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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in General business news & info, Politics, Education


US marine charged with murder of transgender woman in Philippines

Olongapo City - Jeffrey Laude, aka Jenny, a transgender woman, was murdered in Olongapo City in the Philippines on October 11th. Olongapo City is near Subic Bay where US forces are stationed.

Op-Ed: Libyan government declares war on Islamists

Tobruk - The Islamist-dominated militias who control Tripoli and Benghazi convened the General National Congress(GNC), which appointed a prime minister who formed a government but the internationally-recognized elected government is in Tobruk, in eastern Libya.

Second ceasefire in Yemen between rebels and Sunni tribes

Sanaa - In Yemen's Ibb province rebel Shia Houthi fighters have signed a second ceasefire agreement Saturday after an earlier agreement was breached.

U.S. paid $486 million for Afghan planes now sold for scrap

Kabul - So far only 16 of 20 Italian-made military transport planes bought by the U.S. for the Afghan Air Force (AAF) at a cost of almost $500 million have been sold for scrap at about six cents a pound.

Op-Ed: Yemen Al-Qaeda group supports the Islamic State

Damascus - The Islamic State (IS) has been disowned by Al-Qaeda for not following orders. The Jabhat al-Nusra or Nusra Front is now recognized as the official representative of Al Qaeda in Syria.

Op-Ed: Harper government to give spy agency more powers

Ottawa - The Canadian Conservative government of Stephen Harper has announced that it will increase the powers of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service(CSIS) the main spy agency in Canada.

Op-Ed: Egyptian planes reportedly bomb Islamists in Benghazi

Benghazi - According to some reports, Egyptian warplanes are bombing Islamist positions in the eastern city of Benghazi that is under the control of an umbrella group of Islamist militias. CIA-linked General Haftar sill controls the airport on the outskirts.

In Yemen Houthi rebels seize Red Sea port

Sanaa - Houthi rebels earlier in October seized the capital Sanaa and are pushing for a more favorable cabinet before they will leave. Meanwhile, they also have seized more territory including a port on the Red Sea.

Conflict between Turkey and PKK Kurds heats up

Ankara - Kurds in Turkey are already outraged that Turkey has done nothing to stop the Islamic State advance into the Kurdish border town of Kobane. Kurds wanting to cross over to join the battle have also been prevented from doing so.

Op-Ed: Libyan clashes continues as UN seeks a ceasefire agreement

Tripoli - UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon made a surprise trip to Libya to Tripoli in support of an ongoing reconciliation process. Libya has two separate governments, one in Tripoli, and the elected internationally-recognized one in Tobruk.

Op-Ed: New Saudi legislation classifies atheists as terrorists

Riyad - Human Rights Watch reports that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has introduced new legislation to deal with terrorism that includes as terrorists not just members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Islamic State but atheists.

Op-Ed: Obama being pushed to send ground troops to Iraq

Baghdad - For several weeks now there has been an apparent tension between Obama and some US generals with respect to the role of "boots on the ground" in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq.

Egyptian court adjourns trial of 23 activists

Cairo - The Egyptian government has imprisoned thousands simply for taking part in protests not authorized by the government. The trial of the activists will resume on October 16.

Poll shows Petro Poroshenko poised to win Ukrainian Presidency

Kiev - New elections in the Ukraine are set for October 26. The bloc that supports President Petro Poroshenko appears to be heading for a big win according to a new poll by the GfK research group on Friday.

Jordanian poet a UK citizen denied permission to enter U.S.

London - Amjad Nasser an acclaimed Jordanian poet and novelist was invited to give the inaugural address at the Gallatin Global Writers series on September 30 this year.

Op-Ed: Obama may use executive power to help close Guantanamo

Washington - Obama is to be presented with options that will allow him to finally close Guantanamo according to senior Obama administration officials. The options include using his executive power to override a Congressional ban on sending detainees to the US.

Op-Ed: Obamacare leads some firms to end existing health care coverage

Washington - Back in 2011, Doug Henwood of the Left Business Observer argued that Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, would result in some employers dropping their existing coverage and forcing employers onto the exchanges.

Op-Ed: Kurdish 'terrorists' defending Kobane inspired by US anarchist

You would never know from most mainstream news reports that the Kurds defending the Syrian border city of Kobane from the Islamic Front advance are part of the Kurdistan Worker's party or PKK widely regarded as a terrorist organization.

Op-Ed: U.S. considering a possible buffer zone between Syria and Turkey

Ankara - The U.S. and the UK say they are willing to look at the possibility of creating a "buffer zone" between Syria and Turkey. Meanwhile the Islamic State is continuing its assault on the border town of Kobane with fighting now taking place within the town .

Mali asks for rapid response team from UN to fight jihadists

Bamako - Mali has requested that the UN send more troops, specifically a rapid intervention force, to fight Islamist militants after recent attacks on UN peacekeepers in the north of the country.
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