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Research News

New research says the average Brit needs a holiday every 56 days

The average Brit "needs" a holiday every 56 days, new research has shown. A survey of 2,000 adults revealed tiredness and stress take their toll just eight weeks after returning to work from a break.

Peter Thiel, Jason Hope, and Google founders invest millions in breakthrough anti-aging research Promoted

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are about to change the world once again, but this time they intend to cure aging.

Study: Infants may be more perceptive than we think

According to a new study babies can recognize not only new objects but new paths taken by objects. For example a 10-month-old child can notice when objects such as tables move unnaturally.

Clean hydrogen energy can allegedly be produced from methane

Rio De Janeiro - Researcher Fabio B. Noronha claims that he and his team with the National Institute of Technology may have found a way to convert methane into hydrogen energy.

Studies find that empowering locals helps save the environment

Multiple studies have covered what happens when locals support their own environment instead of the government. According to these reports efficient, stable communities can protect the environment better than the big agencies.

Disgraced Japan stem cell scientist dead in apparent suicide

Tokyo - A renowned Japanese stem cell scientist who co-wrote research that was later retracted in an embarrassing scandal has been found dead of an apparent suicide, police said Tuesday.

Researchers create fastest network in the entire world

Researchers with the University of Denmark say that they have created the fastest network in the world, at 43 terabits per second, which would allow you to download full movies in around .2 milliseconds.

Scientific discovery changes how we view the moon

Most of our readers probably think of the moon as a circle, or perhaps as a "big pizza pie" as one song puts it. Researchers have now found that it is actually shaped like a lemon.

Formerly frozen region of Arctic Ocean now has sixteen-foot waves

According to geophysical research from the University of Washington and the Naval Research Laboratory in Mississippi, a previously frozen section of the Arctic Ocean now has massive waves.

Study: Cellphone laws do not reduce accidents

New research says cellphone bans do not actually cut down on accidents. After many media and government campaigns against "distracted driving" this may change how some people think.

Study: 'Good girls' and 'bad boys' have a dating advantage

According to new findings, men are more responsive to women who are attentive and seem caring on dates. Some common sense conclusions are now being backed up by science.

Top CDC anthrax researcher resigns

Atlanta - The former head of a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention biosecurity laboratory has left his post following a safety review of U.S. government labs.

Why doesn't Mackenzee Wittke age?

Mackenzee Wittke is a girl who stays young from year to year. In fact her body changes very little in any way. This case is drawing worldwide interest from scientists and the media since her condition stands out even among similar children.

Newly researched substance can trap dangerous gases

Richland - A new compound developed by scientists at the DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. According to early reports it has some significant value in trapping gases such as xenon, krypton, and radon.

Researchers discover unique dinosaur fossil with four wings

Changyuraptor yangi fossils were recently discovered in a Chinese expedition. The remains reveal a creature with four wings that has been dubbed the largest specimen of this type.

Video: Immense hole appears in Siberia and prompts expedition

A giant hole has opened up in northern Siberia. The sudden and unexpected appearance has prompted an immediate response from the scientific community.

Parasite found in litterboxes may aid cancer treatment

Lebanon - Toxoplasma gondii is the name of a parasite which lives in the fecal matter of cats. The body's response to the organism may be useful for defeating cancer.

Protein may be key to treating Parkinson's, brain cancer

Chapel Hill - Researchers have found that a protein present in the brain helps neurons and brain cancer cells avoid cell death, a discovery scientists hope will lead to better treatments for not only brain cancer, but for Parkinson’s Disease as well.

Video: Researchers use molten metal to grill a meal

Syracuse - Culinary researchers at Bompas & Parr performed an experiment with a makeshift grill which used a superheated stream to cook a steak with some corn. The results were mixed but it made for an impressive video.

Video: DARPA tests guided bullet for American military

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) organization was created to help integrate new technology into America's defensive organizations. Their latest project is a guided bullet which can track a target after being fired.

Doctors create early and effective form of Dengue vaccine

A new vaccine for Dengue Fever has been shown to both reduce the number of cases and reduce severe side effects for those who do get it. This may be the first step towards eliminating the ailment entirely.

AIDS research team in Iowa loses $1.38M grant

An AIDS research team at Iowa State University will not get the final $1.38 million payment of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) five-year grant after a team member admitted last year to faking research results.

