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Breaking News - Bomb Threat at a Los Angeles/Orange County Area High School

A 14 year old student walked into class this morning with a back pack at Westminster High School and told his teacher that a bomb was inside.

Radio Shock-Jocks Walk on Eggshells in the Post-Imus Era

Radio shock jocks across the country are feeling the effects of the Imus firing. There are nationwide watch-dog groups listening in and quick to report racial, gender and religion-based comments that they feel are offensive.

Sophia Loren Will do a Striptease Act if her Soccer Team Advances

The world famous actress, Sophia Loren is a truly avid soccer fan. At 72, her support of the team goes well beyond the call of duty.

German Man Not Seen for Almost 7 Years is Found Dead in his Bed

A man who lived in Essen Germany and had not been seen for almost 7 years was found dead on his bed, in a fully decomposed condition.

Texas Mother Mutilates her Baby Son's Genitals

May 11, 2007 - A mentally deranged mother tells police that the family dog tore off her baby son's genitals, was arrested today and accused of mutilating her baby boy with a sharp instrument.

Two Missouri Women are Freed for the Killing of their Abusive Husbands

After serving 21 and 29 years respectively, two Missouri women are released from prison for murdering their abusive husbands. Both women were originally given life sentences.

Getting Naked in Mexico City

Yesterday, over 20,000 Mexican men and women got naked and frolicked around the main plaza for the fun and joy of it all.

Nazi Swastikas & Hate Messages Pasted on L.A. City Councilman's Door

Yesterday morning drawings of the Nazi swastika and two anti-Semitic messages were glued to the front of the Sherman Oaks office of Los Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss.

Reggie the Alligator Spotted Again in Los Angeles Area Lake

Reggie the Alligator has resurfaced at Lake Machado, located in the Los Angeles area. Reggie had not been seen by his loyal fans for the past 18 months. His spotting, while taking a leisurely cruise through the lake has caused a wave excitement.

Sunni Insurgent Coalition Name Al-Qaida Chief as "Minister of War"

April 19, 2007 - Today on Internet video, the Sunni insurgent coalition named Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, the head Al-Qaida chief in Iraq as their "minister of war". The video also showed the execution of 20 men, reportedly a part of Iraqi security forces.

Backlash Against Media Leads to Pullback on Cho and Virginia Tech Massacre

The continued airing of the disturbing pictures of the mass murderer Cho Seung-Hui, has led to an announcement by the Fox Network that they would discontinue showing Cho's pictures and video.

Virginia Tech Gunman Sent Threatening Material to NBC After First Killings

NBC is saying it received a package full of photos, profanity and disturbing video from the man responsible for the killings at Virginia Tech. The package, post dated between the two shootings, did not arrive until today because of a wrong zip code.

The Writings of Virginia Tech Gunman Raise Concern

The creative writings of the gunman who carried out the massacre of 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus were regarded as disturbing. Cho Seung-Hui arrived in the U.S. in 1992 with an alien resident status.

The US is Concerned Over Iran's Increased Production of Enriched Uranium

Is Iran stepping-up its nuclear program to produce enriched nuclear weapon grade uranium?

England's Prince William and Girl Friend Call it Quits

The relentless pressure of the news media brings Prince William's and Kate Middleton's relationship to an end.

Duke Lacross Team Cleared of all Rape Charges - Should Black Community Apologize

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has just announced that all rape and assault charges have been dropped against the three Duke University lacrosse players.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Deceptive Opportunist

The release of the 15 British sailors by Iran provides a photo and bogus publicity opportunity for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran sought a public apology, but rightly so, did not get one from the British.

Five African Peacekeepers Killed in Darfur Violence

Violence in Darfur continues. President Omar al-Beshir refuses UN assistance.

Colombian Mayor Says She Won't Give in to the Intimidation and Threats of Leftist Guerrillas

Mayor Cielo Gonzalez refuses to step down as mayor of Neiva, Columbia, despite assassination attempts on her life by leftist guerrillas.

Mitt Romney Names Jebb Bush as a likely VP Running Mate

Mitt Romney is eyeing Jebb Bush as a VP running mate.
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