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Nathalie Caron

Citizen based in Ottawa, Canada. Joined on Nov 15, 2006


Op-Ed: The Harper Shuffle - New Canadian Conservative Minority, New Faces at Play

According to some media reports, PM Harper is likely to head over to the Governor General's with a new cabinet as early as Oct. 22. Let us now begin a new speculative game: The Harper Shuffle!

Video Games Create a New, Richer Learning Experience

Video game learning is sprouting across the board. From teaching procedures to surgeons to helping grade school students with math and science, video games are being used more and more, creating a richer more involved learning experience.

Experiment Shows New Way of Being 'Wii Fit'

The Wii Fit trend may have died down since its release last May, but it hasn’t stopped Brian Papineau from further exploring the fitness potential of the game. In a recent experiment, Papineau finds that even without using your legs, you can be Wii Fit.

Old PS2 Consoles Become Eco-Friendly Chairs

As the green movement evolves, so do our ways of consuming. The latest example is London-based Pli Design, who is set to launch a new line of recycled chairs made entirely of defunct PlayStation 2 consoles.

Video Game Technology Revolutionizes Radiology

Today, new 3D medical visualizing software was released, which promises to revolutionize the speed and effectiveness of radiology. FiatLux Imaging uses some of the technology found in video games to let doctors access and analyze results from anywhere.

Vigster Aims to Rival GameSpot and IGN

Vigster, a video gaming community website still in beta stages, hit the Web publicly yesterday. Hoping to become a resource for gamers, letting them build a virtual collection of games they own, have played or would like to play, the site is free to use.

Neurofeedback Effective for Attention Deficit Disorders

While neurofeedback is still somewhat controversial, recent studies have proven that it is just as efficient as Ritalin to manage hyperactivity and attention deficit, without the potential side effects and with longer lasting results.

Nintendo Donates Wii Units to Children's Hospitals

Nintendo and Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation unveiled today their new Fun Centers, now including Wiis. These gaming stations are donated to the Foundation and then distributed to children’s hospitals around America.

Math Video Game Shown to Improve Student Scores

A study conducted by the University of Central Florida (UCF) has found that a video game focusing on arithmetic skills actually helped improve student scores. The study focused on the three games in the DimensionM series, developed by Tabula Digita.

Study Finds Casual Games Popular Among Disabled Players

A recent study, sponsored by Pop Cap games, has found that over 20 per cent of casual gamers are disabled. Many of them, who are also devoted consumers, cite benefits from playing these games, including stress relief and a sense of accomplishment.

Brain-Reading Technology No Longer Science Fiction

In new technologies, not much can rival a device that would read the human mind. Soon available to the public is such a device, Emotiv’s EPOC. While it currently targets video gaming, it might one day become an indispensable tool in other areas as well.

Study Breaks Link Between Violence and Video Games

A new study unveiled at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference in Dublin today finds no basis to a systematic link between video gaming and violent behaviour. In fact, violent gaming actually leaves most players relaxed.

Voice Recognition Technology Revolutionizes Gaming

Voice-activated games are still new in the media world. But featured in such popular titles as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Rock Band, Fonix Speech's VoiceIn is a radically effective voice recognition technology which adds new depth to gaming.

Health Care Training Program 3DiTeams Becomes Critical New Tool

3DiTeams is an interactive health care team training program created by learning developer Virtual Heroes. Designed to improve team collaboration and reduce medical errors, it will be introduced to Duke University medical and nursing students this month.

Biofeedback Technology Provides Relief to Young Patients

The Kosair Children’s Hospital is armed with the "coping cart", a multimedia centre on wheels helping patients feel better. Filled with toys and books, video recording and a video library, it mainly features a biofeedback unit proven to help them relax.

Philips’ Imagination Light Canvas to Brighten Patient Visits

Philips Electronics revealed today the first “Imagination Light Canvas”, part of the new Mercy Medical Center in Rogers, Ark, set to open its doors March 16. The interactive light wall will serve to relieve stress for patients and visitors.

IBM Healthcare Settles on Island in Second Life

IBM launched today a 3-D health care island in Second Life, at the 2008 HIMSS Conference in Orlando, FL. Displaying IBM’s strategy for the future of health care, the island promotes the concept of health information exchange for patient care.

Nintendo to Launch WiiWare in May

Coming May 12 is Nintendo’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade and Sony’s PlayStation Network, in the form of WiiWare, a new downloadable game service encouraging the creation of new games while promising to bring down development barriers.

Bulldog Interactive Fitness Sprouts Across Canada

Canadian kids and teens can now also enjoy the benefits of interactive workouts, with the new Bulldog Interactive Fitness for Youth. The program which has taken Canada by storm encourages fitness while having fun.

Nintendo Wii Reinforced as Therapeutic Aid

As the value of Nintendo’s Wii for physical therapy becomes increasingly recognized, another group has publicized its use of the system, this time to help improve motion for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other conditions.
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