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Elizabeth Brown

Citizen based in Los Angeles, CA, United States. Joined on Jun 10, 2012
Expertise in Fashion, Entertainment, Sexual health, Celebrities



Op-Ed: Startups on the rise despite weak economy

Since the recession, small businesses have faced numerous challenges such as higher taxes, Obamacare, and lack of funding from banks.

Op-Ed: Modern SEO now requires a multi-pronged approach

Over the past decade, the Web has become an increasingly crowded place for marketers to promote their products and services. As such, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a critical way to climb up Google's search rankings and attract new business.

Op-Ed: Cleaner homes lead to better physical and mental health

Clean living really does lead to better health according to multiple studies on the effects of tidiness on both physical and mental well-being.

Op-Ed: No Smoking Day highlights government actions against cigarettes

March 9 is No Smoking Day in the UK, and the digital world is filling up with advice on how to quit inhaling and exhaling all that nicotine.

Op-Ed: Virtual firms bet on digital to change education industry

The educational system is entering the digital age, and its tradition-based practices — such as rote memorization of school lessons, academic tenure, and union protections — are giving way to disruptive methods of giving lessons to today's students.

Op-Ed: Shutterstock adapting to changes in digital photography

In December, Shutterstock launched a beta version of Shutterstock Editor, a free tool for editing photos that incorporates quick ways of adjusting images even before they are downloaded.

Uber expands carpool service and offers free rides

In just a year and a half of competing in the carpool industry, San Francisco-based Uber is expanding its new service in several localities in the east Bay Area, the company announced earlier this week.

Op-Ed: Real Estate enters digital age with crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has shown how technology can help investors and operators to raise capital, but its adaptation in real estate could significantly shakeup how investments are made in empty lots, houses, and commercial buildings.

Op-Ed: How blogging can help your business

Mobile, social media, and convoluted jargon have made digital content and brand communications into a more complex world.

Op-Ed: Study says Americans dedicated to saving, but still struggling

Everyone loves having extra money in the bank, but when it comes to the practical aspect of building up a savings account many Americans are still struggling to meet their financial goals.

Op-Ed: Fiber optics firms see gains from growth in data demand

Following the dotcom crash, the fiber optics industry struggled with oversupply. But recent increases in demand for data and growing requirements for faster bandwidth are resulting in a boon for the industry.

Op-Ed: VW safety experiment aims at reducing drivers' speeds

Volkswagen New Zealand has launched a revolutionary new campaign to reduce speed related auto fatalities by reminding drivers how much they have to live for.

Op-Ed: Avicii talks work-life struggles in 'Feeling Good' song

Avicii represents the epitome of what it means to be young and hot on the contemporary music scene, but that doesn't mean he can't appreciate a tune with a little bit of history.

California's drought resulting in water-related innovation

California's severe drought is forcing state officials to levy big fines against heavy users of water in the Golden State.

Op-Ed: Trade shows remain top value in B2B marketing

The past few years, the business media has focused its coverage on emerging tools such as social media, mobile, and wearables as new platforms for sales and marketing.

Op-Ed: Sony's Action Cam is gunning for GoPro

Sony's recently-launched Action Cam has gotten plenty of viral interest on the Web. The buzz started with a March YouTube video of a POV shot from an eagle, which generated millions of views in a matter of days.

Op-Ed: DNA could help historical documents last millions of years

A team of researchers in Switzerland may have found a way to preserve the world's greatest historical documents for millions of years to come.

Op-Ed: Study says better sleep related to good health

A new poll by the National Sleep Foundation finds that healthier people tend to have better sleep, and that pain and stress levels contribute to people having less sleep and worse sleep quality.

College tuition on the rise again

The University of California (UC) system is the most visible example of school officials pushing for a tuition hike, and one of the most controversial.

Op-Ed: Furniture industry adapting to challenging business environment

For years, the U.S. furniture industry has faced major challenges such as a sluggish economy, global competition, rising labor costs, technological trends, and new sales channels.
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