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Ken Hanly

Digital Journalist based in Brandon, MB, Canada. Joined on Jun 28, 2009
Expertise in Education, Politics, General business news & info



Two of five Iranian tankers are already in Venezuelan waters

The Trump administration has been reacting angrily at Iran's shipment of five tanker loads of gasoline to Venezuela, threatening sanctions or other actions against them.

Pentagon refers questions about Saudi arms sales to State Dept.

Thursday, the Pentagon referred questions about US arms deals with Saudi Arabia to the State Dept The referral comes amid controversy over an internal watchdog who was fired while reportedly investigating Pompeo's actions in fast-tracking the sales.

Op-Ed: Venezuela to escort Iranian tankers with gasoline into port

Vladimir Padrino Venezuelan Defense Minister announced Wednesday that the Venezuelan military will welcome and escort the five Iranian gasoline tankers into port as soon as they enter the country's economic zone.

Op-Ed: Libyan government forces seize al-Wattiya air base from Haftar

The internationally-recognized Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) has captured the al-Wattiya airbase from Khalifa Haftar's forces the so-called Libyan National Army (LNA)

Op-Ed: Two competing Afghan presidents reach a deal

After months of dispute over the presidential election in Afghanistan, with both Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah claiming the presidency, the two competitors have agreed to a power-sharing deal last Sunday.

Op-Ed: Iran warns US about interfering with tankers bound for Venezuela

Iran's news agency Nour has issued an announcement cautioning the US from making any moves against fuel shipments that are en route from Iran to Venezuela.

Op-Ed: Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan continuing

US troops are continuing their withdrawal from Afghanistan. Even though there is no specific number provided by the Pentagon they do claim that they are taking place at a pace that is expected to meet the terms of the Taliban US peace deal.

Op-Ed: Trump blames China for not stopping COVID-19 pandemic

In an interview with Fox Business this Thursday Trump continued to criticize China about the COVID-19 pandemic claiming that China had failed to prevent the spread of the virus and the pandemic had cast a pall over the US trade deal with China.

Op-Ed: US to introduce a UN resolution to extend arms embargo on Iran

The US is attempting to extend an arms embargo on Iran at the UN and if that fails the US claims that this could trigger the return of all sanctions.

Op-Ed: STC refuses to negotiate or cease fighting in Yemen

On Monday there was fighting in Zinjibar between Hadi's Yemen government forces supported by Saudi Arabia and Southern Transitional Council (STC) troops supported by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Op-Ed: STC fights government forces in Yemen city of Zinjibar

On April 25th the separatist Southern Transitional Council had declared self-rule in parts of south Yemen in which supported by the UAE they had control. On Monday the first fighting broke out in the city of Zinjibar the capital of Abyan Province.

Documents show Silvercorp sought investors for Venezuela attack

With the release of documents regarding planning for the failed incursion into Venezuela last week it turns out that Silvercorp USA was searching for investors into the takeover of Venezuela.

Op-Ed: WHO announces withdrawal from some Houthi-controlled Yemen areas

The World Health Organization(WHO) announced over the weekend that they are withdrawing from the parts of Yemen in the north controlled by the Houthi rebels. The Houthis are supported by Iran.

US objects to language in UN compromise resolution on COVID-19

After delays and much extra work on language changes a joint resolution by France and Tunisia at the UN Security Council was expected to pass soon.

Trump claims US not involved in failed Venezuela coup attempt

President Trump said that the US had nothing to do with the recent failed attack on Venezuela and that he personally knew nothing about it. He mocked the attack as a failed operation by a rogue group from other countries.

Op-Ed: US withdrawing some military equipment from Saudi Arabia

The Trump administration is annoyed at Saudi Arabia's inability to keep oil prices high enough to enable US shale producers to make any profit and some think the partial withdrawal is intended to punish the Saudis.

Venezuela arrests Americans in plot to kidnap President Maduro

Luke Denman the US citizen who was arrested in Venezuela after a failed incursion described a plot to kidnap President Nicolas Maduro and fly him to the United States.

Op-Ed: Trump vetoes Congress resolution to limit his power to start wars

The Iran War Powers resolution was passed in the US Senate in February and then In the House of Representatives in March. On Wednesday it was vetoed by President Trump who claimed it was insulting and dangerous as it limited his ability to attack Iran.

Op-Ed: US and Taliban spar over carrying out Afghan peace agreement

The US Taliban peace deal signed the end of February is ongoing but both sides have reason to complain about the way in which it has not so far been carried out as originally envisioned.

Op-Ed: Yemen Hadi government and STC agree to ceasefire on Socotra

Fighting in the island of Socotra off the southern coast of Yemen halted as forces loyal to the Saudi-Supported Hadi government and the Southern Transitional Council supported by the UAE fought for the provincial capital of Hadibo.
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