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Understanding animal brains to improve robotics

Researchers have been considering evolution and animal brains as the basis for making improvements to machine learning, as the basis for helping to improve the way robots operate. especially when performing tasks that seem simple to people.

Let's talk about gay penguins: Munich zoo joins Pride week

Munich - Organisers of this year's Gay Pride week in Munich have a group of rather wild partners -- penguins, giraffes and lions at the city zoo where tours are being run about same-sex love in the animal kingdom.

Giant tortoise thought extinct is found on Galapagos

Quito - Conservationists in the Galapagos Islands have found a giant tortoise from a species thought to have become extinct more than a century ago.

London Zoo not to blame for death of Sumatran tiger: manager

London - London Zoo on Monday denied it was responsible for the death of an endangered Sumatran tiger mauled by a potential mate brought in as part of a breeding programme.

Ants nurse wounded warriors back to health: study

Paris - African Matabele ants dress the wounds of comrades injured during hunting raids and nurse them back to health, according to an "astonishing" discovery reported Wednesday.

Review: This week’s releases are fuelled by dedication Special

This week’s releases include a team-up between two celebrated actors; a compelling story about a woman awakened; a different take on a familiar fairy tale; a man determined to get revenge; and a still gripping thriller.

Mammals gave up night life only after dino doom: study

Paris - The earliest mammals were night creatures which only emerged from the cover of darkness after the demise of the daytime-dominating dinosaurs, researchers said Monday.

Surviving baby panda in 'perfect health' says French zoo

Saint-aignan-sur-cher - The first baby panda born in France is in good health and feeding from its mother, staff at Beauval Zoo said Saturday, as they came to terms with losing its twin.

Hands off the animals: Tunis croc killing zoo reopens

Tunis - A Tunisian zoo that closed after a crocodile was stoned to death has reopened, with extra guards and new signs instructing visitors not to throw things at the animals.

Tunisia zoo to close after crocodile stoned to death

Tunis - A zoo in the Tunisian capital where visitors stoned a crocodile to death is to close temporarily, the local affairs and environment ministry said Friday.

UK zoo faces closure for animal cruelty after hundreds die

London - A British zoo is facing closure and its owner prosecution after nearly 500 of its animals died of poor nutrition, cramped conditions and hypothermia over four years, it emerged Wednesday.

China censors 'crush talk of beetle named after President Xi'

Bejing - Chinese censors have stepped in to crush underfoot talk of a newfound beetle species named after President Xi Jinping, reports said Tuesday -- to the dismay of its loyal discoverer.

Rare 'baby dragon' hatches in Slovenia

Postojna - The strange, slithery creatures inside Slovenia's Postojna cave were once considered living proof that dragons existed, prompting locals to give it a wide berth.

Extinction of species: humans are speeding up evolution

Vancouver - Scientists at the University of British Columbia (UBC) claim human actions are responsible for accelerating the evolutionary process by causing the extinction of “younger” species.

Danish zookeepers fire rubber bullets to save man from polar bear

Copenhagen - Keepers at Copenhagen's zoo fired rubber bullets at a polar bear on Wednesday to save a man who jumped into the animal's enclosure, sustaining light injuries after getting too close.

Outrage as Danish zoo dissects lion in front of children

Copenhagen - A Danish zoo on Thursday dissected a lion in front of a group of children, in an educational event condemned as a "macabre spectacle" by animal rights groups but given a thumbs-up by many Danes.

After giraffe, Danish children to watch lion dissection

Copenhagen - A Danish zoo said Thursday it would dissect a lion in front of children, undeterred by the international outrage that hit a Copenhagen zoo that last year did the same thing to a giraffe.

Largest ever flying bird had wingspan as wide as soccer goalmouth

Charleston - From fossilized remains, scientists have identified an extinct bird of gargantuan proportions whose wingspan was as wide as a soccer goalmouth.

Female sports penis in sex-reversed newly discovered species

Lavras - Researchers have discovered little-known cave insects in Brazil with odd sexual habits. The troglodyte species has sex-reversed genitalia, the female sporting an elaborate spiked penis that penetrates an opening like a vagina in her male consort.

Python's homing trick stuns scientists

Paris - The Burmese python has a built-in compass that allows it to slither home in a near-straight line even if released dozens of kilometres away, researchers said Wednesday.Capable of growing over five metres (16 feet) long, pythons are among the world's la...

Animal life on Earth expanded rapidly after 'Cascade of events'

Oxford - On Earth, animal life expanded rapidly during the early Cambrian period, around 520 million years ago. Many theories have been advanced to explain this rapid expansion of animal species which has come to be known as the Cambrian explosion.

Scientists discover four new lizard species in California

Berkeley - Biologists based in California this week announced the discovery of four new species of legless lizards. Nothing unusual about that, you might think. But the discovery wasn't made thousands of miles away. Quite the contrary.

How worms use chemicals to communicate

The Caenorhabditis elegans species of tiny, transparent roundworms, favorite experimental subjects in biology labs, were found by researchers to communicate through molecular messages, in "sentences" made of chemical fragments.

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Map showing the traditional (inset) distribution of Anniella pulchra and a detail (main) showing the...
Map showing the traditional (inset) distribution of Anniella pulchra and a detail (main) showing the hypothesized distribution of the newly described species of legless lizards in California.
Breviora Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard

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