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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in Politics, General business news & info, Education



Op-Ed: US ground troops will not be involved in policing Syria ceasefire

The United States is proceeding with its withdrawal from northeast Syria. The Pentagon said on Friday that no US ground troops will help enforce the ceasefire agreement that was recently negotiated with Turkey.

Kurds and Turks disagree as to meaning of Syrian ceasefire

The recently 250 hour truce in Syria negotiated between Turkey and the US has been marred by sporadic fighting and contradictory reports about whether the Kurds are withdrawing as required or hunkering down and Turks may also be continuing the fight.

Wing's drone delivery company delivers in Christiansburg Virginia

Christiansburg - The drone delivery company Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet (formerly Google) is now delivering not only health care products but also snacks to residents of Christiansburg Virgina.

Swagtron introduces three new electric bikes

Swagtron the e-bike manufacturer is expanding its lineup of affordable e-bikes. All three of the new bikes are in the classic cruiser style with upright U-shaped handlebars and frames that mimic the sweeping lines of vintage beach bikes.

Op-Ed: Turkey and US agree to a problematic ceasefire in Syria

Just one day after Turkish President Erdogan claimed there was no possibility of a ceasefire in northern Syria where his forces have invaded to create a 30 km "safe zone", US Vice-President Pence announced the US and Turkey reached a 120 hour ceasefire.

Op-Ed: Kim Jong-un rides his white horse on nationally famous Mt. Paektu

North Korea's state media is giving heavy coverage to images of leader Kim Jong Un riding a white horse on the nationally significant Mt. Paektu. The state media said that the event was of great importance in the history of the Korean revolution.

New photos indicate Iranian tanker has 2 large holes in the hull

New photos released by Iran clearly show that its oil tanker the Sabiti was damaged as they show large holes in the hull just above the water line.

Turks and allies to launch an offensive on Syrian city of Manbij

When the Turks launched their invasion of northern Syria last week, they claimed their intention was to create a 30 km deep "safe zone". They have yet to achieve that goal but they have now indicated they will move against the city of Manbij.

Saudis to temporarily take control of Aden in agreement with STC

Saudis will temporarily take control of the port city of Aden in a power-sharing deal meant to end the infighting between the Saudis and the UAE allied with southern separatists. Aden is the capital of the Saudi supported Hadi government.

Harley-Davidson stops production of Livewire electric motorcycle

Harley-Davidson has temporarily stopped the manufacture and even shipping of its first electric motorcycle the LiveWire due to difficulty with the bike's charging equipment.

Op-Ed: Syrian forces enter cities of Kobane and Manbji after deal

A deal worked out between the Assad government and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Front forces in talks brokered by Russia has resulted in the Kurds handing over the two cities of Kobane and Manbji to Syrian government control along with Kurd forces.

Syrian government, Russians, and Kurdish-led forces hold talks

Ahmed Suleiman, who is a senior member of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria said that the Syrian government and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were holding negotiations with the Russians also taking part.

Op-Ed: Incident with Iranian oil tanker may have involved missiles

Iran's national oil company said that two explosions occurred on one of its tankers while it was 60 miles off the coast of Saudi Arabia opposite the Saudi port city of Jiddah.

Op-Ed: Trump signs executive order to take broad action against Turkey

Trump removed US troops from Syrian border areas with Turkey in effect giving Turkey a green light to invade and establish its "safe zone".

Op-Ed: Important Iraqi cleric condemns government over protest deaths

The influential Iraqi Shi-ite cleric Ayatollah Abdul Al-Sistani rarely comments on political issues but when he does it carries a lot of weight and officials consider his comments carefully.

Uber acquires Cornershop to enter grocery delivery market

Uber the ride-haling company has moved into the highly competitive world of only grocery deliveries. It has acquired a startup called Cornershop for an undisclosed sum. The deal will help the company expand beyond its core ride-haling business..

Turkey killed hundreds of Kurd militants in Syria it claims

Turkey is continuing its invasion in northeastern Syria. The Turkish Defense Ministry claims that 228 Kurdish militants have been killed so far in the offensive.

Op-Ed: Spanish court investigates firm for spying on Assange for the US

The Spanish National Court is investigating a Spanish security firm, Undercover Global, suspected of spying on Julian Assange for the US while Assange was inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London UK. The investigation was made public this Wednesday.

UN claims US Afghan strike violated international law

After a 4-month investigation, the UN has come up with a report on a May 5 US airstrike against a drug lab in western Afghanistan. The report finds that the attack violate international humanitarian law with 39 casualties including 14 children.

Op-Ed: Apple removes Hong Kong map app from its store after criticism

Apple has removed its HKmap live from its App Store. The app is a crowdsourced mapping app used often by Hong Kong residents. The app is used to mark the locations of police as well as street closures during recent protest in Hong Kong.
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