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Karen Graham

Editor-at-Large based in Richmond, VA, United States. Joined on Sep 22, 2013
Expertise in Science & space, Health, Women's health, Environment & green living, Government,   see all» Ethnic cultures, Pharmaceuticals, Unemployment, Education, Politics, Charity & volunteer work



Maritime industry shifting to more efficient electric propulsion

Rotterdam - Globally, all modes of transportation are gradually being converted to electrical propulsion, and that now includes the maritime industry. One company, Netherlands-based Port-Liner, is building two giant all-electric barges dubbed the "Tesla ships."

How a tropical pathogen came to reside in the Pacific Northwest

Flagstaff - In what is being described as “The Teddy Roosevelt effect,” a deadly fungus in the Pacific Northwest may have arrived from Brazil via the Panama Canal, according to a new study led by the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen).

Startups emerging in the restoration and reforestation economy

It's estimated that globally, 15 billion trees are cut down every year, and that's more than 41 million trees every day. At that rate of deforestation, it's hard to imagine how long it would take to replace trees if we relied on hand-planting alone.

EPA - Government must prepare Superfund sites for climate change

An official with the Environmental Protection Agency program that directs cleaning up the nation’s most contaminated properties and waterways told Congress on Thursday that the government needs to plan for the ongoing threat posed by climate change.

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell Marai debuts in Quebec this year

Quebec - The Quebec government is purchasing a fleet of 50 Toyota Marai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles — the first such vehicles in Canada, which Toyota expects to deliver to the province later this year.

Natural Cycles birth control app under fire over pregnancies

Remember the Natural Cycles Smartphone app that came out last year? It was certified by the European Union and was the only app to be called a form of "contraception" in Europe. The start-up company is now under fire for 37 unwanted pregnancies.

'Climate envelope' responsible for mass deaths of Saiga antelopes

Over the span of three weeks in 2015, more than 200,000 saiga antelope suddenly died in central Kazakhstan from hemorrhagic septicemia caused by a normally harmless bacteria called Pasteurella multocida type B. Now, scientists know what happened.

World Economic Forum - Greatest risks facing the world in 2018

A global survey of experts and decision-makers shows they believe nuclear war, cyberattacks and environmental disasters are the likeliest threats to the world in 2018.

TransCanada pushes forward with Keystone XL pipeline

Canadian pipeline company, TransCanada announced on Thursday that it had obtained 20-year commitments to ship 500,000 barrels of crude oil a day through the controversial pipeline, "positioning the proposed project to proceed."

Urban e-waste data platform could help in recycling minerals

A group of 17 organizations on Wednesday launched an online database for 'urban mining' detailing precious raw materials slumbering in discarded batteries, electronics, and cars across the E.U.

IRENA — Cost of all types of clean energy will continue to fall

Abu Dabi - According to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), all types of clean energy — which by definition includes bioenergy-for-power and hydropower — will fall within the cost range of fossil fuels within the next two years.

Nine members of National Parks board quit in protest

Former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles led a mass resignation of nine members of the National Park System Advisory Board on Monday, in a protest over the Trump administration's priorities regarding the national parks system.

Dozens of historic sites in Scotland at risk from climate change

A climate change risk survey has just been completed for historic sites in Scotland, and the news is not good. Dozens of Scotland’s most famous historic sites are at very high risk of being badly damaged by climate change and need urgent protection.

U of T scientists discover catalyst to turn CO2 into plastics

Toronto - The Global CO2 concentration recorded on Monday at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii read 407.72 ppm. As the levels of CO2 continue to creep higher, scientists at the University of Toronto have discovered a catalyst to turn CO2 into something useful.

Scientists identify what killed millions in 16th century Mexico

In 1545, an epidemic known as “cocoliztli,” an Aztec Nahuatl word for “pestilence," swept through large areas of Guatemala and Mexico. The disease caused high fevers, headaches, bleeding from the eyes, mouth, and nose, ending in death.

Brick-and-mortar stores using sensors to track customer activity

Milwaukee - Brick-and-mortar retailers, regardless of size are picking up on new technologies to track their customers' activities while shopping so they can keep up with the likes of online giant, Amazon.

3D survey solutions using AI could change undersea inspections

Subsea technology company Rovco has secured Innovate UK funding to develop a 3D visualization system as part of a two-part artificial intelligence demonstrator project potentially worth £1.0 million (US$1.35 million).

Ford Motors to boost investment in electric and hybrid cars

Speaking at the Detroit Auto Show on Sunday, Executive chairman Bill Ford announced the auto giant plans to invest $11 billion in bringing 24 plug-in hybrids and 16 fully electric vehicles to market by 2022.

As coal declines, renewables take over U.S. electrical generation

Renewable energy appeared to be a huge winner in the U.S. in 2017, with the latest figures showing that solar and wind power represented 94.7 percent of the net new electricity capacity.

Oil hovers near $70 highs while U.S. and Canada output increases

Oil prices started the week just below $70 on Monday, pressured by a rising U.S. rig count, even as the price of crude continues to hover near record three-year highs.
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