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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in Education, General business news & info, Politics



Op-Ed: Maduro foils US sanctions by funneling oil funds through Rosneft

Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro is funneling funds from the sale of Venezuelan oil through the Russian state energy giant Rosneft. This avoids the sanctions the US has designed to economically cripple Venezuela and drive Maduro from power.

Bitcoin briefly beats $5,300 again as key indicator turns bullish

After a few days of being stuck just above the $5,000 level, bitcoin appears to have begun its stalled recovery again as it managed to reach past the $5,300 level briefly so far today.

Op-Ed: US to allow some suits against foreign firms in Cuba

Washington - Both Canada and the UK vowed yesterday that they will protect their business from the new Trump policy which will allow lawsuits against foreign companies connected to properties seized from American firms during the Cuban revolution.

Op-Ed: Huawei said to offer Germany a 'no-spy' agreement

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei offered Germany a "no-spy agreement" designed to address security concerns that Germany has over Huawei's involvement in building Germany's next generation 5G mobile infrastructure, a German magazine has reported.

Op-Ed: Threat of further US oil sanctions could roil oil markets

Oil prices are moving around a 52-week high and there is not a lot of supply available. As a result, oil markets are likely to be roiled by any US government action to further reduce supplies.

Trump peace plan likely to not grant Palestine statehood

Washington - The final version of president Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan has not been completed according to officials. However, indications are that the plan will probably give Israel all it wants with Palestinians getting little or nothing.

Taliban threaten northern Afghan city of Kunduz once again

Kunduz - Everyone was shocked when the city of Kunduz in the far north of Afghanistan fell to the Taliban back in 2015. Since then the city has been contested repeatedly.

Selected UK cows already sporting 5G devices

While the rollout of 5G in the US is scattered in a few places, the 5G wireless feed is already in place for several herds of cows in the United Kingdom.

California sets regulations for testing light driverless trucks

Sacramento - California would allow testing of light-duty autonomous trucks on public roads under a rule announced last Friday. The California Department of Motor Vehicles outlines a permitting process for any companies wanting to test or deploy driverless trucks.

UK opposition Labour Party demands PM stop extradition of Assange

London - In the UK, the opposition Labour Party wants the government to halt the extradition to the US of Julian Assange Wikileaks founder. He faces charges there related to his work with Chelsea Manning a whistle-blower revealing brutal US actions in Iraq etc.

US Congress considers bill to audit algorithms for bias

Washington - US legislators introduced a bill that requires large companies to audit machine learning powered systems such as facial recognition or ad targeting algorithms to check for bias.

South Korean president works for third summit with Kim and Trump

President Moon Jae of South Korea says that he intends to set up a new summit between President Trump of the US and Kim Jong-un as soon as possible to return to the peace process and nuclear diplomacy.

Tesla claims Panasonic battery supply a constraint on production

Tesla claimed that a shortage of batteries made by Panasonic is the fundamental constraint on the production of Tesla EVs. Tesla says it is not getting enough batteries from the Nevada Gigafactory to keep up with the number of vehicles it wants to make.

Op-Ed: US seeks a political deal in Libya with a large role for Haftar

Apparently the United States is pushing Haftar for a bigger role in official Libyan affairs but does not want him to continue his campaign attacking the Libyan capital Tripoli.

Bitcoin breaks through the $5,400 level in continuing bull run

Bitcoin was able to break through the $5,300 level early today and has since gone well above the $5,400 mark before dropping back into the low $5,300 range.

Trump warned not to try and influence Federal Reserve

Washington - India's former Central Bank governor, Raghuram Rajan, warned that US President Donald Trump's attempts to influence the US Federal Reserve could have devastating effects on the economy and monetary policy.

Op-Ed: US bill would stop IRS from providing free online tax service

Washington - A bill on its way through the US Congress would permanently prevent the US government from offering free online tax services. It codifies the current system that relies on private services.

Fiat to pay Tesla in a deal to meet EU emission standards

Automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will pay Tesla for the right to count Tesla electric vehicles as part of its fleet of cars. By pooling vehicles with Tesla, Fiat hopes its fleet will have average emissions low enough to meet new EU standards.

Bitcoin continuing a bull recovery reaching over $5,200

After a big surge up the last few days bitcoin (BTC) continues its upward trend today breaking through $5,200 as its bull run recovery appears still to have some steam left.

Verizon 5G network is blazing fast but hard to find

Chicago - A week earlier than planned Verizon is offering 5G service in select areas of Chicago and Minneapolis boasting that for the first time ever customers could access a commercial 5G network with first commercially available 5G enabled smartphone.
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