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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in Education, Politics, General business news & info



Op-Ed: Abbas turns up rhetoric against Israel

New York - The US expressed annoyance at the UN speech of Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority. Abbas accused Israel of carrying out acts of genocide during the recent Operation Protective Edge.

Op-Ed: The Khorasan in Syria a name invented by intelligence agencies

Damascus - When the U.S. began bombing the Islamic State in Syria it turns out that they were also targeting Khorasan. This is a group that is linked with Al Qaeda. The name for the group is actually a creation of intelligence agencies.

Houthi rebels sign UN-brokered peace deal in Yemen

Sanaa - The Houthi rebels in Yemen accepted a UN-brokered peace deal after capturing much of the capital Sanaa. The deal will require disarmament and withdrawal from areas they seized recently.

Maybe entomophagy will be trending in time

Vancouver - Entomophagy the consumption of "bugs," may become much more prevalent in the future especially to supply protein and ensure that a food supply is available for the world's growing population.

Taliban seize key area of strategic province in Afghanistan

Kabul - Hundreds of Taliban attacked the Ajrestan District of Ghazni province a key link between the capital Kabul and southern areas. The Taliban have also been making advances in the south recently.

Op-Ed: Watch for more foreign intervention in Libya against Islamists

New York City - A common narrative about what is happening in Libya will be about the threat of radical Islamist groups such as Ansar al-Sharia, a group thought to be responsible for the attack on the American consul in Benghazi which killed the ambassador among others.

Reverend sues Pittsburgh police over hospital tasing incident

Pittsburgh - Reverend Earl Baldwin Jr. has filed a lawsuit against Pittsburgh police after they are alleged to have restrained and tased him while he claims he was praying for his stepson Mileek Grissom in a hospital emergency room.

Op-Ed: Syrian rebels incensed at U.S. bombing attacks in Syria

Washington - The Islamic State(IS) has captured territory held by other rebel groups and fought against them. Surely the rebels should welcome the strikes. However, the strikes were directed not only against IS but other radical rebel groups as well.

Op-Ed: Neo-con Stephen Hayes placed on DHS Terrorist Watchlist

Washington - Stephen Hayes is an unlikely candidate to be on the Department of Homeland Security's Terrorist Watchlist. As a senior writer for the conservative Weekly Standard and a regular commentator on Fox news he seems an unlikely terrorist sympathizer.

China expresses opposition to further sanctions on Russia

Moscow - China has been careful in its responses to the Ukrainian situation. While it wants to retain Russia as an ally it is concerned that the Crimea referendum could set a precedent for areas such as Tibet, which is part of China.

Op-Ed: Costs of US war on Islamic State not discussed

Washington - If the US war against the Islamic State were a social program there would be immediate requests for an estimate of the costs. If the duration and extent of the program was indefinite criticism would be immediate and harsh.

Liberals win majority in New Brunswick provincial election

Fredericton - Brian Gallant, the leader of the New Brunswick Liberal party, won a majority in the eastern province triumphing over the incumbent Progressive Conservatives of David Alward.

Op-Ed: Afghan election results not determined by voters

Kabul - Those in the west — including the US who keep the Afghan government functioning through their aid — are much relieved that a president has finally been chosen and the loser has become the "chief executive" of what will be a national unity government.

Yemen unrest continues in spite of UN-brokered cease fire

Sanaa - Just one day after the UN managed to broker a peace deal between the government and Houthi rebels, the latter raided the houses of Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar an adviser on security and defense to president Al Hadi.

Op-Ed: Troubles continue in Libya as clashes threaten oil production

Sabha - Libya's troubles are increasing as conflict has taken place in the south west of the country and clashes have shut down the El Shalala oil field that supplies the Zawiya refinery that in turn supplies the capital Tripoli with gasoline.

Op-Ed: U.S. and Russia compete to arm Egypt

Cairo - U.S. Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel spoke with his Egyptian counterpart General Sedki Sobhy on Sept. 20 confirming that the US will deliver 10 Apache helicopters to support Egypt's counter-terrorism efforts the Pentagon announced.

President Obama signs $1 trillion stopgap spending bill

Washington - On Friday, September 19, President Obama signed a $1 trillion spending bill that includes funding for his plan to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State in Syria.

Libyan parliament rejects prime minister's proposed cabinet

Tripoli - Libya's new parliament elected in June and based in the eastern city of Tobruk has added to the political turmoil by rejecting the 16 minister cabinet proposed by acting prime minister Abdullah al-Thinni.

Rival Afghan candidates reportedly reach deal

Kabul - Rival candidates Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani were said to be close to a power-sharing agreement back on Tuesday Sept. 16 but talks stalled in part because the two could not agree when the results of final vote audit should be released.

Op-Ed: Obama's bombing of IS in Syria likely violates international law

Washington - The Obama administration has explained why it thinks it has the legal authority to bomb IS in Iraq and Syria although many doubt whether the justifications are sound. No justification has yet been been given for the attacks under international law,.
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