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Aaron Robson

Citizen based in Toronto, Canada. Joined on Jan 10, 2007


First Game Console to Receive Hulu Support

Today the PS3 became the first game console to receive Hulu support available to all PSN plus members. How ever there are several strings attached.

Sony PS3's new terms of service warns about 3D health problems

Sony has just updated the terms of service for PS3 to include a section called "3D Device Use Notice" that warns about the health problems that 3D use might cause.

Video games: Black Ops beats Modern Warfare 2 in pre-order sales

The new Call of Duty game from Activision set to release later this year just out performed the top selling pre-ordered game of 2009 in pre-release sales.

NASA releases its own video game

In an attempt to pique people's interest in space and science, NASA took a cue from the American Military's release of "America's Army" video game military combat trainer.

Blizzard Cancels the Use of Real Names in Online Gaming

After introducing the idea for everyone to use their real names in the online Blizzard gaming, the community cries out in protest.

The voice of Mickey Mouse Passes away

Wayne Allwine, best known as the voice for Mickey Mouse since 1977, has passed away at the age of 62. He gave the Mouse his distinctive squeak for 32 years.

Will Smith purchases the rights to American hero

Will Smith teams up with James Lassiter's Overbrook Entertainment in the purchase of the life rights to the story of John Keller, a hero in the Hurricane Katrina disaster that struck New Orleans in 2005.

The New Face of Sherlock Holmes

The first trailer depicting Guy Richie's interpretation of the English detective goes live packing explosive violence and Robert Downey Jr.

Team Fortress 2's Free Weekend For Gamers

Game site Valve announced that its team -ased multiplayer shooter will be free this weekend for play, including both the Sniper and Spy updates.

New Maps for Call of Duty: WaW

The Call of Duty: World at War site has just updated the details on the new Map Pack, revealing 4 new. The zombie map will come with 10 new achievements/trophies.

Killzone 2 contributes 58k to Playstation 3 in April

Aprils game sales within the U.S have revealed Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2 debuting outside the Top 20 and selling 58,000 copies for the month.

When Family Guy met Little Big Planet

Assistant director of Family Guy Joe Vaux contributes to what will be called "The Patch," a mode that will be included in a future update for Little Big Planet.

Sims 3 game makes it way online via leaked source

EA Games might be possibly fuming out of the ears right now. Potentially their expected bestseller Sims 3 has been leaked online only weeks before retail release.

Nintendo investing into Drivers Education Market?

Mario Kart Wii is currently being used as a tool to teach American children about the dangers of distracted and reckless driving.

Battlefield Heroes rumoured to make console appearance

Due to the success of the game's free online beta version, EA games have made note to watch out for the games release on Playstaion 3 and the Xbox 360.

Nintendo takes the final Punch Out Roster spot

A surprising announcement has revealed the final character in Punch Out for the Wii will be Nintendo's very own Donkey Kong.

Call of Juarez game to be first Polish game on PlayStation 3

Techland, the largest game developer in Poland, is putting the finishing touches on the first Polish game for the PlayStation 3 platform, Call of Jaurez: Bound in Blood.

Playstation 3 top revenue generator for Konami

In Konami’s announced fiscal report for 2008-2009, Playstation 3 was their top platform in terms of software sales during that period.

Promotion Contest for Toki Tori

In preparation for the May 22nd launch of iPhone game, Toki Tori , in conjunction with the celebration of the one year anniversary of the WiiWare game, Chillingo and Two Tribes have created a contest of creating promotional ideas for the new game.

OXM Confirms 30 Guitar Hero World Tour Tracks

Following the leaked set list that escaped onto the internet a week ago, a Guitar Hero community member leaked a picture in the latest issue of OXM. The member confirmed 30 of the songs that are will be in the final version of Guitar Hero World Tour (IV).
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