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Andi Bryant

Citizen . Joined on Aug 10, 2007


Some New York Gas Pumps to Display Half-Gallon Pricing

Fuel prices are rising higher than some pumps are able to compute. In New York, those pumps will be allowed to display fuel in half-gallon pricing.

Maine Sawmill to Re-Open for Production

It is but a glimmer of hope in turbulent times. In Nashville Plantation, Maine, the Pinkham sawmill will be starting production once again after the company fell into a four-month shut down caused by lack of product demand.

Woman Arrested After her Gun Shows Up on Myspace in the Hands of a Juvenile

A photo posted on lead to the arrest of a 38-year old West Haven woman for failure to properly store a firearm. In the photo, one juvenile was pointing the gun at another.

Jumping On the Gold Boom as the Economy Continues to Falter

As the economy drops, the price of gold skyrockets leaving some people sifting through their jewelry boxes and selling their old gold. For some, it has become a way to supplement income.

8-Year-Old Arrested for Arson in Connecticut

An eight year old Connecticut girl has been arrested and charged with arson after allegedly causing a fire that severely damaged a three-family home, displacing 14 people.

Woman Sprayed by Contents of Soda-Bottle Bomb Found Inside Her Car

A Vermont woman was not seriously injured when a soda-bottle bomb exploded inside her car while she was on her way home from work. A second unexploded bomb was also found inside the vehicle.

Neighbors Hunt for Missing Somerville Rooster

A transient rooster who took up residency seven years ago at a Somerville, MA home, has gone missing and both owner and neighbors want the bird back. The wayward bird's disappearance now has a neighborhood on a search.

Vermont Cheese Maker Receives Fine, Probation for Hazmat Spill

Cabot Creamery has been fined $50,000 and placed on three years of probation following a hazmat spill in 2005 that contaminated miles of the Winooski River. This wasn't the company's first spill.

The G-Shot; Like Enzyte for Women

For women with a normal and healthy sex life who might want a little more excitement, there is the G-Shot, or G-Spot Amplification -- a sexual enhancement technique for women involving human collagen injections.

Former Congressional Candidate & Story Teller Sentenced for Staged Crash

A Rye, NH man and former congressional candidate will serve 20 days in jail and a year on house confinement after allegedly faking a motor vehicle crash and subsequent disappearance two years ago. Prosecutors say it was an attempt to boost his campaign.

Rattlesnake Rancher's 'Ancient Asian Elixir' Lands Him in Legal Trouble

Never mind snakes on a plane or even snakes in your luggage. How about snakes in your booze? 'Bayou Bob', a rattlesnake rancher in Santo, TX, has been spiking bottles of vodka with the slithery noisemakers and marketing them as an 'Ancient Asian Elixir.'

'Drag' Racer in Connecticut Faces Charges of Unemployment Fraud

A Naugatuck, CT, man is facing charges of worker's compensation fraud after he was videotaped by a local news crew dressed in drag and running a race in high heels. The heeled wonder will appear in court on April 8.

Hoax Ad on Costs an Oregon Man His Belongings

A hoax ad appeared on on Saturday that stated everything at one Oregon man's home was free for the taking, including his horse. Who placed the ad is unknown and one man is left with his belongings rummaged and pilfered.

13-Year-Old Arrested for Pimping in Dallas

A 13-year-old girl has been arrested for luring young girls into dancing at a local strip club and selling their bodies in exchange for money. Police are not surprised, saying the demand is high in Dallas.

Baby John, Family Heirloom to be Buried Today

In April 2006, authorities learned of the remains of a mummified baby being displayed on a bureau in an apartment in Concord, N.H.. After inconclusive DNA testing, the unknown baby will be buried today.

Teacher Assaulted By Student Failing to Wear His School ID

A Springfield, MA, high school student is being sought by police for assaulting a disabled substitute teacher. The teacher asked the student to produce his student ID, and when he refused, the teacher attempted to detain for administrative staff.

Maybe You Shouldn't Call Someone's Bluff with a Loaded Gun

When 51 year old Nancy Choquette visited her friend in November 2005, he wanted her to snap out of her forlorn state. He handed her his 9mm Beretta and she committed suicide just a few feet from him. It was her birthday.

Prospective Property Buyer Stirs Controversy over Moving Cemetery

A prospective buyer of a 150-acre Hartland farm in Vermont has stirred controversy by proposing to move a small graveyard that sits on the property once the property has been purchased. Moving the cemetery would accommodate new house construction.

Early Morning Drag Race Proves Fatal on MD Roadway

Death toll hits seven after a car plows through a crowd of early morning drag-racing onlookers in Accokeek, MD. Police find themselves with 'more questions than answers' about the event.

Jury Pool Selection Takes Place in the Streets

Due to a skimpy jury pool, a St. Johnsbury, Vermont judge sent the Sheriff's Department into the streets to find jurors. Unsuspecting citizens of Caledonia County were summoned to report to the Courthouse immediately if they fit the necessary criteria.
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