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Sierra Leone's secret societies mark bodies and minds

Freetown - Wearing a fading Mickey Mouse T-shirt, her knees hugged to her chest, eight-year-old Musu Kamara sits in a corrugated shack in Sierra Leone's capital waiting for her initiation into a secret society.

Hundreds march in Sierra Leone against sexual violence

Freetown - Hundreds of people demonstrated in Freetown on Saturday against sexual violence against women, days after the Sierra Leone government promised a crackdown on rape and sexual abuse.

Doing time in 'Hell': Life in Sierra Leone's rundown prisons

Freetown - A shaft of light penetrates the foul air through a fist-sized vent.It reveals naked, sweating bodies packed side-by-side like sardines, lying in darkness on a greasy concrete floor.

Sierra Leone remembers victims of deadly mudslide

Freetown - Sierra Leone's president Julius Maada Bio on Tuesday joined dozens of survivors of a mudslide that hit the capital of Freetown last year to remember the dead.

Anger over inflation, freedoms mark start of S. Leone presidency

Freetown - Sierra Leone's president, Julius Maada Bio, has encountered strong headwinds since he took office in April, buffeted by mounting concern over inflation and freedom of speech.

Sierra Leone war criminal to go free after ending jail term

Den Haag - An ex-Sierra Leone militia leader was Monday to walk free after serving a 15-year sentence, the first to complete a term imposed for crimes in the country's civil war, a UN court said.

Former soldier Bio wins Sierra Leone vote but opponent vows to contest

Freetown - Sierra Leone's opposition challenger Julius Maada Bio secured his first term in office as a civilian Wednesday when he was declared the winner of a controversial presidential run-off -- but his opponent vowed to contest the result.

Sierra Leone votes in delayed presidential run-off

Freetown - Vote counting was under way in Sierra Leone Saturday after the final round of a delayed run-off presidential election, pitting the handpicked successor of the outgoing president against a former coup leader,The election, the result of which is expected...

Sierra Leone heads to polls after bitter campaign

Freetown - Voters in the West African state of Sierra Leone were called out to vote on Saturday in the final round of a presidential campaign marked by verbal sparring, sporadic violence and a last-minute legal battle.

Sierra Leone picks new president after court delay

Freetown - Sierra Leone chooses a new president on Saturday following a delay caused by a ruling party-backed court case over alleged electoral fraud, spiking tensions following an already fractious campaign.The West African nation's 3.

Sierra Leone court lifts order halting presidential election

Freetown - Sierra Leone's High Court on Monday lifted an order that had halted the country's presidential runoff, although the electoral commission has requested a brief postponement after losing valuable time to prepare the vote.

Legal challenges threaten Sierra Leone presidential vote

Freetown - Sierra Leone is due to go the polls on Tuesday to pick a new president, but a court case could delay the vote following a campaign marked by violence and ethnic divisions.The West African nation's 3.

Sierra Leone parties spar as vote count continues

Freetown - Sierra Leone's two main parties traded verbal blows on Friday, with the opposition accusing the government of planning to announce an unconfirmed victory for its candidate in presidential elections.

Counting begins in Sierra Leone as opposition residence raided

Freetown - Counting began on Wednesday in Sierra Leone following a general election, as the residence of an opposition leader was raided by police.Polls closed at 5 pm as expected for the West African nation's 3.

Sierra Leone votes: little that glitters for gold miners

- Down a dirt road that slopes off a bridge, hundreds of men and women waist-deep in the river sift through gravel, separating specks of gold from the sludge.

Sierra Leone, cut down by war and Ebola

Freetown - The West African nation of Sierra Leone is among the world's poorest countries despite its significant mineral wealth, and scarred by a brutal civil war and the deadly Ebola virus.

Shifting fortunes for main parties as S. Leone votes

Freetown - Sierra Leone holds a general election on Wednesday with uncertainty over the impact of new movements vying to break the stranglehold of two parties which have ruled since independence from Britain in 1961.

Sierra Leone leader defends presidential candidate, record

- Sierra Leone's outgoing leader has defended the presidential candidate widely seen as his handpicked successor on amid accusations of personal interference, and hit out at opponents of an election day vehicle ban.

Sierra Leone health workers sue government in Ebola case

Dakar - Two Sierra Leonean health workers on Friday sued their government in a West African court, alleging its misuse of donor funds during the Ebola crisis had contributed to the deaths of thousands.

Sierra Leone's huge 'peace diamond' fetches $6.5 mn

New York - A huge so-called "peace diamond" sold by the government of Sierra Leone to discourage crime-tainted "blood diamonds" fetched $6.5 million on Monday.

Red Cross admits $6-million fraud during Ebola crisis

Geneva - The Red Cross has uncovered several cases of fraud by officials during efforts to combat the Ebola outbreak that struck West Africa in 2014-2016, estimating losses of $6-million (5.2 million euros).

Red Cross admits $6-million fraud during Ebola crisis

Geneva - The Red Cross has uncovered several cases of fraud by officials during efforts to combat the Ebola outbreak that struck West Africa in 2014-2016, estimating losses of $6-million (5.2 million euros).

Sierra Leone warns against swimming in Freetown waters

Freetown - Authorities in Sierra Leone on Tuesday warned tourists and locals against swimming in the capital's waters after 60 bodies washed up following deadly flooding and mudslides in Freetown last week.

'It could have been me': S.Leone struggles to recover from disaster

Freetown - Gathered in a Freetown church, worshippers struggled Sunday to come to terms with the devastation wrought by the flooding and mudslide that struck the Sierra Leone capital six days ago, as the arduous search for bodies continued.

Mass burials begin for 300 Sierra Leone flood victims

Freetown - Sierra Leone buried at least 300 victims of devastating floods on Thursday, as fears grew of more mudslides and accusations of government "inaction" over deforestation and poor urban planning mounted.

Sierra Leone mourns 100 children among dead in massive flooding

Freetown - Sierra Leone began a weeklong period of national mourning on Wednesday as it emerged that 105 children were killed by the mudslides and torrential flooding that have left 600 people still missing in Freetown, in one of the worst natural disasters to hi...

Sierra Leone appeals for urgent help after deadly floods

Freetown - Sierra Leone's president issued a desperate appeal for help, a day after flooding ravaged the country's capital, killing more than 300 people and leaving hundreds more missing.

312 dead as mudslides, flooding sweep through Sierra Leone capital

Freetown - At least 312 people were killed and more than 2,000 left homeless on Monday when heavy flooding hit Sierra Leone's capital of Freetown, leaving morgues overflowing and residents desperately searching for loved ones.

Divine diamonds: Sierra Leone pastor's 709-carat find

Freetown - Evangelical preacher Emmanuel Momoh prayed for five years that he would discover the diamond he needed to pull his family out of poverty in eastern Sierra Leone.

'The gallows are ready': Sierra Leone reconsiders death penalty

Freetown - For almost 20 years, Sierra Leone has avoided using the death penalty. But spurred by public outrage over ritual murders and gang violence, the government is moving once again to hang offenders.
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