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Laura Trowbridge

Citizen based in Detroit, MI, United States. Joined on Dec 21, 2006



Teen kills himself on girlfriend's funeral pyre after her suicide

It's an old story of young love being thwarted by disapproving parents, just like in the classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, only made more devastating in real life.

Panda poop statue of Venus sells for $45,000 USD

It is hard to believe that something made out of feces would be worth tens of thousands of dollars, but one poopy creation from a Chinese artist recently sold for $45,000.

Man marries 60 girls, then sells them to brothels in India

Darjeeling - For the past five years a young man, now 27, has been marrying almost one girl a month in order to sell them to brothels in Pune and Mumbai, India.

China may ban trend of nude wedding photos for couples

It may be the latest trend around the world for the most uninhibited to get married in the nude. Young couples in China are having their wedding photos taken in the nude.

Father surfs Internet while his newborn lay beaten, dying nearby

Denver - A 27-year-old man was found guilty of beating his three-week-old son and leaving him to die while he surfed the internet for information on the tools he had stolen.

Doctors warn TSA gloves can spread viruses from infected passengers

Have you ever wondered about those gloves the TSA agents use over and over on all the intimate patdowns they do on passengers at the airport? Doctors are speaking out about how unsanitary this practice is.

Six-year-old boy with HIV lives alone, a social outcast in China

A young boy who lost his parents to AIDS and who now is infected with HIV must now fend for himself in his parent's shack in China since no one wants to get close enough to care for him.

Nursery school teacher demonstrates French kissing on children

Mumbai - A teacher in a Mumbai, India nursery school allegedly molested the children in her care by demonstrating how to French kiss on them.

South Korean goverment says K-Pop girls 'too sexy'

The South Korean government has launched an investigation into why the girls in Korean popular music bands, or K-Pop, have become much too sexy, especially ones performing for the Japan music industry.

Sex: Some things you should know by age 40

Most people are interested in having a satisfying sex life. By the time we reach the age of 40, we should have a good amount of knowledge concerning what turns each other on.

Doc sues restaurant for not teaching proper way to eat artichoke

Miami - A doctor in Miami is suing a restaurant because he feels they had a legal obligation to tell him the proper way to eat an artichoke.

Job seeker called 'bitch' in email from potential employer

Jobs are hard to come by, especially in Michigan, but one woman spoke out against an unnecessary humiliation she went through with a potential employer belittling her and calling her a nasty name.

Buy food, fashion, furniture directly from Wii in Japan now

November 1 began a new Wii service for the Japanese consumer. Over 10,000 items became available 24 hours a day to purchase through their Wii console.

Actress Erin Cummings launches 'Mittens for Detroit' campaign

Detroit - Actress Erin Cummings of ABC's hit show "Detroit 187" has come up with a wonderful way to give back to the people of Detroit.

Michigan schools are banning cupcakes?

For those who love cupcakes, it may be a distressing time to be a child or a parent of a child in Michigan schools. Cupcakes are no longer welcome now in some schools with the new voluntary Michigan nutrition standards, which may soon become mandatory.

Angry hippo attacks vet, then shot dead at South Africa park

A veterinarian is lucky to be alive after the hippopotamus he was testing a new sedative on woke up and attacked him. The hippo was not so lucky, however.

Domino's Pizza Japan to pay $30,000 for one hour delivery work

Domino's Pizza is celebrating its 25th anniversary of opening in Japan by giving a cash prize of 2.5 million yen for one hour's pizza delivery work to the lucky winner.

Creator of Garfield cartoon apologizes for Veterans Day gaffe

One of the best known cartoon cats, famous for being a bit cantankerous, extremely lazy and completely obsessed with food, may have stepped on some sensitive toes over a comic strip published on Veterans or Remembrance Day.

Detroit's own Faygo sodapop now made into specialty cupcakes

So many good things have come out of Detroit in the past, like Motown music, the automobile industry, and even the "smaller" things like Faygo sodapop.

Sausage Pancake Bites from Dunkin Donuts are 'meat munchkins'

Dunkin Donuts launched a new breakfast food last week for a limited time only as a market test item. The Sausage Pancake Bites are a quick breakfast on the go.
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