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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in Education, Politics, General business news & info



New EV charging system 3x more powerful than Tesla Superchargers

Jettingen-scheppach - A German research group that includes Porsche and BMW has unveiled the prototype of a new 450 kw charging station that has a capacity 3 times that of the existing Tesla Superchargers.

U.S. Congress passes legislation legalizing growing of hemp

Washington D.c. - Yesterday, the U.S. Congress passed the U.S. Farm Bill which includes the legalization of growing of hemp. Hemp has been used as material for such items as carpets and sweaters but derivatives are used for many other purposes such as food and medicine.

Bitcoin falling again to almost $3,200 after brief recovery

A slight recovery by Bitcoin yesterday was followed by a deep downturn later on in the day that halted only a bit above the $3,200 level. It is not clear whether the next big move will be up or down or when it will happen.

Bitcoin inches back up over $3,400 with a slight recovery today

Today Bitcoin seems to be trading to the upside even though not through a large leap. However, it has managed to trade above the $3,400 level after having dropped below it the other day.

Bitcoin falls briefly below $3,300 before rising again

Bitcoin appears to be losing ground again as it has fallen below not just the $3,400 level but also even briefly dropping below the $3,300 level.

Volkswagen may use U.S. Ford plants to build electric vehicles

Washington D.c. - U.S. auto manufacturer Ford is talking with Volkswagen in Washington, DC about the German auto maker possibly using Ford plants to make electric vehicles and sharing its platform with Ford in the U.S.

Bitcoin moving up slightly at the end of first week of December

While Bitcoin's price has been flirting with dropping as far down as $3,000, it is showing a bit of a positive move at the end of the week rising to a high of well over $3,500 during trading today. It still has a ways to go to break over $4,000 again.

Company claims electric cars cheaper than gas models by 2020

The Chinese company Envision Energy claims that it will be capable of making battery packs for less than $100 dollars per kilowatt-hour within the next two years. At this price, electric vehicles (EV) will become cheaper to make than regular cars.

Amazon bear repellent accident sends 24 workers to the hospital

Robbinsville - On Wednesday this week 24 Amazon warehouse workers in Robbinsville New Jersey were hospitalized after a robot punctured a can of repellent according to local news reports. One employee is said to be in critical condition.

Bitcoin drops again to set new low for 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) continued its downward trend today even setting a new record for the year. In spite of the low price buyers do not seem to be rescuing bitcoin from further drops. There is no sign of a year end rally as often has happened in the past.

University of Guelph to offer cannabis workshops

Guelph - Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI) of Toronto has formed a partnership with the University of Guelph to offer workshops on cannabis to both industry enthusiasts and professionals. They will begin in March of 2019.

Bitcoin appears headed for record loss this year

Unless there is a drastic change in direction with a significant rally later this month, Bitcoin is headed for the biggest yearly loss on record even though historically there is often a large year end rally for the coin as happened last year.

Bitcoin appears to be consolidating a bit below the $4,000 level

After a brief recovery from one week lows, bitcoin appears to be consolidating slightly below $4,000. Although it did manage to climb back over $4,000 briefly today it has dropped well below that level later today.

Bitcoin recovery fizzles as price drops well below $4,000 again

After it seemed that Bitcoin was about to experience a recovery rally subsequent to recent large drops, today it dropped well below the $4,000 level again a sign that perhaps it will experience a further drop before the year's end.

U.S. Congress agrees on legislation to make growing hemp legal

Washington D.c. - The U.S. Congress has finally come to an agreement on proposed legislation that would make it legal to grow hemp in the U.S. for the first time in almost a century.

After worst November in 7 years Bitcoin appears in recovery mode

After dropping well over $2,000 during the month of November, today Bitcoin (BTC) is recovering somewhat but it remains to be seen whether this just a short term rally prior to another large drop.

Bitcoin begins a dip down again at the end of November

After showing signs of a significant recovery, to end November Bitcoin((BTC) has dipped below the $4,000 level with signs of a continuation of recent large drops.

Bitcoin manages to stay above $4,000 for last 24 hours

After a significant recovery yesterday Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to stay above $4,000 for the last 24 hours and has even moved to the upside as well.

Bitcoin recovers to well above the $4,000 level today

Bitcoin(BTC) fought its way back well over the $4,000 level as it recovers from recent lows below that. Today the price is moving up but the path of least resistance remains to the downside.

Op-Ed: Trudeau and union leader to fight closing of GM Oshawa plant

Oshawa - Jerry Dias, the head of Unifor union that represents General Motors auto workers in Oshawa, has met with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and was optimistic that the two will put up "one hell of a fight" to keep the plant open."
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