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Review: ‘Animal Farm’ ditches clever Orwellian satire for broad comedy Special

Toronto - A few people have given me strange looks when I’ve told them that I find “Animal Farm” to be a very funny book. Those who’ve read George Orwell’s story in school might remember a dark, violent political satire, not a zany giggle fest.

Stéphane Hessel, inspiration for the Indignados, dies aged 95

Stéphane Hessel, the former French resistance fighter, diplomat and political activist, often regarded as the inspiration for the Indignados movement, the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring, died in Paris on Tuesday at the age of 95.

Video: Occupy Wall Street to launch 'Rolling Jubilee'

Movements of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) have banded together to create "Strike Debt." Through Strike Debt, an initiative called "Rolling Jubilee" has been created with a simple goal: buy up debt and forgive it.

Occupy activist, police join together to help retired detective

Fayetteville - Putting past conflicts aside, Occupy Atlanta members and police stood side by side on Monday in a show of support for retired Atlanta Police Detective Jaqueline Barber.

Op-Ed: Surveillance gets much more invasive, but what are your options?

Sydney - Surveillance technology is big news, but its capabilities are usually underrated. The current technology is perfectly capable of creating a police state. If this technology had been available to Stalin, the Gulags would have been ten times bigger.

Julian Assange 'The World Tomorrow' — Ep. 7: Occupy movement

London - "There's nothing that terrifies the U.S. government more than the threat of democracy breaking out in America." Julian Assange interviews representatives from OWS and Occupy London.

Op-Ed: Occupy Movements — Saving our planet requires Economics re-write

On 1 May 2012, Occupy movements in several cities used the workers' holiday to relaunch their campaigns. A CBC radio documentary which aired several weeks ago emphasized the "Occupy Vision" to replace capitalism with economic democracy.

Op-Ed: Anybody but Obamney

It's Ron Paul, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Rocky Anderson vs. the Lesser of Two Evils in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections.

West coast ports are latest target of Occupy movement

Oakland - The Occupy movement is showing new signs of life after police in many U.S. cities raided their camps during the last month, acts which have helped the movement become engaged in new targets, including Monday’s west coast ports in North America.

Occupy Claremont is small but effective

Claremont - In what is possibly the smallest occupy movement to have formed so far, members of Occupy Claremont set up camp outside City Hall last Sunday. It has been reported that there are only 3 participants in the group.

Occupy Black Friday: Movement protests retailers

The Occupy Movement came out to protest retailers on Black Friday as eager shoppers flooded the stores to try and buy specially priced items.

Occupy movement costing millions, except for Occupy Dallas at $0

The Occupy movement protests have cost Americans approximately $13 million during its first two months, with the heaviest financial burden on the law enforcement agencies. The harsher the clashes between protestors and police, the steeper the costs.

Op-Ed: Although police have moved in, 'Occupy' still has a job to do

The long-awaited showdown between police and 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters has indeed been ugly at points, but continues to proceed in a relatively civil manner. Many now question whether the movement can survive following widespread eviction notices.

Thousands of OccupyTO protesters march on Yonge to 'Evict Ford' Special

Toronto - Thousands of Occupy Toronto protesters marched on Yonge Street to city hall Saturday in one of the largest demonstrations since it formed in October. From Communists to Ron Paul supporters to Anarchists, everyone was there.

Occupy London protesters invade Swiss bank office block

Hackney - Occupy London protesters claim to have taken over an office block in Hackney, London, belonging to the global finance and banking giant United Bank of Switzerland (UBS).

Occupy Nova Scotia told to leave park

Halifax - Protesters in Nova Scotia are making new plans after a few of them were arrested on Friday. The arrests occurred at the site of Occupy Nova Scotia.

Occupy Toronto goes singing in the downtown Special

Toronto - A group of minstrels were on the streets of Toronto this afternoon bringing a bit of musical flair. The buskers from Occupy Toronto weren't out for tips but rather taking their message to the streets peacefully.

Op-Ed: Which one percenters should we be after?

Toronto - The Occupy Toronto movement is part of a global movement where protesters representing 99 percent of the population are fighting against the one percent who are in control of much of the world's power.

Video: Man shot with rubber bullet for filming Oakland Police

Oakland - A disturbing video showing an Occupy Oakland participant filming a police line ends in violence when an unidentified police officer draws his weapon and fires at the protester hitting him directly in the face.

Op-Ed: Photo Essay - Occupy Los Angeles, Laid Back in November Special

Los Angeles - I recently revisited Occupy Los Angeles. Police were all smiles, yoga class was in full stretch, dinner was free hot dogs and french fries, and surf was running 2-4 feet out of the southwest.

Op-Ed: Website for Occupy Wall Street Provides Solidarity and Hope

At a time when local governments are beginning to crack down on occupy movements across the country including Oakland, San Diego and Nashville, the website has become a beacon of information we can all look to.

OccupyWiki Opens Worldwide Bulletin Board for Occupy Movement

Occupywiki opens as a giant online bulletin board in support of the worldwide occupy movement. London wants: wolly hats and scarves, offered: Xerox Phaser 3500 office copier.

Occupy San Diego Recovers a Day After Police Shut Down Protest Special

San Diego - In a predawn raid, on Friday October 28, hundreds of police officers in full riot gear, wielding batons converged on the Occupy San Diego tent city in front of the Civic Center building. 51 people were arrested including several members of the media.

CBO Cites Income Inequality

As the Occupy Wall Street movement persists in cities across America and gains supporters across the globe, a new report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) echoes the concerns raised by the movement’s growing legions.

Occupy movement plans general strike over Scott Olsen's injury

Oakland - Scott Olsen, a two-tour veteran of the Iraq war, suffered a cracked skull during a police crackdown on Oakland Occupy protesters Tuesday. Now, demonstrators are taking that up as a central rallying point, mulling over calling for a Nov. 2 general strike.

Occupy Edinburgh - peaceful protest in St Andrew's Square Special

Edinburgh - The Occupy movement has spread steadily around the world and now the Scottish capital becomes part of that as Occupy Edinburgh takes over St Andrew's Square.

Five Occupy Fort Worth protesters arrested Special

Fort Worth - Five Occupy Fort Worth protesters have been arrested at Burnett Park near downtown Fort Worth, TX, for refusing to vacate three tents.

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Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
Portrait of Stéphane Hessel - pictured 2011
Portrait of Stéphane Hessel - pictured 2011
Wikimedia Commons - Rama
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
A sign from the Occupy L.A. protest.
A sign from the Occupy L.A. protest.
A sign pasted onto a tent that reads:  Capitalism has crashed! Install new system?
A sign pasted onto a tent that reads: "Capitalism has crashed! Install new system?"
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
San Diego police
San Diego police
2 000 Occupy Toronto protesters marching the downtown streets.
2,000 Occupy Toronto protesters marching the downtown streets.
Army veteran and chaplain Ron Dismuke at the occupy San Diego site after the police predawn raid on ...
Army veteran and chaplain Ron Dismuke at the occupy San Diego site after the police predawn raid on the encampment.
Occupy Edinburgh - an empty table and chairs at the protest site
Occupy Edinburgh - an empty table and chairs at the protest site
Occupy Edinburgh - the tents remain
Occupy Edinburgh - the tents remain
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
 We are the 99%  and  99% serve 1% you are the 99%  more signs around the Occupy Edinburgh tented vi...
"We are the 99%" and "99% serve 1% you are the 99%" more signs around the Occupy Edinburgh tented village in St Andrew's Square
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Edinburgh
A photograph donated by Ben Dyson of Positive Money.
A photograph donated by Ben Dyson of Positive Money.

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