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6 Year Old With the Spirit of Giving

6-year old Ethan LaCrue, of Aurora Colorado, decided that he wanted to collect toys to give to children who might not get any for their birthdays or Christmas as part of a school project.

7-Yr Old Honored for 911 Call

7 year old Adin Delkic, of Colorado, was honored by the Cunningham Fire Rescue for his phone call to 911 after his mother had a seizure and fell on top of his 2 year old baby brother.

Have You Seen This Gnome?

75 lawn ornaments, including gnomes and various animals, that were removed from lawns have taken refuge at the Springfield Oregon police station. Apparent victims of a prank, the gnomes are waiting for someone to claim them.

Take My Breast Milk, Please

Martha Heller, a 22 year old mother in Tiffin Iowa took out an ad in the local paper offering 100 ounces of breast milk for $200 or the best offer. This is milk that she's been pumping since August.

Couple Offers World Series Tickets with Sale of House

Looking for World Series tickets? A couple in Englewood Colorado are offering a pair of tickets for $620,000 and they'll throw in a free house. Will this be the house that the World Series sold?

UNC Tries to Beat Pillow Fight Record

It was 10 minutes of feathers flying and pillows swinging as students at the University of Northern Colorado's Garden Theater attempted to break the Worlds Largest Pillow Fight record.

58 MLB Playoff Tickets Taken out of Circulation in Scalpers Arrest

A scalper was arrested selling tickets to a Diamondback vs Rockies MLB playoff game -- the 58 seats that he purchased to sell for a profit will be empty when the Arizona club visits Coors Field.

Over $100,000 Stolen from Children's Sports League

Parents of the South Jeffco Sports Association in Colorado want some answers after more than $100,000 goes missing from the youth sports league, which serves more than 4,000 athletes.

Generous Teachers Rewarded

Teachers spend approximately $4 billion a year out of their own pockets to provide various supplies that help ensure a functional learning environment. The Day Made Better campaign gave back to 23 teachers in the Denver area.

Fake Cop Issues Ticket for Non-Existent Violation

In Fountain Colorado, a woman was pulled over and issued a ticket in the amount of $100, by a man who was claiming to be a sheriff's deputy, for a driving "violation" that does not exist.

Teen Made to Hold "I Steal..." Sign After Suspension

When Stacia Worthington (14) was suspended from school for 3 days for stealing $500, she didn't get to rest on her laurels and watch TV all 3 days. One of those days was spent holding a sign that read "I steal in school, not study."

Candy Theft Case Has Fatal Results

When two police officers were dispatched to a retirement complex in Windsor Colorado, to investigate an alleged $25 candy theft, they hardly expected a shoot out, but that's what they got.

9 Months After a Series of Blizzards, Colorado Sees Baby Boom

Denver area hospitals are reporting a marked increase in the number of babies born this month, approximately 9 months after a series of blizzards kept Coloradans snuggled up indoors.

Colorado's Aspens Dying Off

The golden aspens, that draw so many visitors to Colorado every Autumn to witness their colorful changes, are dying off. Instead of their colorful Autumn splendor, some places only have rows of dead, lifeless trees.

Born to be a Soldier

Pfc. Dane Balcon felt like he was born and bred to live a military life. So much so that being told in ROTC that he wasn't strong enough to carry a rifle did nothing to deter him. He was killed September 5 by a roadside bomb.

Bank Robber Writes Demands on his own Check

Talk about leaving a paper trail. Would be thief Forest Kelly Bissonnette (27) clearly didn't think things through when he scratched his name off one of his checks and wrote a note demanding money on it.

Overweight Toddlers Often Iron Deficient

Those pudgy legs and Buddha bellies may be endearing, but a new study shows that toddlers who are overweight have a high rate of iron deficiency -- with Hispanic toddlers more at risk.

Colorado Teacher Assaulted Thwarting Kidnapping Attempt

45 year old Paula Bock entered her daughter's elementary school Thursday morning and attempted to leave with the girl in tow. Bock doesn't have custody of the child and the teacher, knowing this, intervened.

Denver Mother Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse

Krystleann Martinez, 20, plead guilty to charges of child abuse after she left her 9-month son old child in a bathtub full of water while she went to the drugstore in April of this year.

Colorado Elementary School Bans "Tag"

"Tag, you're it" is a phrase that won't be heard during recess at a Colorado Springs Colorado Elementary school thanks to a ban, imposed by school administrator Cindy Fesgen, that prohibits any tag or chase games.
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