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Too few people are concerned about working-from-home security

A new survey finds that only a low number of U.S. citizens - 31 percent - are concerned about working-from-home data security. Such concerns are important, given the increased application of remote working during COVID-19.

The future of work is all about remote working: Expert commentary Special

What will be the future of work post-COVID-19? According to Pulse Secure's Mike Riemer, there will be a larger remote workforce with cybersecurity built into the culture. The industry expert explains more, including the importance of Zero Trust

How to best interview candidates while remote working? Special

COVID-19 has led to more digital networking and this is impacting on recruitment. For this 'new normal', would-be employees need to consider new approaches to interviews in order to stand a good chance in what has become an unconventional job market.

How business can transition to WFH as the new normal

For many companies, working remotely is the new normal, with many already choosing to make WFH arrangements permanent. One major challenge with this arrangement for employers is the need to protect trade secrets.

Steps for keeping the remote workforce secure Special

The demand for remote working as a result of COVID-19 has invariably placed pressures on organizations to ensure the availability of resources outside of corporate control. Cindy Provin, General Manager at nCipher Security provides some advice.

What WFH means for data strategy

With the changing landscape of workforces, the importance of a flexible data strategy is growing daily. But does such a strategy look like? Is this cloud-based or is a hybrid system best?

Working from home? How to protect yourself from employer spying Special

Employer surveillance is on the rise, aimed at those undertaking remote working. How can employees protect themselves? Ideas include not using work equipment for your personal activities, chatting securely, and securing company files.

How the pharmaceutical sector is adapting to remote working

For an industry based largely on manufacturing and scientific research, the pharmaceutical sector has needed to adapt in novel ways in order to meet the home working requirements fostered upon it due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Changing work: Increased cloud adoption is happening Special

The refocusing of the workforce is leading to many changes, from a step change in cloud computing adoption to a rise in insider threats. Our third feature is based around commentary from Anurag Kahol.

Post-COVID-19 working: The end of passwords? Special

Many changes are afoot in the post-COVID-19 world, especially in relation to ways of working and with issues surrounding cybersecurity. In out second special feature, we hear from Robert Prigge.

Post-COVID-19 security predictions: Where are we heading? Special

What will the future of work look like? One thing appears certain is that the future of work has changed, particularly with remote working and security. A number of experts provide their thoughts to Digital Journal. This is the first in a series.

London: The most Internet-friendly city for WFH during lockdown

Given the reliance on working-from-home and with remote working now established as the 'new normal', where are the cities in the world which offer the best connectivity? A new survey reveals the answers.

Q&A: Maintaining a remote work model post-coronavirus Special

In the transition to remote work, development teams at many organizations worked overtime in rapid response to coronavirus by ramping up software implementation. Now we are in the 'new normal', what are the longer-term issues?

Facebook extends work from home until 2021 Special

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that most of its employees will be allowed to continue to work from home through the end of 2020. For a major corporation to do so, this signals that a new 'normal' is upon us.

Home working becomes the new norm, but it brings security risks Special

Is remote working the new normal for 2020? As two major technology companies announce that they do not expect workers to come back on site to next year, given the coronavirus situation. Yet, longer periods of remote working presents new security risks.

Q&A: Four reasons to innovate during the coronavirus crisis Special

The environment in which businesses operate is always changing rapidly and creating reasons to innovate. Yet none of these changes have seemed quite as urgent as the current coronavirus crisis, according to Philip Atherton.

Remote workforce gets a boost from productivity tool Special

The use of productivity tools are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the majority of businesses have shifted to a remote workforce and, in many cases, productivity is a key issue firms are dealing with.

Six ways to be secure while working from home Special

With more and more people forced to remote work from home, due to the requirement for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, how can cybersecurity best be maintained? Mat Newfield, Unisys Chief Information Security Officer provides some tips.

Q&A: Strategies for home schooling children during COVID-19 Special

While many schools will have provided some curriculum based tools to keep kids learning, what should do parents with your preschool children? Looking into this is Founder and CEO of Roybi Robot, Elnaz Sarraf.

How to avoid waiting on hold for 4 hours during COVID-19 Special

According to CEO and Chairman, Louis Tetu, there’s a need for companies to go digital so they can avoid the four hour wait times that happening due to people calling customer service in every industry. With this direction, AI solutions can also help.

Some tech tips to increase productivity while working from home

For many, unused to home working, being away from the office can be challenging, especially in terms of time management and accessing different types of software designed to facilitate remote working.

Q&A: Cloud computing — the ultimate virus protection? Special

Cloud communications are playing a vital part in making remote work actually work, according to Nicholas Kyriakides, expert in cloud-based communications and COO of netTALK Connect. Kyriakides outlines why this is so.

How secure is it for employees to work from home during COVID-19? Special

Many employees are working from home as a means of maintaining social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. While remote working undoubtedly brings benefits, it is important that cybersecurity measures are maintained.

How Zoom came to expose thousands of recordings Special

A topical data breach story for the era of remote working, Zoom has exposed thousands of recorded video calls open on the web for anyone to access. Cloud security specialist, CTO and Co-founder Chris DeRamus of DivvyCloud, provides analysis.

Q&A: New video technology to aid remote working Special

Helping personnel with remote working in relation to the coronavirus pandemic is proving challenging to businesses. One solution is Jamm, a new lightweight video engagement platform. Badri Rajasekar explains more.

Tips for managing a growing work-from-home workforce Special

The novel coronavirus has disrupted the world of work. James Carder, Chief Security Officer & Vice President of LogRhythm, sets out some tips for companies and what they must do as the world shifts to a remote workforce.

Ransomware and Covid-19: Risks grow with increased WFH needs Special

There has been a rise in ransomware attacks that are taking advantage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Russell P. Reeder, from Infrascale, looks deeper into the risks for people working at home.

Coronavirus is presenting new challenges for remote working Special

COVID-19 has led to an increase in remote work. This has left IT departments scrambling to secure a plethora of new and unknown endpoints (personal laptops, Wi-Fi, printers, and so on). Mike Quinn and Greg Morrell of Active Cypher examine the issue.

How U.S. companies can prepare in the face of coronavirus Special

With Microsoft and Amazon now enforcing remote work policies in responses to coronavirus, many enterprises are attempting to rapidly deploy mobile work platforms. Scott Gor​don looks at how companies can manage the remote working surge.

Q&A: Collaboration technologies bring holiday cheer to workers Special

Collaboration technologies are changing the way we work and systems enable businesses to maintain continuity and for employees to spend more time with their families, especially over the holiday season.
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