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France's 'yellow vests' mark six months of protests with numbers dwindling

Reims - "Yellow vest" protesters turned out across France Saturday to mark six months of rallies against President Emmanuel Macron's policies, but with their numbers dwindling, according to a government tally.

France's 'yellow vests' mark six months of protests with numbers dwindling

Reims - "Yellow vest" protesters turned out across France Saturday to mark six months of rallies against President Emmanuel Macron's policies, but with their numbers dwindling, according to a government tally.

France's 'yellow vests' mark six months of protests with numbers dwindling

Reims - "Yellow vest" protesters turned out across France Saturday to mark six months of rallies against President Emmanuel Macron's policies, but with their numbers dwindling, according to a government tally.

Italian nationalsts rally to their 'captain' against Brussels

Milan - Thousands of Italians turned out in Milan on Saturday to support their "captain" Matteo Salvini, the far-right leader they see as taking their battle against the European Union to Brussels.

Will the US Supreme Court reconsider abortion rights?

Washington - American evangelicals have high hopes that the US Supreme Court, with its newfound conservative majority, will be tempted to chip away at its historic decision to legalize abortion.

Brazil's ex-president Temer turns himself in to police

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's ex-president Michel Temer handed himself in to police in Sao Paulo on Thursday, the day after a court ordered his return to prison.

In friendly Florida, Trump dreams of victory in 2020

Panama City Beach - "We had some great times here you remember? Before that great election, that great, great election, '16 right. And now we have '20 coming up!

New York Senate votes to grant access to Trump's taxes

New York - The New York Senate adopted a bill Wednesday to grant the US Congress access to Donald Trump's state tax returns, after the US president blocked attempts by congressional committees to review his past filings.

New York gala for Brazil's Bolsonaro loses some sponsors

New York - Several companies have ditched plans to sponsor a gala honoring Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro in New York, after thousands of people demanded it be scrapped.

Guaido makes new appeal to Venezuela army ahead of Mayday protests

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido used his latest mass rally on Saturday to reiterate an appeal to the army to end its support for Nicolas Maduro's regime, and announced massive Mayday protests to oust the embattled president.

Algeria protesters keep up pressure after resignations, arrests

Alger - Algerian protesters vowed Friday to keep up the pressure on the regime left behind by Abdelaziz Bouteflika, staging a tenth consecutive weekly mass rally after a string of people close to the toppled president were sacked or arrested over alleged graft...

Trump golf course's Scottish neighbours demand apology

London - Residents living near a golf course built by US President Donald Trump in Scotland are demanding an apology from their local council for allowing the venture to go ahead, a meeting will hear later Thursday.

South Africa still waiting on post-apartheid promises

Johanesburg - The election 25 years ago of South Africa's first black president, the late Nelson Mandela, who inspired the struggle against apartheid, was a time of soaring hope that the bruised country would reconcile after decades of discrimination and inequality....

Freed Nicaraguan prisoner tells of torture

Managua - One Nicaraguan guard pinned his hand to a table with his knee while another ripped out a nail with a pair of pliers. Opposition supporter Lenin Rojas, recently released from prison to house arrest, says he screamed in pain.

Facebook says it stored 'millions' of unencrypted Instagram passwords

San Francisco - "Millions" of Instagram users had their passwords stored in unencrypted form on internal servers, Facebook said Thursday, raising its original estimate of tens of thousands.

Algerian students back on the streets despite police deployment

Alger - Thousands of Algerian students chanting "peaceful" rallied Tuesday in the capital as they defiantly faced police officers who barred them from reaching the focal point of weeks of protests.

Loyal but fed up: South Africans' patience with ANC running low

"In 1994 we voted for Nelson Mandela, then for Thabo Mbeki, then again for Jacob Zuma. But nothing has changed," sighed Aubrey Kutlawano after attending an election rally by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

'Hitler would have loved social media': Disney CEO

Los Angeles - Disney CEO Bob Iger on Thursday called upon US politicians to reject hate in the run up to the 2020 election -- and claimed that Adolf Hitler would have "loved social media" as a tool to spread extremist propaganda.

Pipe dream or shrewd bet? Lesser-known Democrats in White House fight

Washington - With a record-breaking 18 Democrats already running to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020, the lower-tier candidates hang on, spending millions of dollars and countless hours on a fight almost certain to end in their defeat.

Protests keep up pressure on Algeria regime despite new president

Alger - Algerian demonstrators kept up protests Wednesday against the ruling elite despite a pledge from the interim head of state to hold "transparent" presidential elections following veteran leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika's resignation.

Algeria's new president, a seasoned regime insider

Alger - Algeria's interim president Abdelkader Bensalah is a seasoned establishment insider who has a track record of stepping in for his veteran predecessor.

Trump sees tight race between 'two good people' for Israel PM

Las Vegas - US President Donald Trump struck a cautious tone Saturday about the outcome of Israel's parliamentary vote, saying there is a "close" race for the premiership between "two good people.""How is the race going by the way?

Fayez al-Sarraj, UN-backed Libya leader in turmoil

Tripoli - The leader of Libya's UN-backed government, Fayez al-Sarraj is a trained architect who has for years struggled to political and economic crises to rebuild the North African country.

Family of MH17 victim sues Russia banks, US money transfer companies

New York - The family of an American teenager killed aboard the MH17 flight launched a court case Thursday against Russian banks and US money transfer companies for helping to finance pro-Moscow separatists accused of shooting it down over Ukraine.

No progress in Nicaragua talks as deadline passes

Managua - A Wednesday deadline passed without progress in months-long talks aimed at resolving Nicaragua's deadly political crisis, with the opposition accusing the government of lacking political will.

For jaded Russians, Ukraine's Zelensky is 'breath of fresh air'

Moscow - The soaring popularity of Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky, who led the first round of presidential polls, has intrigued Russians with many warming to his calls for dialogue with Moscow, and laughing along with his Russian-language humour.

Gun control, climate: a new US generation takes to the barricades

New York - In the United States, David Hogg is a leading campaigner for gun control, while in Europe, Greta Thunberg fights to defend the climate.

Thousands march in Italy against anti-gay, anti-abortion group

Verona - Tens of thousands of people marched in the northern Italian city of Verona Saturday to protest a meeting of the anti-gay, anti-abortion US-based World Congress of Families.

Huge rallies in Algiers despite loyalist calls for president to quit

Alger - Anti-government protesters thronged the streets of Algeria's capital and other cities on Friday, saying moves by top loyalists to abandon ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika were not enough.

Macron picks career diplomat to lead European Parliament battle

Paris - France's European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau said Monday that she would resign her post to lead President Emmanuel Macron's centrist campaign for the European Parliament elections in May, hoping to counter a populist and eurosceptic wave in cou...
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