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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in General business news & info, Politics, Education



Fighting continues in Nagorno-Karabakh as ceasefires fail

On Friday November 6, Nagorno-Karabakh reported that three civilians had been killed during shelling of two major cities inside the ethnic Armenian enclave within Azerbaijan.

Mike Pompeo tours Asia on a China-bashing tour

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, is taking Trump's anti-China narrative on the road as he tours Asia. In Vietnam on Friday Pompeo was a bit more reserved in his rhetoric as he called for stronger bonds between Vietnam and the US.

Demonstrations in Baghdad take place for a second day

Protesters took to the streets in Iraq's capital Baghdad for a second day in a row demanding government reforms. They were confronted by police who fired tear gas and used stun grenades that led to an exchange at bridges to the Green Zone.

China accuses US of bullying other countries to side against it

China has accused the US of bullying other countries into taking sides between it and the US. Chinese comments came after a US official said Sri Lanka must make difficult but necessary choices, an apparent reference to the country's ties with China..

12 reported killed in government air attack on Afghan mosque

After deadly attacks by the Taliban in the northern Takhar province in Afghanistan, the Afghan military responded with air attacks against a mosque in the area that apparently was believed to be being used as a base by the Taliban.

US advises countries to reject treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons

The US has sent a letter to all the signatories of the Treaty on the prohibition of Nuclear Weapons(TPNW) to reconsider their ratification of the treaty and withdraw their approval.

US and Taliban agree to cease fighting in Afghanistan

US negotiator Zalmay Khalizad along with General Austin Miller had a meeting with the Taliban and reached an agreement that the Taliban would cease their Helmand offensive and the US would halt airstrikes.

UN arms embargo on weapons sales to Iran expires

The UN arms embargo on Iran has expired. Despite months of opposition from the US UN officials are unanimous in believing that the ban has actually expired.

US troops in Afghanistan down to just 2,500 by early in 2021

US National Security Advisor, Robert O'Brien said this Friday that the Trump administration had plans to bring US troop numbers in Afghanistan to just 2,500 confirming comments he had made the previous week.

Trump to bring all US troops in Afghanistan home by year's end

US President Trump repeated on Thursday a surprise declaration he had made via Twitter on Wednesday night. In his Wednesday tweet Trump said that all US troops in Afghanistan would be back home by the end of 2020.

US and Russia making progress in New START talks

President Trump's envoy for arms control, Marshal Bllingslea said in a tweet that a meeting Monday brought important progress towards achieving a new nuclear arms agreement between the US and Russia.

New US bill gives Israel influence over US arms sales

A new US bill would require the US President to consult with Israel before approving any weapons sales in the Middle East area.

Op-Ed: US withdraws 2,500 troops from Iraq

Mustafa Kadhimi, the Iraqi Prime Minister confirmed over last weekend that at least 2,500 US troops have been withdrawn already from Iraq as part of a three year period of pullout from the country.

US discharges some of its seized Iranian oil in New York

A tanker carrying Iranian fuel seized by the US discharged its cargo on Thursday in New York according to vessel tracking data. The Singapore-flagged Maersk Progress unloaded 557,000 barrels of gasoline.

UK judge to announce Assange extradition verdict early next year

The British judge who is presiding over the extradition trial of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, said Thursday that she would give her verdict early next year as to whether he can be extradited on the January 4th 2021.

One of three Iranian tankers with fuel reaches Venezuelan waters

Three Iranian tanker ships loaded with hundreds of thousands of barrels of fuel have now entered Venezuelan territorial waters. Within the next few days they will make deliveries.

US launches airstrikes on Iraq from carrier in the Gulf

For the first time in two years and a half, US jets have launched an attack on Iraq from planes based on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

Pentagon may increase US Navy by around 500 ships

Documents obtained by Defense Nwa show that the Pentagon contemplates increasing the US Navy Fleet to about 500 ships. The documents are draft versions of a Future Navy Force Study as assessment commissioned by the Pentagon.

United States by far the top arms supplier to the Middle East

The Center for International Policy (CIP) in a new report finds that from 2015 to 2019 the US was the largest supplier of arms to the Middle East and North Africa supply just less than half, 48 percent, of the weapons used in the area during that period.

Trump adds further restrictions on American travel to Cuba

The Trump administration has placed new restrictions on the import of Cuban cigars and liquor and has banned Americans from staying at properties owned by the Cuban government. Trump announced the new measures on Wednesday.
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