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Kathlyn Stone

Citizen based in St. Paul, MN, United States. Joined on Sep 28, 2008
Expertise in Pharmaceuticals, Science & space, Health


U.S. Interior Secretary Regains Authority Over Wild Lands

Secretarial Order 3310 restores the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's authority to designate lands with wilderness characteristics and manage them as federally protected areas.

Revising vitamin D, calcium recommendations

The U.S. Institute of Medicine yesterday slightly revised the recommended intakes for vitamin D and calcium while downplaying recent reports of widespread vitamin D deficiency and vitamin D's protection against numerous health conditions.

Mother to sue Miami hospital that wrongfully circumcised baby

Miami - The mother of a baby boy plans to sue a Miami hospital for $1 million for accidentally circumcising her son without her consent.

Artist affirms life is good after cancer Special

Cancer was a wake-up call for artist Connie Allen. Now the self-trained artist uses her talent helping others with cancer, incarcerated youth and animals.

Customer loyalty cards proving to be a useful food safety tool

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently put customer loyalty cards to a novel use: tracking down the source of contaminated food.

WHO calls avoidable maternal deaths ‘shameful’

More than 30,000 women in the Western Pacific Region die unnecessarily each year due to pregnancy-related conditions, according to the World Health Organization.

Study: Teenager nearly blinded after HPV virus vaccination

In their report, two pediatric physicians and a pathologist recommend larger study of the link between HPV virus vaccine and damage to the central nervous system.

Doctors lead ‘Care-A-Van’ for health reform to Congress

Six “Mad as Hell Doctors” from Oregon will embark on a cross country road trip Sept. 8 to demand Congress enact a single payer system.

Household pesticides linked to childhood leukemia

Other studies have found a correlation between household pesticide use and leukemia. In this study, scientists analyzed the urine of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and found a higher concentration of pesticides compared with healthy controls.

Op-Ed: Americans opposing health care reform are dupes of industry

Americans that oppose health care reform on the basis that it introduces socialism do so while perpetuating their serf status.

Canadian Mounties break up erectile dysfunction drug ring

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Montreal seized thousands of counterfeit pills intended for the erectile dysfunction market. The illegal sale of prescription and counterfeit drugs online and on the street are on the rise in Canada and elsewhere.

Singing for single payer health care in U.S. Special

Single payer advocates are taking to the streets to create awareness of another option for health care reform: single payer or “Medicare for All."

Physicist Richard P. Feynman's famous lectures online

Bill Gates became hooked on the work of Nobel physicist Richard P. Feynman 20 years ago and wanted to bring his work to a wider audience. Now you can watch the lectures given by Feynman, the bongo-playing-artist- physicist online for free.

Amendment would allow states to enact single payer health care

An amendment attached to a major federal health reform bill may clear the way for states to enact single-payer legislation. Ten state legislatures have introduced single-payer bills.

House cats manipulate owners through special cry

A study found that domestic cats use amplified purring to solicit food from their human companions. Researchers believe cats exploit humans' protective instincts through not-so-subtle cries for food.

CERN web site explains the science in Angels & Demons

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and its particle physics laboratory were at the center of the plot in the latest movie directed by Ron Howard, Angels & Demons. CERN responds to public questions about antimatter and more.

Iranian-Americans send message of solidarity to Iran

Iranians and Iranian-Americans gathered in Minneapolis Wednesday to show support for the protesters in Iran. Their faces expressed anger, resolve, sadness and pride.

FDA releases searchable 'Peanut Product Recall Widget'

Something handy for cautious consumers: Agency creates widget that automatically updates list of thousands of U.S. food products containing peanuts under recall.

Virtual Museum of Iraq opens

Italy honors Iraq as the birthplace of civilization through a new virtual museum featuring 70 of the antiquities on display at the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad.

Op-Ed: Health insurers and tobacco getting smokers at both ends

Insurance firms are profiting from billions of investments in the tobacco industry while collecting health, life and long-term care premiums from individuals. And smokers pay the highest premiums of all.
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