UN given new and positive report on avoiding climate disaster

The report covers nearly every aspect of human society and asserts that the previous information the United Nations (UN) board was given is incorrect. Those creating and publishing the study believe climate change is not inevitable.

Medical marijuana research hampered

Molly Cooke, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, has said that many claims about medical marijuana are limited by a lack of experimental data. The reason for this is due to laws hampering research.

Study: Plants react defensively to being eaten

Missouri City - Following various studies, a report has been published by the University of Missouri-Colombia (MU) speculating that plant growth and reaction is influenced by sound, wind and touch.

Potential new drug may bring hope for Alzheimer's sufferers

New York - Experiments conducted by researchers at Sidney Strickland’s Laboratory of Neurobiology and Genetics at Rockefeller University have discovered a compound which may stop the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Nearby planet has atmosphere very similar to Earth

A new planet may be our best evidence yet that habitable worlds exist near Earth. New findings show that a "super-Earth" may be our ticket to the colonization of this galaxy.

Exploding tourism numbers threaten the environment of Antarctica

According to reports from scientists studying Antarctica the large increase in tourism there is a threat to the natural environment. The area hosts a wealth of scientific information that may be damaged by tourism.

Three drifting black holes foster new research for scientists

Three black holes have been observed to be drifting towards each other. Discussion is happening throughout the scientific community as we wait to see what happens when they have fully spiraled into one another.

Norway researchers took accident victims' organs without consent

Oslo - Norway's VG newspaper has revealed that government researchers in Norway removed organs from some 1,000 accident victims without asking the permission of their relatives. This was allegedly to build a biobank of control tissues for experiments.
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Research Image

Death s Acre - University of Tennesse  Forenic Anthropology Center
Death's Acre - University of Tennesse, Forenic Anthropology Center
UT - Anthropology Research Facility
Cells in a petri dish
Cells in a petri dish
Tucker heads to work
Tucker heads to work
Screen Capture
Orca whale
Orca whale
Minette Layne
Tucker trying to pick up the scent of whale scat.
Tucker trying to pick up the scent of whale scat.
Screen Capture
Gooseneck barnacles
Gooseneck barnacles
J Gibbons
A mouse being used for research/science purposes
A mouse being used for research/science purposes
by diabetesisfun
Simplified version of National Hurricane Center s Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale chart.
Simplified version of National Hurricane Center's Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale chart.
Poster from a Canadian science campaign
Poster from a Canadian science campaign
With permission by Reuters / Chris Wattie
High winds and floodwaters brought by hurricane Isabel caused extensive flooding to numerous classro...
High winds and floodwaters brought by hurricane Isabel caused extensive flooding to numerous classrooms, dormitories, athletic facilities and main roads throughout the U.S. Naval Academy. Hurricane Isabel, which cost the Navy nearly $130 million in damage in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., made landfall as a category 2 storm near Cape Hatteras, N.C., approximately 100 miles south of Norfolk, Va.
U.S. Navy photo
A baby baboon safely rests on his mothers back as she forages for food for both of them.
A baby baboon safely rests on his mothers back as she forages for food for both of them.
Animal rights activists around the world want science to cease experimenting on animals including pr...
Animal rights activists around the world want science to cease experimenting on animals including primates like this one found in laboratories across the country.
Feel free to download and review the data found in this FDA chart. Draw your own conclusions and eng...
Feel free to download and review the data found in this FDA chart. Draw your own conclusions and engage in the debate.
Kirsch I, Deacon B, Huedo-Medina T, Scoboria A, Moore T, Johnson B
Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 2005: Situation in South Plaquemines Parish  Louisiana near Empire  B...
Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 2005: Situation in South Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana near Empire, Buras and Boothville, United States of America. Photo taken: Aug. 30, 2005.
Crew of the NOAA Gulfstream IV
Mouse embryonic stem cells
Mouse embryonic stem cells
ChongDae-National Science Foundation employee
Microbes in a testtube
Microbes in a testtube
Cancer Research
Hepatitis C researcher John Law
Hepatitis C researcher John Law
University of Alberta
TO the left a case of iritis of the eye. A condition that is a common compliation of Ankylosing Spon...
TO the left a case of iritis of the eye. A condition that is a common compliation of Ankylosing Spondylitis. To the right shows how the spine of an AS patient slowly deforms and spinal fusion takes place.

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