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Lessons to be learned from cyberattacks hitting UK schools Special

During the pandemic many schools have just remote learning to a high level. While this partly addresses teaching time it has also left some schools open to cyberattack, as a new incident reveals.

Will the new 'normal' of work be a hybrid solution? Special

The consideration between a work force that returns to work and one that stays away presents an important consideration for businesses. A leading analyst recommends a hybrid solution as the key to future business growth.

Remote working continues to present challenges for businesses Special

Despite the teething troubles being overcome, remote working will continue to present security and technological challenges for the typical businesses. Getting on top of these is important, given the COVID-19 situation and further working from home.

Prediction: Work from home will challenge security in 2021 Special

Work from home now stands as part of the 'new normal' but while former office workers have gotten used to the concept, the cybersecurity vulnerabilities remain very real, as IronNet's Jamil Jaffer explains.

Are managers adequately supporting employees through COVID-19?

Coronavirus has disrupted the world of work. A new report finds that 84 percent of managers believe they are giving employees the support they need. However, the responses from employees are not necessarily in tune with this view.

CISO’s are key to make companies security safe under COVID-19 Special

To mark the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Brent Johnson of Bluefin explains just how important the role of the Chief information security officer (CISO) is to major firms.

What are the best homework habits during COVID-19?

As cases or coronavirus infection continue to rise worldwide, more people are electing or being told) to be schooled from home. This places additional strains and stresses on parents. A leading expert provided some advice.

New Data: Workplace sentiment during the pandemic

A new survey reveals just how well (or badly) employees and managers are faring during the pandemic and work-from-home protocols.

IT pro day: Time to recognize your IT professionals Special

Information Technology professionals were key to maintaining business continuity during lockdown. September's IT Pro Day provides an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts that helpdesks have put in to assisting with remote working.

Why it's important to prioritize mental health during remote work Special

For some people the lack of social interaction and the demands associated with juggling family in an attempt to secure a work-life balance are taking their toll as remote working looks set to continue for some time.

Smooth Streaming: Tips to help improve broadband speed Special

Many office workers transferred to the home setting are struggling to get effective broadband speeds. While much of this is in the hands of the provider, there are things that individuals can do to boost their speed.

Some professions are supported more than others by IT at home

Are remote workers being underserved? It depends on the sector they work in, according to a new survey. The survey indicates those professions that are considered to be of less value, despite undertaking very important work for society as a whole.

Biggest broadband issues for those remote-working

A good quality Internet connection is essential for home working, yet many broadband services are substandard. Investment in infrastructure is needed long-term. In the short-term, a new surveys highlights day-to-day issues.

What do employees really think about remote working?

Working from home presents many challenges and there are scores of articles looking into the technical aspects. But what do employees themselves really think about the process and the impact on work-life balance?

Declining employee productivity in a remote world

COVID-19 has led to an increase in the rate of remote working, and aspects of remote working look set to become part of the 'new normal'. Most reports cite an increase in productivity from remote work; however, one survey presents a different view.

Too few people are concerned about working-from-home security

A new survey finds that only a low number of U.S. citizens - 31 percent - are concerned about working-from-home data security. Such concerns are important, given the increased application of remote working during COVID-19.

The future of work is all about remote working: Expert commentary Special

What will be the future of work post-COVID-19? According to Pulse Secure's Mike Riemer, there will be a larger remote workforce with cybersecurity built into the culture. The industry expert explains more, including the importance of Zero Trust

How to best interview candidates while remote working? Special

COVID-19 has led to more digital networking and this is impacting on recruitment. For this 'new normal', would-be employees need to consider new approaches to interviews in order to stand a good chance in what has become an unconventional job market.

How business can transition to WFH as the new normal

For many companies, working remotely is the new normal, with many already choosing to make WFH arrangements permanent. One major challenge with this arrangement for employers is the need to protect trade secrets.

Steps for keeping the remote workforce secure Special

The demand for remote working as a result of COVID-19 has invariably placed pressures on organizations to ensure the availability of resources outside of corporate control. Cindy Provin, General Manager at nCipher Security provides some advice.

What WFH means for data strategy

With the changing landscape of workforces, the importance of a flexible data strategy is growing daily. But does such a strategy look like? Is this cloud-based or is a hybrid system best?

Working from home? How to protect yourself from employer spying Special

Employer surveillance is on the rise, aimed at those undertaking remote working. How can employees protect themselves? Ideas include not using work equipment for your personal activities, chatting securely, and securing company files.

How the pharmaceutical sector is adapting to remote working

For an industry based largely on manufacturing and scientific research, the pharmaceutical sector has needed to adapt in novel ways in order to meet the home working requirements fostered upon it due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Changing work: Increased cloud adoption is happening Special

The refocusing of the workforce is leading to many changes, from a step change in cloud computing adoption to a rise in insider threats. Our third feature is based around commentary from Anurag Kahol.

Post-COVID-19 working: The end of passwords? Special

Many changes are afoot in the post-COVID-19 world, especially in relation to ways of working and with issues surrounding cybersecurity. In out second special feature, we hear from Robert Prigge.

Post-COVID-19 security predictions: Where are we heading? Special

What will the future of work look like? One thing appears certain is that the future of work has changed, particularly with remote working and security. A number of experts provide their thoughts to Digital Journal. This is the first in a series.

London: The most Internet-friendly city for WFH during lockdown

Given the reliance on working-from-home and with remote working now established as the 'new normal', where are the cities in the world which offer the best connectivity? A new survey reveals the answers.

Q&A: Maintaining a remote work model post-coronavirus Special

In the transition to remote work, development teams at many organizations worked overtime in rapid response to coronavirus by ramping up software implementation. Now we are in the 'new normal', what are the longer-term issues?

Facebook extends work from home until 2021 Special

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that most of its employees will be allowed to continue to work from home through the end of 2020. For a major corporation to do so, this signals that a new 'normal' is upon us.

Home working becomes the new norm, but it brings security risks Special

Is remote working the new normal for 2020? As two major technology companies announce that they do not expect workers to come back on site to next year, given the coronavirus situation. Yet, longer periods of remote working presents new security risks.
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