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Whistleblower Manning seeks US Senate seat

Washington - Whistleblower Chelsea Manning, jailed for leaking classified information, is seeking election to the US Senate in the state of Maryland, a document seen on Saturday says.

Tunisia anti-austerity protests: what next?

Tunis - Tunisia has been shaken by a wave of protests against austerity measures that have seen nearly 800 people arrested over the past few days.

US, NKorea closer to war than ever: former US military chief

Washington - The United States is now closer than it has ever been to a nuclear war with North Korea, a former top US military officer warned Sunday, saying he saw little prospect of a diplomatic solution.

Turkey rages after 'coup' officer granted asylum in Greece

Atenas - The Turkish foreign ministry on Saturday slammed a decision in Greece to grant asylum to a Turkish helicopter co-pilot, who fled the country after last year's failed coup, as "politically motivated" and warned of a negative impact on bilateral relation...

Poland in the EU: challenging times for a dream come true

Warsaw - Poland's entry into the European Union in 2004 was a dream come true just 15 years after it shed communism, but today its rightwing government is posing an unprecedented challenge to the authority of Brussels in enforcing democratic standards, includin...

Thousands rally demanding Saakashvili's release in Ukraine

Kiev - Thousands of people rallied Sunday in central Kiev to demand the release of detained former Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili and the impeachment of his rival, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

After Weinstein scandal, powerful men fall like dominoes

Washington - Democratic Senator Al Franken on Thursday became the latest in a succession of famous American men felled by allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Detained Morocco protest leader hospitalised during court hearing

Rabat - The hunger-striking leader of a Moroccan protest movement that rocked the country's north was rushed to hospital Tuesday during a hearing at a Casablanca court, one of his lawyers said.

Dutch anti-Islam MP lodges 'discrimination' case against PM

Den Haag - Dutch far-right MP Geert Wilders on Thursday sought to take legal action against Prime Minister Mark Rutte, accusing him of discrimination against the Dutch people."We are treated like second class citizens in our own country.

Native Americans slam Trump 'Pocahontas' jibe

Washington - Native American leaders Tuesday accused President Donald Trump of insulting their heritage, after he dubbed a political rival "Pocahontas" during a White House event intended to honor Navajo veterans.

E.Guinea ruling party maintains grip on power

Malabo - The ruling party in Equatorial Guinea has maintained a firm grip on power after sweeping to another landslide victory in elections widely criticised by the opposition as fraudulent, according to official results.

Ousted Caracas mayor arrives in Madrid after fleeing house arrest

Madrid - The former mayor of Caracas, a staunch opponent of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, arrived in Madrid early Saturday after escaping house arrest and fleeing to Colombia.

Trump reverses elephant trophy decision, keeps ban

Washington - President Donald Trump said Friday he will uphold a ban on importing trophies of elephants hunted and killed in Zimbabwe, pending further review, reversing his own administration's decision from just a day earlier after a public outcry.

Exasperated Kenyans plead for new leaders

Nairobi - As Kenya wrestles with its worst political crisis in a decade, more and more of its people see themselves as hostages of the ethnic rivalries of the country's politicians and beg for new leaders who will fight for all citizens.

Maltese demand justice for murdered reporter

Valletta - Thousands of people flocked to a rally Sunday to demand justice for murdered Maltese journalist and anti-corruption blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia.

'Three killed' in Togo opposition clashes

Lom - Togo's opposition on Thursday said three people were killed and dozens more injured as gangs of youths clashed with security forces trying to prevent the latest anti-government protest in the capital.

Bridge of discord between Croatia and Bosnia

- Pero Brbora farms his shellfish in Croatia but has to cross the border into Bosnia, and out again, to sell them in his homeland.

Nigeria president denounces Biafran separatists

Abuja - President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday railed against separatists seeking Nigeria's "dismemberment" and called for "proper" dialogue after clashes between pro-Biafra activists and security forces in the restive southeast.

Cameroon city deserted ahead of 'independence' declaration

Buea - The main city in a restive English-speaking region of Cameroon was a virtual ghost town Saturday, with armed police patrolled the streets on the eve of an expected -- but symbolic -- declaration of independence from the French-speaking country by anglo...

Ivory Coast produces record cocoa crop

Abidjan - The cocoa crop of Ivory Coast, the world's biggest producer, increased 28.5 percent to a record 2.15 million tonnes in the 2016-17 season, the national Coffee and Cocoa Council said Friday.Exports increased by 23.3 percent to 1.

Spain targets polling stations as Catalan referendum nears

Barcelona - Spanish security forces on Tuesday began working to "neutralise" polling stations for a banned independence referendum in Catalonia as US President Donald Trump said Spain should remain united.

Togo readies for fresh protests amid charges of repression

Lom - Opposition parties in Togo readied for a second day of demonstrations on Thursday over the rule of President Faure Gnassingbe, the scion of Africa's oldest political dynasty, amid accusations of harsh repression by the security forces.

Spain police launch graft probe in Catalan president's fiefdom

Girona - Spanish police carried out searches on Tuesday across Girona, a fiefdom of Catalonia's pro-separatist president Carles Puigdemont, as part of probe into suspected graft at a local water company, police said.

Togo panel approves controversial constitutional reform plan

Lom - A parliamentary panel in Togo on Friday approved a controversial bill to revamp the constitution and introduce a presidential term limit, after days of protests against the regime of Faure Gnassingbe, the scion of Africa's oldest political dynasty.

German aid to migrants creating pull effect: minister

Berlin - German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere warned Saturday that Berlin's generous offer of benefits for asylum seekers was a siren call for migrants."The benefits for refugees in Germany are quite high compared to other EU countries.

Mali's president suspends revising constitution under opposition pressure

Bamako - Mali's president has suspended plans for a referendum on constitutional change, a move cheered by the opposition Saturday after months of street protests against the reforms.

Putin cultivates strongman persona with holiday adventures

Moscow - Russia's President Vladimir Putin, who loves to cultivate a virile man-of-action image, was shown on Russian TV Saturday spear-fishing in a camouflage wetsuit, piloting a powerboat and catching some rays while on a Siberian holiday.

In strongman's grip, Chechnya looks to become unlikely tourist draw

Moscow - At nighttime in the Chechen capital of Grozny an immense fountain lights up and its jets of water dance to the music of Celine Dion. "It is more beautiful than Las Vegas," says the city's mayor Muslim Khuchiyev.

Senegal kicks off fractious legislative campaign

Dakar - Senegal kicked off campaigning Sunday for parliamentary elections later this month, with a record number of candidates vying to weaken President Macky Sall -- including 91-year-old ex-leader Abdoulaye Wade.

Missing Venezuelan chopper pilot behind grenade attack reappears

Caracas - A Venezuelan helicopter pilot who vanished after dropping grenades on the Supreme Court has reappeared in an online video, as justices on Wednesday considered whether to hold a trial that would remove the country's defiant chief prosecutor.
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