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Georgia 'at war' with Russia

Georgia has declared itself at war as Russian planes bombed a Georgian city in an escalation of the conflict over South Ossetia.

Op-Ed: Olympic torch rides on a 'wave of oppression'

The Olympic torch has reached Beijing having already been dogged at every stage of its journey by protests. There are no signs that these protests will abate both in China or around the world

Chinese human rights activist jailed

Hu Jia, 34, a prominent activist who publicised human rights abuses across China has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Children 'ignore safety rules on social networking sites'

A British watchdog, Ofcom, has warned that millions of children who use Internet social networking sites are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.

Bush sets out agenda for final NATO summit

US president, George W Bush is preparing for his farewell NATO summit in a bid to salvage his international reputation..

CIA claims Al Qaeda recruiting 'Western' fighters.

CIA Director Michael Hayden claimed that Al Qaeda is training fighters that 'look western' who could easily cross U.S. borders without attracting attention, Pakistan's remote tribal areas are providing the group with a new safe haven he also said.

Op-Ed: Boycott or not?

The recent actions of the Chinese government in Tibet have called into question how people and politicians should respond especially in regard to the upcoming Olympics which Beijing will host in August.

Richardson calls for an end to 'bloodletting'

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson who has endorsed Senator Barack Obama despite being personally close to the Clinton's has said it is time for the infighting to stop. He has also spoken of how tough the decision was.

Olympic torch flames on despite protest

A solitary protester breached security to protest as the Olympic Torch was officially lit. China's Olympic chief Liu Qi was speaking when the protester ran up behind him. Liu Qi continued to make his speech in Chinese.

Ferguson: 'Title race still on'

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United's manager, still believes three teams are in the Premier League title race despite his Manchester United side increasing their lead to five points over the weekend.

Op-Ed: 'Either we heal now as a team else we die as individuals'

Nobody should underestimate the historic significance of the coming General Election in November. However, this significance has nothing to do with the fact that it will see either the first black or women candidate for President.

Clinton papers cast doubt over experience claims

One of the main selling points of Senator Clinton's campaign has been that she would be 'Ready from Day One', however the release of her schedules from during her time at the White House casts serious doubt on that claim.

'Lack of thought' into Iraq war

Ex-Downing Street chief of staff Jonathan Powell has criticised the post-invasion planning. Meanwhile, Britain's opposition parties are using the occasion of the fifth anniversary to call for an official inquiry.

Glaciers 'shrinking at record rate'

Glaciers are shrinking at record rates and many could disappear within decades according to the U.N. Environment Program. It warned of 'dramatic consequences' of the shrinking, especially in India.

Clinton defends role in N. Ireland peace process

Senator Hillary Clinton has defended her role in the Northern Ireland peace process and accused rival Barack Obama of 'nitpicking' her record on the issue. Clinton has made her experience and record one of the key selling points of her campaign.

Chinese bloggers pour scorn on Tibetans and the West

China's media has remained largely silent on the unrest in Tibet, but Chinese blogs have poured forth a vitriolic outpouring of anger directed against Tibetans and the West.

Clinton bloggers go on strike

Supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton are staging what they call a "strike" at the influential liberal website DailyKos in what is another sign of the turmoil in the Democratic party.

China sets deadline for protestors

Anti-Chinese demonstrators have until Monday to surrender, following recent violence, in return for 'leniency'. Security forces are patrolling the main city, Lhasa and eyewitnesses have spoken of the Chinese military being 'everywhere'.

Top US Commander 'retiring early'

Adm. William J. Fallon, the top US commander in the Middle East, is 'retiring early' Defence Secretary Robert M. Gates has announced. Fallon has been at odds with both the Bush administration and Gen. David H. Petraeus.

Op-Ed: Build a movement for a lasting peace in the Middle East

Once again, the headlines have been dominated by the cycle of violence in the Middle East. The same day as a gunman attacked the Merkaz Harav seminary, a coalition of international groups released a report into the worsening conditions in the Gaza Strip.
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