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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in Politics, General business news & info, Education



Op-Ed: UN envoy claims Libya on the verge of economic collapse

Tripoli - The UN special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, claims that while rival groups clash and so far refuse to agree to a political settlement the country is on the verge of an economic collapse.

Shiite militia rename mission to retake Iraqi city of Ramadi

Ramadi - Every military operation appears to require the proper name or branding. The Pentagon has become expert at providing euphemistic names for operations such as Enduring Freedom.

Op-Ed: US pushing plans to directly arm Sunni tribes and Kurds in Iraq

Baghdad - Sunni fighters defending Ramadi complain that they were defeated by the Islamic State fighters because they had not received either payment or US military equipment from the Iraqi central government.

Op-Ed: Palestine-Israel conflict may not be resolved by two states

Jerusalem - Award-winning UK journalist, author, and commentator, Mehdi Hasan, argues in an Al Jazeera article that the peace process attempting to reach a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is dead.

Op-Ed: Syriza divided on accepting creditor demands for Greek debt deal

Athens - While Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras insists he wants a deal with Greece's creditors, many in the ruling Syriza party want the government to refuse to accept further demands and instead develop alternative plans in case there is no deal.

Op-Ed: Southern separatist militia capture Yemen town from Houthi rebels

Aden - The Popular Resistance militia group, associated with a Southern Yemen secessionist movement, have finally taken control of the small city of Dalea from Houthi rebels after battling for months.

Op-Ed: Tobruk Libyan government bombs oil tanker in port of Sirte

Tripoli - The narratives coming out of Libya vary considerably with the source. Prominent western media often offer limited coverage and no significant analysis.

Islamic State wooing fighters from Taliban in Afghanistan

Kabul - General John Campbell, the commander of international forces in Afghanistan reports that the Islamic State is recruiting fighters in Afghanistan and next door in Pakistan as well.

Op-Ed: Iranian aid ship unloads in Djibouti but aid plane unable to land

Djibouti - An Iranian news agency said an Iranian Red Crescent plane carrying 20 tonnes of food for Yemen was denied permission to land in Djibouti the location of a UN food distribution hub.

Op-Ed: UN conference fails to agree on Middle East nuclear weapons ban

A UN conference that had been reviewing the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty broke up without issuing a final statement when participants could not agree on a Middle East nuclear weapons ban.

Op-Ed: Canadian Museum to dismantle Winnipeg General Strike Exhibit

Winnipeg - A room in the Canadian Museum of History was modelled on the meeting room of the James Street Labour Temple in Winnipeg where workers met for discussions that led to the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike.

Without a new deal for funds Greece will miss next IMF payment

Athens - The Greek government is warning its creditors that it is on the verge of default and claims it will not be able to make the next International Monetary Fund (IMF) payment due on June 5.

Op-Ed: Iranian aid ship avoids confrontation and docks at Djibouti

Djibouti - An Iranian aid ship, Nejat or Rescue, that had originally planned to land at the Houthi rebel-held port Hodeida in Yemen, has now sailed to Djibouti where the UN has a transportation hub for distribution of aid to Yemen

UN to hold Yemen peace talks on May 28

Geneva - The UN has set May 28 to begin Yemen peace talks in Geneva but only one party to the conflict may attend. The Hadi government based in Saudi Arabia demands that the rebel Houthis give up some of the territory they have taken as a condition of taking part.

Retreating Iraqis in Ramadi leave U.S.-provided weapons for ISIS

Ramadi - Iraqi troops retreating from Ramadi last Sunday left behind many U.S.-provided vehicles, including tanks, armoured personnel carriers and artillery for ISIS fighters.

Op-Ed: Iranian cargo ship to dock directly at Houthi-held port in Yemen

Hodeida - When stories involving conflicts are involved it is difficult to sort out fact from fiction and propaganda. Often there are serious discrepancies between narratives depending upon their source.

Bombardier loses one executive plus 1750 workers

Montreal - Eric Martel, president of the business-aircraft division of Bombardier is leaving his position less than two years after he was appointed. He will be replaced by David Coleal who had been vice-president and general manager of Spirit Aerosystems.

Saudi Arabia considers buying nuclear weapons from Pakistan

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia is said to be engaged in a strategic review of its security that includes as one possibility acquiring nuclear weapons from Pakistan.

Op-Ed: Glenn Greenwald on Western restrictions on free speech

In a recent article in the Intercept, journalist Glenn Greenwald, argues that the greatest threat to free speech in the West at present comes not from Islamic fundamentalists but from western politicians who claim to fight them and to protect free speech.

Women's peace march to travel from North to South Korea

Pyongyang - Organizers of a women's international peace march report that they have the conditional agreement of both North and South Korea to travel south from Pyongyang, capital of the North, through the demilitarized zone(DMZ) to South Korea.
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