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Hans Smedbol

Citizen based in Nelson, BC, Canada. Joined on Jul 30, 2009



Op-Ed: Neil Armstrong's death marks the passing of an era of optimism

Nelson - Astronaut Neil Armstrong's passing today, marks the end of an era, the first flush of Space exploration, which Mankind attempted, after the amazing 1957 Sputnik launch, beginning in the West, on May 25, 1961 with President Kennedy's Promise to the world.

Canada's pensions sustainable after all says PBO Kevin Page

Ottawa - Today Canada's chief economist released revised estimates of the sustainability of Canada's OAS (Old Age Security) and GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) pensions, based upon the change in CHT payments which after 2016-17 will be tied to the GDP.

Op-Ed: Jury reaches guilty verdict in Shafia Family murder trial

Kingston - In the Shafia family murder trial, the jury has reached a verdict. On trial for the brutal murder of three daughters, as well as the first wife of Mohammed Shafia, in a bigamous marriage, the three, Mohammed, Tooba Yahya, and Hamed all pleaded not guilty.

Op-Ed: Remembering stories of war and fear from the other side Special

Every year on November 11 many nations in the world pause to remember the horrors of the many past wars that their grandfathers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and children have served through, and which took the lives of untold millions.

Op-Ed: Pressure is growing in B.C. for better disability support Special

Nelson - The British Columbian government's fiscal policy towards persons with disabilities has mirrored their miserly approach to supporting other vulnerable clients over the last 20 years.

Op-Ed: What 'Right To Work' Advocates Don't Want You To Know

The idea of "Right to Work" is often touted about in the media, and mostly is presented as if such places where that "right" exists are "ideal" places to be. What they don't say is just as telling, by omission, as what disinformation they do provide.

Op-Ed: Endeavour, Her Valiant Namesake, HMB Endeavour and Lt. James Cook

Nelson - As the Space Shuttle Endeavour completes her final mission, her pioneering activities in Space, remind us of her valiant Namesake, His Majesty's Bark Endeavour, a smallish, bluff-bowed, flat bottomed Collier, built for the coal trade in Britain long ago.

Canada's budget nixed by opposition, gov't could fall

Ottawa - The Conservative Government's attempt at a 2011 budget for Canada failed to pass the House of Commons today. This leaves the Government open to motions of non-confidence which may take place in the next few days, resulting in a spring election.

Op-Ed: An Open Letter to President Obama and Secretary Gates

Nelson - The appalling treatment of Pfc Bradley Manning by the US authorities has dismayed me ever since I first became aware of the issue. Therefore i have written and sent an open letter to President Obama and Secretary Gate which I have also published here.

Op-Ed: It's True: Rich People Are Different From The Rest Of Us

Nelson - Often it is heard that rich people are not like the rest of us, and it appears, that really this is true, especially in their attitudes, as well as their allegiances, which tend rather to be more with each other, than their home countries

Op-Ed: Despite Ministers' claims, Canada's Bill C-49 likely toast

Nelson - Canada's anti-smuggling bill appears to be doomed after the Liberal leader joined the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois in stating that they would oppose the passage of the bill because it is unconstitutional, illegal and against Canadian values.

Op-Ed: What do we really know about Tamils or ship crews in news?

Vancouver - Despite premature and possibly illegal claims by many people in Canada, even Ministers, that the recent Tamil arrivals and the crews of the vessels bringing them are "illegal migrants", and "human traffickers", no such claim has been legally established.

Op-Ed: Veterans Come Home Wounded, with PTSD, Then and Now: Support Them

Nelson - As the Former Allies of WWII gathered to observe Remembrance Day, on Nov11th, we took some time to think on those young people who sacrificed their lives serving their country in war, and those surviving Veterans, who were wounded in body and soul.

Op-Ed: Canadian citizenship is difficult to get, but well worth it Special

Castlegar - Canadian citizenship is not easy to obtain, but for those who pursue this goal, through years of difficulties and challenges, many of them presented by the Canadian government, and if they are persistent enough, citizenship will be the prize, in the end.

Op-Ed: Teapartyers Apparently Intent On Grid-Locking US Government

Teaparty agenda after the U.S. mid term vote appears to intend to gridlock the U.S. Congress such that the government will be unable to enact legislation, and will be effectively paralysed by voting along partisan lines, despite needed economic action.

Op-Ed: Who To Blame For Worldwide Pension Fiasco-Boomers or Governments

Nelson - Despite constant unremitting propaganda to the contrary, baby boomers and the union movement are still not responsible for financial woes many nations find themselves in. The real culprits hide behind their exalted status as ministers and CEO's, unseen.

Op-Ed: What You See May Not Be Real, What is Real You May Not See!

Things are not always what they seem. An ordinary person living in your neighbourhood just might be harbouring secret skills, or practising the magical arts for fun and profit. This is fraud according to the Canadian Criminal Code as per statute 365.

Op-Ed: Unions and Boomers not the Bogeymen Portrayed in the Press

Despite worldwide attempts by government, corporations and media to blame the union movement, and the baby boomers, the governments and corporations really are to blame for the current financial mess which threatens our pensions and health care insurance.

Op-Ed: There's no such thing as 'just a cat'

An English lady accused of putting a cat into a garbage can, where it languished for 15 hours before being rescued, excused her actions by claiming: "I don't know what the fuss is about. It's just a cat," leading to a global furor raised by cat lovers.

Op-Ed: Pay Walls and Endgames, Newspapers Hitting the Wall

Nelson - Newspapers all over the world are increasingly finding that their old business paradigms no longer pay the bills. They are discovering that they must now creatively plan and execute a new vision of viability as well as relevance in todays internet world.
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