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syria chemical weapons News

OPCW says it has proof of systematic use of chemicals in Syria

Chemical weapons in Syria have been used in a "systematic manner," the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has found after investigation.

Obama severely criticized by former U.S ambassador to Syria

The former United States ambassador to Syria Robert Ford has said that it was the disgraceful Syrian policy the Washington administration is undergoing that led him to finally resign from his post.

Syria may still be able to produce and use chemical weapons

Western diplomats have recently claimed that according to intelligence reports from the United States, United Kingdom and France the Syrian regime can still produce as well as use chemical weapons.

US: Syria isn't serious about dismantling chemical arsenal

After the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons announced that Syria has so far shipped about a third of its chemical stockpile out of the country the U.S says Syria isn't serious when it comes to dismantling its CW stockpile.

Norway denies United States' request to destroy Syria's weapons

Oslo - Norway has denied a request by the United States to receive and destroy a bulk of Syria's chemical weapons because it does not have the capabilities to complete the task by the mid-2014 deadline set forth by the US and Russia.

Op-Ed: Assad's consistent ambiguity on Syria's chemical weapons

On one hand the Syrian President dismisses and trivializes any real significance regarding the surrender of his chemical weapons. On the other he describes it as a serious blow to morale and Syria's regional standing. Is he not contradicting himself?

Op-Ed: A terrible time to pull the rug out from under Egypt

The Obama administrations recent decision to halt weapon and monetary aid to Egypt's interim government at this point in time is a highly questionable one in regard to both practicality and principle.

Escalating Syrian conflict may delay UN chemical inspections

The UN chemical disarmament team in Syria, which set out to begin its mission yesterday, is already encountering difficulties as fears abound that their lives may be in danger due to the increasingly more violent situation in Syria.

Chemical inspectors begin work in Syria amidst ongoing war

International inspectors sent to begin work on dismantling Syria's chemical arsenal left their Damascus hotel to start as internal strife and war continues to ravage that country.

Syria claims Turkey constitutes an 'obstacle' to peace

Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem has said Turkey, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, constitute an obstacle to peace given their support for the Syrian opposition.

Syrians have been 'businesslike and efficient' in coordination

The Syrian regime has been cooperating with international weapons inspectors said the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which is preparing to visit Syria's chemical weapons facilities.

UNSC adopts resolution to dismantle Syria's chemical stockpile

The United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously on a resolution that will see to the dismantlement of the Syrian regimes chemical weapons stockpile.

Obama lauds Syria chemical resolution as a 'huge victory'

President Obama has hailed the UN resolution drafted with Russia's cooperation to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons arsenal as “a huge victory” for the world.

Assad slams US, Israeli use of radioactive, chemical weapons

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose forces likely targeted civilians with chemical weapons during a two-year civil war which has claimed more than 100,000 lives, lashed out at the US and Israel for their recent use of radioactive and chemical weapons.

White House: Obama could order attack on Syria

Washington - The White House announced that President Barack Obama could authorize a military attack against Syria following reports that government forces used chemical weapons against rebel fighters.

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