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Facebook and Google duped out of $100 million in phishing scam

In march, news surfaced about a phishing scheme that scammed two US tech giants. At the time, the names were not disclosed, but it turned out that the victims were Google and Facebook.

Spammers pounce on Ashley Madison hack & Windows 10

Spam and phishing attempts continue to get more sophisticated, and even savvy Internet users are sometimes confused by an ultra-realistic looking email or webpage.

The latest Yahoo! password theft scam

The phishers and on-line scammers are getting both more sophisticated and more determined, but you can still stay one step ahead of them.

Op-Ed: PayPal eBay spoof and what to do about it Special

Sydney - There’s nothing quite like getting an email telling you you’ve just paid out money to someone you’ve never heard of. It looked very like a typical PayPal receipt, so I followed it up. Could have been a big mistake, but fortunately it wasn’t.

Newest Amazon phishing scam emerges, holiday shoppers beware

As holiday shopping continues in full swing, scammers have kicked it up a notch and are phishing for information from customers.

New Netflix phishing scams spreading through email and mobile

Over the past several years phishing scams have grown more prevalent as they continue to cleverly impersonate reputable companies as a means to gain trust and steal personal information.

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