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Sony's PlayTV turns PlayStation 3 into a DVR

The PlayStation 3 is getting a few new upgrades that will make any PS3 owner happy. At LCG07 announced PlayTV for PS3, "watch, record and replay TV shows". With a few PSP updates as well.

Wii Passes Xbox 360 in Worldwide Sales

Even after being lunched a year behind the Xbox 360, the Wii has managed to be a non stop selling machine. The Wii has surpassed the Xbox 360 and PS3 in total units sold worldwide.

New iPod Nanos?

These gadgets, pictured left, could be the next generation of iPod nanos. The site 9to5macs seems to have a mole somewhere in a manufacturing plant in China, where the iPod nanos are reportedly being made.

Microsoft says it sold 20 million copies of Vista in first month

Microsoft says it sold 20 million copies of Vista in first month.

HMV questions PS3 TV 'Stunt'

Desperate bid for positive PR.

How to make the Nintendo DS Even Better

Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh looks at ways to improve an unfinished project...

Playstation Home already exists on PC

Miyamoto plays down PS3 Home originality.

Computer Games aren't for kids - Over a third of Adults own a console.

Video games grow up as adult ownership increases.

Can PC Gaming Survive in a Console World?

Does PC gaming have a future?

Valve questions Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming

Is MS in for the long run or just to promote Vista?

Windows Live Pricing equal to Xbox Live

Gold membership to cost $49.99 for a year in North America. £39.99 for a year's Gold in the UK is expected.

Game Reviews: A thing of the Past?

With the advent of all things internet - blogs, forums and other online social networks - have game reviews really become a thing of the past?

PS2 could be around for well beyond 10 Year Life Cycle ?

PlayStation 2 holds ground vs new rivals.

What's in a Tag? One heck of a Lot!

So we all have gamer tags, but they don't mean anything right?

Sony's Phil Harrison respects PSP Homebrew But Doesn't like it

Harrison shares his thoughts on homebrew development for the PSP.
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