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Katerina Nikolas

Citizen based in Kalamatas, Greece, Greece. Joined on Sep 4, 2011
Expertise in Health, Weight loss, Personal finance



Greece assumes European Union presidency

Greece welcomed in the New Year by assuming the presidency of the Council of the European Union for the next six months. Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has stated 2014 will be the year the country exits the bailout agreement.

Greek Supreme Court puts sharia law before civil law

The Greek Supreme Court has annulled the last will and testament of a deceased Greek Muslim man as it was not compliant with sharia law. The decision overturns the rights of Greek minority Muslims in Thrace to prepare wills under Greek civil law.

Greek fireplace polluters could face fines of €2,500

As the Greek government prepares legislation which will allow the banning of fireplaces and wood burners for heat, it has been revealed that fines for fireplace polluters could be as high as €2,500.

Greek coastguard intercepts ship carrying 20,000 Kalashnikovs

Greek coastguards have intercepted and detained a ship laden with 20,000 Kalashnikovs and a large amount of explosives in Greek waters. The cargo ship has been escorted to Rhodes port.

Greece: Two Golden Dawn members shot dead in terrorist attack

Athens - Armed gunmen shot dead two young members of Greece's far-right party Golden Dawn in cold blood, leaving a third man critically injured. The attack happened outside party offices in Neo Iraklio, Athens.

Saudi blasphemer Hamza Kashgari released from prison

Saudi Arabian writer Hamza Kashgari, 24, imprisoned since February 2012 on charges of apostasy for insulting the Prophet Muhammad on Twitter, has been released from jail.

Roma couple in custody for abducting blond haired Maria

The Roma couple that posed as the parents of a blond blue-eyed girl who was discovered at a Roma camp last week have been remanded in custody in Larissa prison and charged with abduction.

Greece: Golden Dawn still in third place in polls

Athens - In spite of a government clamp down on Greece's far-right party Golden Dawn and legal measures to define the party as a criminal organization, the party is still ranking third in political polls.

Greece issues appeal over abducted 4-year-old girl in Roma camp

Greece has launched an international appeal to identify a four-year-old girl found at a Roma camp in Farsala. Police have determined the blond, blue-eyed child was abducted in 2009.

Greece: Golden Dawn leader remanded in custody

Athens - Nikos Michaloliakos, leader of the ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn, is to remain in custody pending trial, on charges of forming a criminal organization. A defiant Michaloliakos cried "Long live the victory" as he left court.

Greece's Golden Dawn MPs released from custody

Athens - Three Golden Dawn MPs have been released from custody pending trial. Party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, and lawmakers Ilias Panayiotaros and Nikos Michos, all deny the charges brought against them.

Greece's Golden Dawn leader and MPs arrested

Nikos Michaloliakos, leader of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party, has been arrested, along with three prominent MPs including Ilias Kasidiaris, on charges of forming a criminal organization.

New wave of Greek public sector strikes commence

A new wave of strikes hit Greece on Monday as public sector workers began protests against the mobility scheme which threatens jobs. Secondary school teachers commenced a five-day rolling strike, supported by the left-wing opposition SYRIZA.

Op-Ed: Greek Finance Ministry denies plans to cut minimum wage

Despite the Greek government dancing to the tune of international creditors and slashing wages and pensions across Greece, there are now reports that the troika is demanding further cuts to the minimum wage.

Animal welfare group warns tourists puppies used as begging tools

The animal rescue group "Paws and Claws" is warning tourists to the Greek island of Rhodes to stop giving money to beggar children that are using abused and drugged puppies as tools for cash.

Gaddafi's demolished residence to become amusement park

Tripoli - The bombed-out ruins of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's Tripoli compound, Bab al-Aziziya, are to be turned into an amusement park.

Greece wins tax reduction from the Troika

Athens - Greece has finally won a concession from the international creditors that dictate fiscal policy. From the beginning of August the VAT applied to the catering trade will be reduced from 23 to 13 per cent, giving a welcome boost to small businesses.

Greece: Hunt for Albanian escapees biggest police op of decade

The hunt for the Albanian prisoners who escaped from a Greek prison in March has turned into the largest police operation of the decade. Since the escape the convicts have been on a spree of robbery and murder.

Restaurant uses oil stolen from graveyard lamps

A taverna owner in the northern Greek town of Preveza has been caught stealing oil from graveyard lamps to use in the taverna kitchen.

Angeliki's Spiti and new Snack Bar in Stoupa, Greece

Kalamatas - Angeliki's Spiti is one of the most welcoming and loved tavernas in the popular Greek holiday resort of Stoupa. In the midst of the Greek recession this family run business has expanded, opening a new snack bar to complement the existing restaurant.
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