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FC Kaw

Citizen based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Joined on Dec 2, 2008


Op-Ed: Manchester City Offers Crazy Cash for Kaka

Famous Brazilian footballer Kaka was offered an incredible sum of money to join Manchester City. The Abu Dhabi-owned club says they will get Kaka "at all costs."

Remedy to Credit Crunch is Running the Dubai Marathon

Haile Gebrselassie is in Dubai for tomorrow's Dubai Marathon. He is not only prepared to win the run but to make himself $1 million richer if he breaks the world record.

Rulers of UAE to build 1,200 houses for Palestinians

Rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai each offered to build 600 houses for Palestinians whose properties have been demolished during the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

Op-Ed: Pakistani girls banned from School

Pakistani girls in Swat Valley are banned from schooling by the order of Taliban. Those who disobey the order will be punished.

Op-Ed: Indian death toll in UAE rises

The death toll of Indian expatriates in Dubai has risen exponentially, sparking concerns from the Indian Embassy to provide more support to their people.

UAE Internet users suffered from undersea cables cut

Recently, UAE Internet users are frustrated with slow Internet speed. Problems began on Dec 19 when three cables between Egypt and Sicily were inexplicably cut.

David Beckham promotes Adidas 'Brand Beckham' in Dubai

David Beckham, with AC Milan players, Kaka and Clarence Seedorf, meet winners of "Adidas Sign for AC Milan" at an Adidas store in Dubai Festival City.

Andy Murray beats Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer in Abu Dhabi

Scotsman Andy Murray won the Capitala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi yesterday. He has trumphed over both No. 1 & 2 Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer to claim the title.

Camel beauty pageant in Abu Dhabi

Thousands of camels will be fluttering their long eyelashes and swaying their giant humps in the Al Dhafrah Festival to celebrate Bedouin culture. As much as $40 million (AED) and 143 trucks will be given away.

Booming Dubai threatened by raw sewage

A health threat is looming over public beaches in Dubai as two brothers have fallen ill after they fell into the sea off Jumeirah. Attention is again being drawn to illegal raw sewage dumping into the water.

Dubai RTA raised Dh1.8bn from Metro Station Naming

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority raised Dh1.8bn by inviting companies to bid for naming of 22 out of 47 Metro Station which is due to start operating in September 2009.

Op-Ed: The hidden impact of the global crisis on major cities

Find out the hidden impact of the global crisis on the people of Toronto and other major world cities. How will the world react to the economic situation?

Op-Ed: How will banks make money if they don't lend it

In US, Britain and Europe, a number of banks have been bailed out. Let's look at how all this started and where will it take us to.

Op-Ed: The vicious spiral of greed

Does the fairytale of property investment in Dubai still exist? How has it progressed? Can you still make any money out of it?

Op-Ed: Will Dubai have to sell out to Abu Dhabi, or is there another way?

Rumors are swirling that Dubai is in at least $80 billion in debt and is looking for help from neighbouring Emirate, Abu Dhabi. Is there any other way to keep the Dubai miracle alive?

Op-Ed: The Death of the Dubai Property Boom?

What is likely to happen to the property market in Dubai? Will there be any winners that come out of the global economic slowdown? Perhaps it's all about survival now.

Heavy rain in Dubai caused traffic problems and flash floods

Rain and thunderstorms have hit Dubai for the past few days causing flooding and creating severe traffic problems. Grand racing event at Dubai Autodrome was forced to be cancelled due to the circuit being submerged in water.

3 Teens Arrested For Assault and Gang Rape in UAE

Three young Emiratis were arrested for assault and gang rape of Arab classmates at a school in Sharjah. They are being investigated for homosexuality and rape.

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