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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in Education, General business news & info, Politics



Op-Ed: Another attempt to retake Libyan oil crescent ports is launched

The Libya Observer claims a coalition of groups including members of the Petroleum Facilities Guard(PFG), the Islamist Defend Benghazi Brigades (DBB) , plus some brigades loyal to the UN-brokered unity government tried to retake the oil crescent ports.

Canadian kidnapped in Libya glad to be safe back home in Montreal

Montreal - Frank Poccia, a 52-year old Canadian man was abducted by armed and masked gunmen on September 19th along with 2 Italians in the southwestern Libyan city of Ghat.

One third of Americans believe torture is just part of war

A recent poll by the International Red Cross (ICRC) shows more Americans and other westerners are more likely to accept torture, harsh interrogation techniques and indiscriminate bombing than they were in 1999.

Op-Ed: Sputnik spouting fake news about Haftar taking control in Libya

A proposal by Ali Al-Gotrani, a member of the Presidential Council (PC) for a transitional phase of the Libyan government with the Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Field Marshall, Khalifa Haftar, was reported as reality by the Russian news site Sputnik.

Op-Ed: Reports claim that Sirte Libya is completely captured from ISIS

Surt - Several reports indicate that the Islamic State(IS) has been completely driven from their former stronghold of Sirte. The other day the group controlled only two blocks and about 50 buildings in the city.

Op-Ed: Interview with UN envoy to Libya on situation in Libya

The Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) was signed on the 17th of December nearly a year ago. In an interview for the Libya Herald, Martin Kobler, head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) assesses the progress in implementing the LPA.

Op-Ed: Libyan National Army forces threaten to bomb Canadian ship

Benghazi - According to the Libya Observer, the spokesperson for the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces of Field Marshal Khalifa Hafar, Ahmed al-Mismari, said that his forces would bomb a Canadian ship bound for Ganfouda, Benghazi that is carrying humanitarian aid.

Op-Ed: Mediation stops Tripoli militia clashes only temporarily

Tripoli - According to the Libya Observer, mediation by security leaders, political activists, and a number of Tripoli and area district elders stopped clashes between rival militia in Tripoli that had been happening over the the last two days.

ISIS controls only 2 blocks and 50 buildings in Sirte Libya

Surt - The Pentagon claims that the Islamic State now only controls about two blocks and 50 buildings in the city of Sirte whereas they had once ruled the entire city and a considerable area in all directions surrounding it.

U.S. House easily passes $619 billion defense bill

Washington - The U.S. House easily passed a defense policy bill to the tune of $619 billion. It will fund operations in Afghanistan, against the Islamic State (IS) and also halt reductions in military manpower as well as fill gaps in military readiness.

Militias clashing in the Libyan capital of Tripoli

Tripoli - Fighting has broken out in the Libyan capital Tripoli between various militia groups. The Libya Observer describes murky clashes sweeping through the city. There are many competing tweets describing the situation.

UN and others criticized by fired Libya ambassador to the UN

The ambassador, Ibrahim Dabbashi, had already been fired three times as ambassador to the UN. He was fired twice by the al-Thinni administration of the House of Representatives (HoR) government.

Op-Ed: Trump adding to the swamp, not draining it as promised

Trump campaigned as a person who was going to fight against the establishment and drain the swamp of corrupt politicians with links to Wall Street from his administration. He has done nothing of the sort.

Op-Ed: Libyan military commander Haftar meets Russian foreign minister

Moscow - Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), the armed forces associated with the eastern-based House of Representatives(HoR) government met Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Op-Ed: Canadian prime minister Trudeau will not attend Castro's funeral

Ottawa - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be attending the funeral next Sunday of former Cuban president Fidel Castro the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has confirmed. The PMO said only that his schedule did not permit it.

Op-Ed: Washington Post lists sites that 'peddle Russian propaganda'

A recent article by Craig Timberg in the Washington Post lists dozens of news sites that supposedly are "routine peddlers of Russian propaganda".

Trump claims he should have won the popular vote

On Sunday Donald Trump claimed in a tweet that he actually won the popular vote if the illegal votes for Clinton were subtracted from her total vote.

Op-Ed: U.S. government is a prime producer of fake news

Lately, there has been much discussion of fake news. Much fake news is easy to detect with a little basic research. But there is another type of fake news that is spread by the U.S. and other governments.

Islamic State remnants still fiercely resisting in Sirte, Libya

Surt - On Saturday the forces of Al Bunyan Al Marsous (Solid Structure or BAM) faced continuing fierce resistance from the few remaining fighters of the Islamic State(IS) holed up within a small area of the city of Sirte, their former stronghold.

U.S. Federal officials to close down Standing Rock protest camp

Bismarck - The Army Corps of Engineers has sent a letter to the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in the state of North Dakota, Dave Archambault II, indicating federal officials plan to close access to a campsite where protesters have been for months.
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