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Graeme McNaughton

Citizen based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on May 23, 2011


Israel orders removal of 1,000 olive trees from Palestine

Nablus - The olive branch may be a symbol of peace, but Israeli authorities in the West Bank have told Palestinians that one thousand trees must be uprooted.

Man suffering cardiac arrest on plane offered sandwich

Stockholm - A 63-year old man who suffered cardiac arrest on a Ryanair flight from London to Stockholm was offered a sandwich and soda by the plane's crew. The crew also insisted that the man pay for it.

Glenn Beck compares victims of Utoya shootings to Hitler youth

Controversial right-wing political commentator Glenn Beck has come under further criticism after likening the victims of last weeks Utoya shootings to "Hitler youth."

Kids caught on tape stealing ice cream in midnight raid

Anderson - The owner of an ice cream truck in Indiana is the victim of a late Sunday night raid that saw many of his goods stolen. The twist? A security camera shows the thieves to be kids, and the midnight raid was planned out.

US military contractor hacked by Anonymous

Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting business and frequent contractor for the US military, is the latest to hit by the 'hacktivist' group Anonymous in the name of the 'Anti-Sec' movement.

Khan: Pakistan sold nuclear weapons technology to North Korea

The creator of the Pakistani nuclear weapons program has handed over documents that he says show senior military officials were paid millions to give nuclear weapons technology to North Korea, putting further strain on a tense US-Pakistan relationship.

Pyeongchang wins bid to host 2018 Winter Olympics

Durban - The third time's the charm for Pyeongchang, as the South Korean city has been chosen to host the 2018 Winter Olympic games.

Agent Orange being used to clear Amazon

A chemical weapon from the Vietnam War-era that has been linked to deaths, injuries, and birth defects is now being used by Brazilian ranchers to clear the Amazonian rain forest to make way for farm land.

Wikileaks to sue Visa and Mastercard over 'financial blockade' Special

Wikileaks, the site behind last year's infamous American diplomatic cables leak, is suing credit card companies Visa and Mastercard for blocking donations to the website.

Helmetless motorcyclist killed in ride protesting helmet laws

A motorcyclist riding to protest upper New York's helmet laws was killed after flipping over the handlebars. Police say he would have likely survived if he had been wearing a helmet.

North Korean universities shut down - students sent to work

Pyongyang - Students are being sent to work in farms, construction projects and factories after the government of North Korea shut down the country's universities for ten months to stimulate the economy, but analysts are saying that's not the real reason.

Nazis planned chemical warfare for UK invasion

London - After being classified for over 70 years, the British government has released reports on Nazi Germany's preparations for a planned invasion of the United Kingdom, with plans to use chemical weapons.

New York State Senate approves same-sex marriage legislation

Albany - After the Marriage Equality Act passed a narrow vote in the state senate, New York has become the latest and largest state to recognize same-sex marriage.

Saab doesn't have enough money to pay employees

Zeewolde - The Dutch owners of automobile manufacturer Saab said they will be unable to pay their employees their June salaries. However, the Swedish car company says it has no plans to shut its doors anytime soon.

Obama: Ten thousand troops coming home from Afghanistan

Washington - In a move to end the war in Afghanistan, US President Barack Obama has announced 33,000 troops will be coming home by next summer, with 10,000 coming home by the end of 2011.

Virgin Mobile hacked, personal info posted online Special

The personal information of over 1,000 Canadian cellphone users has been posted online after being attained by a hacker in a cyber attack.

Bogus Sean Connery letter to Steve Jobs goes viral

A letter purported to be from the former James Bond star to one of the pioneers of the personal computer has been making the rounds on the Internet as of late. However, the letter has turned out to not be real.

Man robs bank for $1 to get free health care

Charlotte - While some people rob banks to get money, one North Carolina man robbed a bank for a different reason: he can't afford health care. But in prison, health care is free.

Op-Ed: Politicians — do they have to be morally perfect?

Washington - The resignation of US congressman Anthony Weiner is the latest example of a politician having to leave his post because of issues in his personal life.

Scotts Miracle-Gro looking to get into the pot business

Looking at expanding his multi-billion dollar company, a chief officer at Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. is looking at targeting the medical marijuana trade, along with other niche markets.
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