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Bomb Scare on Highway 400

TORONTO, ONTARIO - North- and South-bound traffic came to a standstill because a man threatened to blow himself up in his car when the next tanker truck drove by him. He had propane tanks taped together inside his car and he parked near a gas station.

Jon Bon Jovi to Run For Governor?

Rumors were circulating that singer Jon Bon Jovi was thinking of running for governor of New Jersey. Jon Bon Jovi has denied these rumors at this time because he is very busy with his music career.

Marie Osmond's Son in Rehab

Marie Osmond's second oldest son Michael, 16, is in rehab. No reason has been released as to why he is in rehab. The news was released on a taped show of Larry King that is airing tonight. Michael is one of her 5 adopted children.

O.J. Simpson to stand trial

Breaking News: O.J. Simpson has been ordered by the Judge to stand trial for the Las Vegas hostage ordeal that took place on September 13, 2007. He plead not guilty to 12 charges that included conspiracy, kidnapping, robbery, burglary and coercion.

Father Osmond Dies at 90

George Osmond, father to Donny and Marie and the Osmond Brothers has died at the age of 90 early Tuesday morning from what is believed to be natural causes. He was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Osmond's reunited for 50th Anniversary

This week The Osmonds got together and celebrated 50 years in show business by doing a reunion concert in Las Vegas. The concert was taped and will be televised on PBS in March of next year. All three concerts sold out in minutes.

Vancouver restaurant shootings said to be worst city has seen

Two people have been killed and six injured when a Vancouver restaurant was the scene of an early morning shooting. Reports say two men came into the restaurant and opened fire on the people in the Chinese restaurant.

Denise Richards wants Charlie Sheen's DNA

The newest Hollywood news is that Denise Richards has asked Charlie Sheen to father another baby with her. She wants his DNA. She does not want him just a donation from him to help make another baby.

Pregnant woman alive from sword attack

A 3 1/2 month pregnant woman was sitting on her sofa reading a pregnancy book when a friend of hers walked into the room and started to stab her repeatedly with a sword on July 31st. There was no fight, no argument that brought the attack on.

A father saves his child from bullets

A Toronto father did not think twice to protect his baby when he seen a man open fire on someone. Like most parents, there was no thinking involved, just action. He jumped onto the child and put his own body in harms way.

A child's life changed forever

What happens in a child's life that will cause them to go from being a happy go lucky child to a child filled with anger and rage? One Nova Scotia boy's life was turned upside down and in doing so changed the boys life forever.

Living with hemochromatosis

Hereditary hemochromatosis is the most common genetic disorder affecting Canadians. It is also one of the most common genetic diseases in the United States yet in both countries it is relatively unknown and could be fatal if untreated.

New sex survey is now out

There is now a new survey out about the top 50 reasons why men and women have sex. The top frequent reasons and the top infrequent reasons as to why they do it. Money and 5 years of work went into this to tell us the reasons why we have sex.

Shaq Helps Kids Battle and Lose Weight

Shaquille O'Neal is taking on a big challenge that the country has seem to just let go. He is wanting to help overweight children lose weight. He wants physical education mandatory in all schools. His new television show is meant as a wake up call to the

Keeping your dog safe and cool during those hot summer days

We all like to stay cool during those hot summer days. Well our dogs also need to stay cool when it is hot out or it could be fatal to them. Some tips on what you can do to keep them happy and safe in the hot sun.

New Dictionary Additions

Each year new words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary and this year is no exception. But are some words actual words or phrases? What happened to just having words in our dictionaries?

Arson suspected in string of downtown Toronto fires

Toronto firefighters were busy Monday morning fighting fires, one after the other and sometimes at the same time, between 4:30 am and 8:30 am. They battled about 6 fires in total.

Man charged for crying wolf

When are jokes not funny? When it involves the police, the marine unit and your family becoming upset. This is what happened to one man who thought it would be funny to upset his family and cry wolf.

Canadian prisons to ban smoking

All prisons in Canada will be smoke free as of next year. The government has decided to ban tobacco from being sold to or brought into the prisoners. So if you go to prison and you smoke, you will be forced to quit.

Man amputates his own fingers to save his life

Could you cut off your fingers or any body part if it meant saving your own life? A man in Washington State did just that. He thought that he had to cut off his fingers to save his own life.
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