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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in General business news & info, Politics, Education



Op-Ed: US pauses peace talks after Taliban attack on Bagram air base

Last September as the US Taliban talks had reached a deal in principle, President Trump declared the talks dead after a Taliban attack that killed one US soldier among others. Trump was angered at the attack even though no ceasefire had been agreed,

Amazon already delivers more than half of its US packages

Amazon has steadily expanded it logistics operations during the last decade. According to a Morgan Stanley estimate Amazon now delivers over half all its US packages

Afghans fear foreign security forces equally to the Taliban

The war is Afghanistan has been going on for 18 years. Afghans now fear foreign security forces to about the same degree as the Taliban. While only 1 percent trust the Taliban to negotiate peace for them only 0.5 percent trust foreign forces to do so.

Op-Ed: US officials claim US will not leave Syria any time soon

Mark Esper, US Secretary of Defenses and General Mark Milley testified to the US House Armed Services Committee that the US will continue to have troops in Syria for many years. They claimed it was hard to foresee all US forces withdrawing anytime soon.

If sanctioned Turkey threatens to close 2 US Turkish bases

The US is planning to proceed with sanctions against Turkey because it acquired the S-400 defense system from Russia. Turkey has warned the US if the US imposes sanctions it would retaliate,

Op-Ed: US to send 20,000 troops and much equipment to European war games

Next year, the US army will undertake its largest deployment in Europe in 25 years. 20,000 US troops plus 13,000 pieces of equipment will be deployed across Europe to take part in war games beginning in May and through June.

Trump administration fears calling Saudi attacker a terrorist

The Trump Administration still refuses to label Mohammed Alshamrani, who killed 3 people on Friday in Penascola Florida a terrorist, even though he appears to have posted a manifesto on Twitter that showed a clear ideological motivation.

Many US veterans angered by report of lies about Afghan war

The Washington Post released numerous documents created by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). The documents show that presidents, politicians and Pentagon officials misled and also lied to the US public about the war.

Op-Ed: Mainstream press hesitant to call Saudi Florida attack terrorist?

A Saudi Air Force office launched an attack at the Naval Air Station in Penascola Florida last Friday. Three people ended up dead and eight wounded before the attacker killed himself.

Pentagon now admits plans to send more troops to the Middle East

Washington D.c. - On Thursday, the Pentagon spent much of the day refuting a report by the Wall Street journal that Trump was considering sending 14,000 more troops to the Middle East to counter any Iranian aggression.

US House passes motion opposing Israeli annexation of West Bank

The US House of Representatives on Friday passed a resolution that expressed opposition to Israel carrying out any unilateral annexations in the occupied West Bank and also expressed continuing support for a two-state solution.

US Senators introduce bill to reathorize Venezuela sanctions

Washington D.c. - US Senators Marco Rubio a Republican and Bob Mendez a Democrat introduced a reauthorization of the euphemistically titled "Venezuela Defence of Human Rights and Civil Society Act"that passed in 2014 and was reauthorized in 2016.

Netanyahu and Pompeo push ahead with US Israel defense pact

This Wednesday, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, and Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State met for an hour and 45 minutes working on the specifics of a planned US-Israel defense pact.

Op-Ed: Trump considering sending 14,000 more troops to the Middle East

Washington - For the past six months, the US has been stressing what it calls increasing threats from Iran as it announced more deployments of troops and equipment into the Middle East, mostly to Saudi Arabia and surrounding areas and clearly aimed at Iran.

NATO names China explicitly as a foe of the alliance

The treaty that formed NATO in 1949 never singled out a single enemy for the alliance to counter but it was clear at the time that the Soviet Union was the main target. There have been numerous attempts since to add new enemies or new functions to NATO.

Op-Ed: Pompeio claims Cuba & Venezuela hijacking Latin American protests

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has for a long time supported and propped up right-wing governments in Latin America that support US policy while often ignoring those governments' sometimes violent repression of pro-democracy protests.

Op-Ed: Yemen STC separatists claim Ryadh agreement no longer binding

The primary southern separatist movement the Southern Transitional Council (STC) has withdrawn from the recently negotiated Riyadh agreement negotiated between the Hadi government with the support of Saudi Arabia and the STC with its UAE ally.

Saudi Arabia and Houthis hold secret peace talks on Yemen

Secret talks between Saudi Arabia and the Yemen Houthi movement appear to be making progress. Prisoners were released, medical patients have been evacuated and the number of attacks are down significantly.

Thanksgiving dinner with Tesla's mashed potato Cybertruck

On Thanksgiving Day in the US Dan Milano a Twitter user and producer for Now This News shared a video of his brother Greg sculpting a model of the Tesla Cybertruck out of potatoes.

Russia and China complete first road bridge between the countries

The cost of the project was $295 million. The bridge is 1,080 meters long, 540 meters in each country. The bridge is to be launched in April next year and should be open for passenger traffic in the middle of 2021.
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