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Emma Burge

Citizen based in Chesterfield, VA, United States. Joined on Jul 8, 2012
Expertise in Politics, Internet, Concerts, Charity & volunteer work, Entertainment,   see all» Teen culture, Education, Government, Music



Libertarian Xavian Draper challenges Republican Rep. Wittman (VA)

Following Sarvis's record breaking number of votes for a third party gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, fellow Libertarian Xavian Draper hopes for an even better result as he challenges Republican Wittman for the 1st congressional district of Virginia.

Ever wanted to create an App? Here are three ways you can

In this age of ever growing entrepreneurship, one of the most popular and lucrative businesses is that of mobile applications, a business that will most likely increase in wealth due to the newest releases by Apple.

A Joe Biden reality show? There's a petition for that

With all of the petitions recently hitting the White House such as requesting for Westboro Baptist Church to be deemed a hate group and for the secession of Texas, there have been some pretty crazy petitions as well.

New iPad? There's an App for everyone

With every new Apple product (which seemingly come out every week) there are heaps of new applications that are released or just need to be downloaded, and the new iPad and iPad mini are no exceptions.

Op-Ed: Three easy ways to improve your SEO

In this economic climate with the fiscal cliff being discussed on the news every day, many small business owners are feeling the pressure. Most people know about SEO, but some just need a little extra help with it to keep their online business afloat.

Biggest winter storm of the year disrupts holiday travel

Are you planning on traveling to visit loved ones this holiday season? If you are then you may be saddened to find out that your plans may be disrupted.

Viva-Lite, long live healthy lighting

With the phasing out of traditional incandescent light bulbs all over the world, many people are looking into what the more eco-friendly alternative will be like. One of these options may not only be better for your wallet, but for your health as well.

Test Designer offers teachers an easier way to create

For a teacher, one of the most difficult parts of the job is creating and formatting the tests and quizzes given to the students. So what if there was an easier way to make all those tests and worksheets?

Junk It- Television's trash crew

Have you ever watched reality shows that feature some type of room or building that needs renovated? Have you ever wondered where all of their old décor, furniture, construction waste, or even their just plain trash goes?

Digital Marketing group Magic Logix looks to expand

On Digital Journal, most of us writers know all about digital marketing and its benefits. From free coupons via Facebook for Italian ice to celebrities mentioning how good a certain food chain is on their Twitter, digital marketing is all around us.

One Source Talent provides easy way to fame

In today’s day and age, everyone seems to want to get famous. Whether they want to have their own world tour or their own sitcom, fame and fortune is on people’s minds. One Source Talent may be the way to make those dreams become a reality.

ABCpdf leads among competitors and offers free software

One of the most difficult things for an average computer user to do is to manage and format PDF’s properly. There are many products on the market to help the common consumer do just that, however ABCpdf makes itself stand out among the others.

Online health service eHealthMe can really make a difference

Each and every one of us has gone to the doctor and been prescribed medication only to wonder how we will actually react to it.

Celebrate the holidays by giving with Maximilien Cartier

Geneva - In this festive time of year, everyone enjoys hearing stories of scrooges turning into philanthropists and the wealthy and adept giving to the needy.

Occupy Department of Veterans Affairs ignored, but shows purpose Special

As the election has ended and the campaign ads have dissolved off of the television, most people have gone back to their every day lives and have generally forgotten about the many protests that are still going on even after the election.

Op-Ed: United Nations, Obama, Romney — Stop ignoring Bradley Manning

One of the scariest and most important legal cases in US history has been brewing for well over a year and yet it is one issue that the two major presidential candidates refuse to address. They should, however, as the US may be violating a UN law.

Op-Ed: Three ways Libertarians control the 2012 and future elections

With only eight days until it comes time to vote in the 2012 presidential election, America’s eyes are focused on Romney and Obama’s final days on the campaign trail.

Gary Johnson visits students on nationwide college tour Special

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson has his work cut out for him if he wants to make out with a decent percentage come election day.That's why he is doing all he can to appeal to young voters nationwide.

Behind the scenes of the World Premiere of Atlas Shrugged Part II Special

After writing an interview that I did with Hollywood producer Harmon Kaslow about his movie Atlas Shrugged Part II, he invited me to attend the World Premiere of the movie at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC.

End The Fed Rallies storm the Nation Special

On September 22, 2012 hundreds, possibly thousands of people participated in End the Fed Rallies across the USA. Protesters marched on the Federal Reserve closest to them to reject fiat currency and the current monetary policy.
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