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Karla Lant

Citizen based in Phoenix, AZ, United States. Joined on May 7, 2014
Expertise in Family & parenting, Motorcyles, Small business, Social media, General business news & info,   see all» Automotive, Food, dining & restaurants, Travel, Health, Kids, Science & space, Single parenting, Movies, Education, Personal finance, Technology, Food, recipes, Government, Internet, Home improvement, Ethnic cultures, Women's health, Pharmaceuticals, Politics, Books, Weight loss, LGBT community & lifestyle



Review: One year after 'Bring Back Our Girls,' an artist tries to heal us Special

Canadian artist James Picard has had enough of the "chin-up" mentality that has allowed millions of people to experience horrible, traumatic events and never discuss them again.

Green building trends to look out for in 2015

It's a fact: green building is not a craze or a fad, but the future of construction. And this is true for both new construction and renovation/retrofitting.

Cyber security predictions for 2015

Each year various cyber security experts provide their predictions about the immediate future of network and information security in the hopes that people can plan and prepare a little more effectively.

Medical records scanning for the holidays

Both individual patients and healthcare providers who plan ahead will put medical records scanning on their holiday agendas. Read on for these medical records scanning tips.

Obama says White House expects FCC to uphold net neutrality

At a town hall-type meeting Thursday in Southern California, Pres. Barack Obama said his administration “expects” the FCC to maintain net neutrality, and to prevent Internet service providers from offering multiple tiers of service.

NASA gears up for close encounter between Mars and Comet

A mountain-sized comet will hurtle past Mars next weekend, providing not only a historically close encounter, but also a dramatic opportunity. More than one dozen NASA assets will observe Comet Siding Spring from different angles and in varying lights.

India farmers fight Coca-Cola as their groundwater disappears

Farmers in India fight Coca-Cola as their groundwater disappears at ten times the rate it used to; farmers blame the bottling line located less than a mile from their farms for depleting their water supply in area classified as "critical" for groundwater.

Lego dumps Shell after Greenpeace protests Arctic drilling

Lego will not renew its multi-million dollar marketing contract with Shell based on ongoing pressure from Greenpeace and its viral video, "Everything is not awesome," concerning Shell's planned Arctic drilling campaign.

Op-Ed: Medical marijuana: choosing compassion and science, not politics

2014 should be another turning point in America when it comes to medical marijuana. It is irresponsible to refuse patients in need a viable medical treatment any longer, especially when the refusal is based on politics rather than facts.

Supreme Court denies cert in same-sex marriage cases

Today the U.S. Supreme Court denied cert in same-sex marriage cases, refusing a final ruling on the issue, but allowing same-sex couples to get married in 5 more states with more to join soon. Same-sex marriage will now be legal in the majority of states.

Op-Ed: Why California should soon be sending fewer people to prison

Sacramento - Proposition 47 on California's November ballot would scale back California's “three-strikes” crime law, the harshest of these laws in the nation, and many commentators believe it will pass. This is a worthy initiative and deserves a "yes" vote.

Chainsaw-tossing thieves in high speed police chase

Duluth - During a high speed chase with two hardware thieves a Duluth, Georgia police sergeant found himself dodging chainsaws as he drove.

Man rescued trying to reach Bermuda via inflatable bubble

Miami - The U.S. Coast Guard rescued endurance runner and peace activist Reza Baluchi as he tried to reach Bermuda by sea in an inflatable bubble. The attempted 1,033-mile journey to Bermuda began in Miami and ended about 70 nautical miles east of St. Augustine.

Texas Ebola patient contact missing, sought by authorities

Dallas - Dallas authorities are trying to find Michael Lively, a homeless man who might have had contact with the lone Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. Lively is identified as a “low-risk” contact, was last monitored October 4th, and is now missing.

Taliban leader messes up tweet, gives away location via geotag

Kabul - With a mistaken tweet, the Taliban's Afghanistan spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, revealed with a geotag that he was in Sindh, Pakistan. The Friday tweet which went out to almost 5,900 followers claimed an attack; Mujahid claims the tweet was a conspiracy.

Baffling 1,000-year-old skull and jawbone washed up on beach

Sydney - Six years ago the 1,000-year-old skull of a toddler aged 3 to 5 washed up on a beach in Australia. Now the jawbone that matches the skull has also washed up, and scientists are still trying to find out who the child was and where the remains came from.

Woman caught burglarizing cars was looking for members of ISIS

Hurley - A woman caught burglarizing cars in the parking lot of East Central High School claimed she was looking for members of ISIS. Lisa Carol Roche has now reportedly joined in the global fight against one of the world's deadliest terrorist organizations.

Xerox Canada and GreenCentre Canada collaborating on green tech

Xerox Canada and GreenCentre Canada are collaborating to boost the commercialization of green tech in Canada by combining their logistical resources.

Antarctic ice melts causing shift in Earth's gravity

The effects of climate change are now so profound that gravity itself is changing. The European Space Agency (ESA) announced Friday that Antarctica has lost enough ice in only three years to cause a shift in the Earth's gravitational pull.

Ebola virus in the U.S. and contact tracing technology

Dallas - Contact tracing allows epidemiologists and others fighting the spread of dangerous diseases like the Ebola virus.Technological tools in surveillance and molecular diagnostics, information and communications, and geoinformatics make this tough job easier.
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