to Air Canada as a federally regulated undertaking. Other airlines are also affected by the decision in the fuel surcharge class action.
Digital Journal Report by Steffan Ileman - 1 comment

Hitler didn’t commit suicide, claims British journalist

British journalist Gerrard Williams says he’s found evidence that Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun didn’t die in their Berlin bunker as generally believed, but escaped to Argentina where he died in 1962.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 20 comments

Asteroid making close call to Earth

An asteroid will pass by the Earth on Tuesday at a distance closer than the Moon. It’s not expected to pose any hazard. It will be visible Tuesday night.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 1 comment

Op-Ed: How Government’s Buddy System cheats equal opportunity employment Special

If you think that the federal and provincial governments are equal opportunity employers, think again. Bureaucrats have a genius way for drawing up job descriptions so that a coveted position will be filled by buddies or ripen for political patronage.
Digital Journal Report by Steffan Ileman

Haunted houses, ghosts, orbs and other mysteries

Do you believe in haunted houses and ghosts? How about haunted airplanes? If you believe in the existence of the soul and the spirit, the question you ask, as Zen masters do, will most probably be “How real is this material world we live in?”
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 3 comments

Ryanair to remove toilets from aircraft

Ryanair, the European low-cost carrier has announced that it will remove two of the three toilets on board its Boeing 737 aircraft.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman

Air Canada strike looming again

Air Canada flight attendants rejected the management’s contract offer for the second time and served a 72-hour strike notice. Government says no way, Jose.
In the Media by Steffan Ileman - 1 comment
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