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Wang Fangqing

Citizen based in Shanghai, China. Joined on Jun 16, 2009


Starbucks expands to central China

Changsha - U.S. coffee chain Starbucks opened its 400th bar in Changsha city of Hunan Province on September 16, pushing​​​​​​​ its presence in central China a step further .​​​​​​​​​

China denies milk could cause early puberty

Beijing - An investigation of Synutra milk powder, one of the most popular milk powder brands among Chinese young mothers, shows there is no evidence of sex hormones causing early puberty to baby girls, announced China's Ministry of Health on Sunday.

ChinaVision may operate Bing in China

Beijing - ChinaVision Media Group, a Hong Kong-listed media company, may purchase 50 percent of shares in MSN China for about US$100 million, according to the Chinese local media.

Five Chinese students attempt group suicide

Five students in China's Shanxi province intended to kill themselves by drinking herbicide after a night of "deep talk," local media are reporting.

Canada to get more investments from China

Vancouver - After an eight-day trip to China, Canadian minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway Stockwell Day returned home on Friday with confidence to attract more investments from China.

China to draft immigration law

Beijing - China is planning to draft the nation's first immigration law as the number of foreigners moving to the country has grown intensely in the recent years.

Shanghai Expo gets fewer visitors than expected

Shanghai - Despite heavy government propaganda, the Shanghai Expo did not seem to be very popular with tourists. In fact, people are complaining about expensive food and management issues in the Expo park.

Chinese authorities push Internet rules

Beijing - As a country implementing strict online censorship, China does not have laws for Internet communication. That will soon change.

China to launch China's Got Talent

Shanghai - Shanghai-based Dragon TV is to launch a Chinese version of the popular British television show Britain's Got Talent, aiming to compete with other local TV stations in the country.

China condemns Google for lifting censorship, exiting country

Beijing - The Chinese government held a media conference yesterday to slam Google after the company made an official announcement it would be closing its search site in China and redirecting traffic to an unfiltered site. Officials say Google violated its promise.

U.S. sets off alert over Chinese paper

Dalian - A paper written by a Chinese graduate student regarding the vulnerability of the U.S. power grid has raised concern in the U.S. congress.

China to invest heavily in Xinjiang

Beijing - The Chinese government says it will invest a great deal in the Xinjiang region in an effort to improve living conditions and the job market, which are the key to soothe the public unrest.

China spends $1 million to investigate death of tigers

Shenyang - A total of 11 rare Siberian tigers have died unnaturally since last December at Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo in Liaoning Province in northeastern China. The government has launched an investigation to find out why.

China to explore combustible ice

Beijing - China's aggressive development in the clean energy industry has reached a new resource - combustible ice, a hot topic at the on-going annual session of National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature.

China releases new defense budget to sooth foreign countries

Beijing - The Chinese government announced today that it is going to raise the defense budget for 2010 to 532.1 billion yuan ($77.9 billion USD), up 7.5 percent from actual spending in 2009, the smallest increase in the recent years.

U.S. expresses concern over China's discrimination policy

Washington - A group of American companies complained to the White House, claiming they are excluded from the huge procurement by the Chinese government under the nation's "indigenous innovation" policies.

UN: China, India to become the biggest e-waster

A new report released by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) estimates China and India would become the world's largest e-wasters by 2020 unless they take action on recycling now.

Chinese grads face tough job market

Beijing - Despite of all the best wishes received during the Chinese New Year celebration, Chinese graduates are faced with an extremely difficult job market this year.

UK companies consider retreat from China

With 1.3 billion potential consumers, the Chinese market seems irresistible to companies overseas. But recently, more and more foreign businessmen inside the country are fed up with the ugly truth and are ready to leave.

Magnolia Bakery opens store in Dubai

Dubai - Cupcakes have been a trendy food in the Middle East. The market has responded so positively that the New York-based vintage dessert house Magnolia Bakery is going to open its first store outside of NYC in Dubai this month.
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