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Thomas J Reid III MD PhD FACP

Citizen based in Conway, AR, United States. Joined on Sep 28, 2009


U.S. Health-Care Reform: The Government Run Public Option is Rooted in the Intellectual Laziness of Congress and the Administration

Consider the following syllogism: (1) To ignore (or refuse to consider) alternative solutions to health-care reform*...

U.S. Health-Care Reform: What Americans Want and Do Not Want In Their Medical Care

The Administration and Congress have established a self-imposed deadline for healthcare reform. The major...

U.S. Health-Care Reform: Healthcare Rationing - A Practical Construct

The concept of health-care rationing has not been adequately discussed in public because it’s a touchy subject,...

U.S. Health-Care Reform: Lessons Learned – A Brief History of Medicare Legislation and Its Relevance to the Health-Care Reform Debate in the 111th Congress

LESSONS LEARNED The proponents of the rush to complete a health-care reform bill for the purpose of meeting an...

U.S. Health-Care Reform: Progression From a Government Run Public Option to a Universal Single Payer Health-Care System – By the Numbers (Analysis of the US Population)

What will be required for the federal government to take control of health-care in the US? A majority stake in...

U.S. Health-Care Reform: Health-Care Reform: A Government Run Public Option Is Not An Option

The administration and most health-care reform bills pending in congress propose a government run public option...
Sep 28, 2009 by Thomas J Reid III MD PhD FACP - 2 comments

U.S. Health-Care Reform: A Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research is Redundant and Therefore Unnecessary

One legislative proposal for health-care reform in the US House of Representatives is to establish, through the...

U.S. Health-Care Reform: While Doctors Slept

All Americans want health care reform. Moreover, as the President and others have said, there is a mandate for...