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Halappanavar's death sparks protest on Ireland's abortion law

The death of Savita Halappanavar has ignited protest across the world. In Ireland, it has re-ignited the talk on abortion rights. This also parallels the abortion debate in the United States.

For first-time mom-to-be, Election Day is a crucible of labor

Chicago - Galicia Malone of Chicago broke her water upon arriving at her respective polling area. Instead of leaving to go to the hospital, Malone dealt with the pain in order to get her vote in.

Latino voters weigh in on the 2012 US Elections

On Election Day, Latinos and Latino voters weigh in on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. While Obama's expected to get high support from Latinos, there are Latino voters disillusioned with him.

Businesses entice voters by offering Election Day freebies

Notable businesses are offering Election Day freebies for those that have voted at the polls. Be sure to have your "I Voted" sticker and present it to get your free stuff.

Video: Jay-Z raps about '99 Problems, but Mitt ain't one'

Famous hip-hop artist Jay-Z was among guests at the Barack Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio. He sung a new version of "99 Problems" and used it to target Mitt Romney.

Paul Ryan: Obama's policies threaten Judeo-Christian values

As Election Day on November 6 draws closely near, Paul Ryan the GOP VP candidate has made a last ditch attack saying that Obama's policies "threaten Judeo-Christian values."

One day until US Election Day, Palin finally 'endorses' Romney

With Election Day being one day away, Sarah Palin, the former VP running mate to John McCain in 2008, gives her last-minute endorsement to Mitt Romney.

Romney and Obama silent on Mexico drug war during campaign

On the United States presidential campaign trail, foreign policy is a major issue as many topics were brought up. However, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were silent on Mexico's drug war.

Focusing on storm recovery instead of campaign could help Obama

Instead of hitting the campaign trail, US President Obama is focusing on recovery efforts. A recent tracking poll launched gives good news for Obama.

Spirits of Latino voters are high for 2012 US Elections

Latino voters are making their voices heard as their spirits are high in respect to the 2012 US Elections. It shows that the Latino vote remains a relevant and crucial voting block.

Op-Ed: Cynical exploitation of US jobs figures defies reality

Washington - The new jobs figures for August weren’t great. They weren’t miraculous. So the US needs what? More excuses? More spin? More politics? No, the US needs more jobs. The almost hallucinatory response to every month’s figures has gone beyond delusion.

Polls indicate Republicans will take back U.S. Senate

Washington - Latest polling results suggest Republicans are positioned to gain control of the U.S. Senate in November as races tighten.

Op-Ed: The Libertarian Manifesto — Woe unto everyone else

Originally, libertarianism was a highly respected ideal, based on individual liberty. Far from its original high principles, modern libertarianism has turned a philosophical Disneyland into a downmarket trailer park and called it art.

Op-Ed: America the Baffled- 2012 election is now politicians vs. reality

Sydney - Reality isn’t doing America any favours. 2008 proved that America can destroy capital faster than it makes it. That’s an even more deadly statistic than the 1% equation, by far. It can happen again, and ultra-jumpy markets fear that it will.

Op-Ed: Love letter to the 2012 US elections

Sydney - If you’re the romantic type, you can become infatuated with anyone, or even anything. America’s fantasies about its elections have long since entered the world of pubescent daydreams.

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President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney
President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney
Media Pool
President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney
President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney
Media Pool

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