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Op-Ed: Super-intelligent AI ‘uncontrollable’ — Define the risks, idiots

Sydney - Research has indicated that a truly intelligent artificial intelligence would be “uncontrollable”. Risks are described as potentially catastrophic. That’s hardly good enough. This clickbait terror isn’t exactly impressive.

Op-Ed: Crops grown successfully in Moon, Mars soil simulants

Wageningen - New research has successfully grown tomatoes, peas, and other foods in simulated Moon and Martian soils. The findings are encouraging, with significant implications for off-world horticulture, but have also raised some natural areas of debate.

Op-Ed: Robot receptionists — The new social robots, and big questions

Singapore - Her name is Nadine, she works at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and she’s the new face of robotics. She’s Siri with moods, humanoid, and responds to people by looking them in the eye. ….And?

Op-Ed: Australian tobacco plant — Miracle space food, or high risk?

Sydney - An Australian tobacco plant which has no immune system is one of the staples for medical research for that reason. It doesn’t interfere with test materials. It’s now seen as a great way of developing plants to grow in space, BUT…

Op-Ed: Asimov’s vision of 2014 — How the world lost track of itself

Sydney - If you’re a member of the “totally trashed” generations, X-Z, reading Isaac Asimov’s visions of 2014 will look like some other world. It is. It’s where the world should be now. He got a lot of the tech right, but got the culture wrong.

Op-Ed: IBM’s cognitive computers are coming & they reprogram themselves

Sydney - What do you think of a computer which can learn and reprogram itself? IBM flagged this with its Watson system, but things are moving fast. The game show playing Watson is now being replaced by serious computing capabilities.

Op-Ed: Hey thought leaders! Can you think? Like, at all?

Sydney - This article isn’t going to be full of awe and praise for the world’s self-proclaimed thought leaders. You may have also guessed there’s a reason for that. I’ve been researching “thought leadership”, and the more I see, the more I despise.

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