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Op-Ed: Defeat of Islamic State will not end conflict in Syria

While the U.S.-supported Syrian Democratic Forces are confronting the Islamic State in eastern Syria and beginning to enter the strategic city of Raqqa, the Syrian Army has been taking control of positions in their rear further west.

Op-Ed: Russia in Syria — Good or bad news for the West?

Sydney - The Russian buildup in Syria has led to the first new tactical development in the Assad regime’s military posture. The move from a defensive continuous fire approach to an actual attack has taken years. The question is whether it’ll work.

Islamic State advancing, will destroy ancient ruins of Tadmur

Syrian government forces are fighting Islamic State militants within one mile of the ancient ruins of Palmyra, close by the city of Tadmur. The jihadists are attacking a prison where members are being held, and an air base.

Syrian Army attacking opposition-strongholds near Lebanon border

The Syrian Army are engaging against the last of the Syrian opposition forces who are holding out near the Lebanese border. They are preparing to launch an offensive against the opposition-held town of Yabrud.

Syrian troops capture strategic town in offensive

Syrian troops have managed to capture the strategic village of Qara, after three days of heavy fighting with rebels over the town.

Syrian army launches new offensive against rebels

The Syrian military launched a fresh offensive against Syrian rebels in the Qalamoun region, sending thousands of refugees across the border and into Lebanon.

Syrian troops seize northern strategic town

Syrian troops on Friday captured the strategic town of Safira in the northern province of Aleppo. The capture of the town was confirmed by activists as well as Syrian state television.

Syrian army captures town near Damascus

The Syrian army, assisted by Shiite militia fighters from Iraq and Lebanon, have managed to recapture a town located just south of the capital.

Syrian Army makes another strategic gain, reopens key Aleppo road

In another tactical victory over the ragtag rebel opposition Syria's Army has captured a key road which links the country's heartland to the country's commercial hub. The northern city of Aleppo.

Syrian war displaces 235,000 Palestinians says UN Agency

Aleppo - As the conflict in Syria between government forces and armed rebels continues, Palestinian refugees in the war-torn country are increasingly becoming collateral damage.

Video: Syrian claims first-hand experience with chemical attack

In a Skype interview with Vocativ, a Syrian man reveals a video showing a dramatic "chemical attack", which he has uploaded to YouTube. He also gathered evidence of the attack and is taking it to Turkey for testing. (Updated).

Syrian Army and rebels directly clash over air base

At least 27 people were killed by Assad's forces in the process of halting a rebel advance aimed at capturing a Syrian military air base near the Lebanese border.

Moscow to keep sending weapons to Syria's war

The need for a robust and effective arms trade treaty is now more crucial than ever in a world where twice as many bullets are manufactured each year than there are people on the planet.

Syrian military helicopter crashes in Damascus

Damascus - A Syrian military helicopter has went down in flames over the Syrian capital of Damascus. Rebel opposition forces claim they have shot it down.

Video: Watch Free Syrian Army attack a tank convoy

The video shows a convoy of Syrian army tanks loyal to President Bashar al-Assad attacked and blown up by rebel fighters as they travel in a convoy to the Turkish-Syrian border.

High-ranking Syrian military personnel defect to Turkey

A Syrian general, two colonels and about 30 soldiers have defected to neighbouring Turkey as tensions between the two countries remain high.

Op-Ed: Murders in Syria to escalate U.N. & NATO intervention?

Greed, control, and power are what have ignited almost every war that U.S. soldiers have had to fight in. Corporations are the number one profiteers of war. Most wars have been on a quest for drugs, oil, and any valuable resources that could be had.

Sunday Times photographer wounded in Syria, pleads for help

A photojournalist who works for the Sunday Times is wounded in the besieged Syrian city of Homs and has sent out a video pleading for help. Paul Conroy was hurt in the same rocket attack that killed an American reporter and a French photojournalist.

Syria withdraws tanks from Homs, ongoing violence reported

Damascus - The Syrian army halted its brutal attacks on the city of Homs on Tuesday and has begun withdrawing its tanks, as members of the Arab League arrived to monitor the situation, meeting with local activists and leaders.

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Maj. General Al-Shalal declares his defection from Syria
Maj. General Al-Shalal declares his defection from Syria
Screen Capture
Suhayb Elkhalid claims there was a  chemical attack  on Saraqib in northern Syria on Monday  April 2...
Suhayb Elkhalid claims there was a "chemical attack" on Saraqib in northern Syria on Monday, April 29, 2013 by the Syrian army.
Suhayb Elkhalid claims there was a  chemical attack  on Saraqib in northern Syria on Monday  April 2...
Suhayb Elkhalid claims there was a "chemical attack" on Saraqib in northern Syria on Monday, April 29, 2013 by the Syrian army.

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