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Changing digital transformation landscape for 2021 Special

Next year is likely to hearld a changing digital transformation landscape, plus an the expanding augmented reality-trained workforce, together with the need for increased computer integration. This is according to Keith Higgins of Rockwell Automation.

Report: Businesses are experiencing endpoint security incidents

A new report finds that over two thirds of businesses have experienced a stark increase in endpoint and Internet of Things security incidents in past year. This shifted landscape requires new strategies.

Why and how organizations need to optimize Wi-Fi

Many types of businesses are seeing the advantages of Wi-Fi technology as an enabler for the Industrial Internet of Things. The advent of W-Fi 6 will improve speed, increase efficiency and reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios.

Q&A: Years of IoT hacking, but what have we actually learned? Special

Why are IoT devices seemingly so easy to hack? There are countless examples of device manufacturers and tech companies that have fallen victim to attacks. A leading expert probes the issues and offers solutions.

Q&A: Leveraging IoT tech to make sustainability headway Special

Xylem, a major water technology company, is working alongside utilities providers to save the planet. This includes the implementation of Internet of Things applications in order to reduce energy usage and make a contribution to tackling climate change.

Next-gen ultracapacitors revolutionise capability of IoT devices

Wearables play an increasing role in everyday life, and whether they are monitoring the temperature of food during transportation or oil rig drill pressure at the sea floor, they need to be efficiently and cost-effectively powered.

Q&A: How IoT engineers are attacking the COVID-19 pandemic Special

A new ventilator project has brought together 50 engineers across the globe, including two engineers from Very that are using their experience in managing dispersed teams to implement clear workflows into the GitLab Medtronic Openventilator project.

Recent IoT flaws show the importance of a zero trust approach Special

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand. At the same time systems have become a primary target for cybercriminals. Repeated security incidents indicate that a 'zero trust' approach is best.

A 'lack of expertise' is holding back IoT implementation

Apple subsidiary Claris has surveyed over 300 SMBs in the U.S. and U.K. to learn more about their adoption and attitudes toward IoT; this includes barriers to IoT implementation, the key drivers behind IoT implementation, and more.

New IoT Security Rating to demonstrate cybersecurity status Special

UL, a global safety science company, has devised a IoT Security Rating to help manufacturers demonstrate cybersecurity posture in preparation for upcoming regulations.

New IoT security rating to meets regulatory demands

UL, the global safety science company, is now offering an IoT Security Rating to help manufacturers demonstrate cybersecurity posture in preparation for upcoming regulations.

Rocky Mountain Power to use IoT to modernize its electricity grid

Itron has announced that Rocky Mountain Power will deploy its OpenWay Riva IoT solution and 250,000 OpenWay Riva electricity meters to modernize Rocky Mountain Power’s existing electricity system.

Q&A: Conquering identity and access challenges amid the IoT boom Special

Managing identities and access during digital transformation is the key. However, the challenges for identity-driven security across all devices creates complex challenges, according to Ben Goodman of ForgeRock.

Are IoT attacks on Internet-connected gas pumps imminent? Special

Reports suggests that Internet-connected gas pumps could be at risk from cyberattacks, with information appearing in discussion forums about how hackers are contemplating disrupting this part of the energy system. Eve Maler of ForgeRock weighs in.

IoT adoption survey identifies leading key performance indicators

A new survey finds that most organizations introducing connected technology have put in place key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success. However, the actual KPIs differ considerably by industry.

Geospatial analytics set for major IoT driven growth

A new industry survey finds that the geospatial analytics market is set to see significant growth. This is being driven by innovations in the Internet of Things and from developments with artificial intelligence.

Q&A: Bosch's investment group plans the future of smart kitchens Special

Senior executives from global appliance brand Bosch, keen to expand more fully into the smart home environment, have recently invested in a new IoT/smart kitchen startup. Lars Roessler discusses future smart kitchen tech.

IoT market set for steady growth as consumer take-up increases

Researchers from Stanford University and Avast have unveiled the findings of a joint paper analyzing the state of Internet of Things globally. The paper shows continued growth ahead for IoT systems.

Q&A: Why contractors are adopting IoT technology Special

Contractors are turning to Internet of Things adoption in order to seek lower costs such as potential savings from reduced deductibles and fewer claims, greater employee productivity, and improved safety records.

Q&A: Contractors adopt IoT to lower insurance premiums Special

IoT is increasingly being used by contractors. A new survey finds the top motivator for adopting IoT technology is the possibility of lowering insurance premiums, followed by recovering lost time due to incidents.

Driving power of the crowd in Industry 4.0

Schneider Electric has launched a new service called Exchange, and it is said to be the first cross-industry open crowdsourcing ecosystem dedicated to solving real-world IoT and digital challenges.

Q&A: How companies can use IoT to enhance operational efficiency Special

To boost efficiencies, companies adopt IoT to enhance operational efficiency and inventory management. One pioneering application of IoT is with the supply chain space, applying nanotechnology. Scott Fletcher of LocatorX explains more.

Contractors adopting IoT to lower insurance premiums

The results of a new survey indicates that more contractors are adopting Internet of Things technologies in order to lower insurance premiums. The survey comes from Dodge Data & Analytics and Triax Technologies.

Q&A: How to control access to IoT data Special

IoT is responsible for driving the biggest quantity of data into data lakes for businesses to analyze and leverage for analytics. With so much data at stake, companies must control who can and cannot access that data.

How edge computing can boost business efficiency

Many businesses are investing in edge computing, in order to achieve scale, speed and safety. Edge computing is essential for processing data speedily, such as with self-driving cars. We take a look at some of the advantages.

Physically unclonable function developed for IoT security

Technologists have developed a new type of Internet of Things security feature, described as a 'physically unclonable function'. This new security feature is said to be is ten times more reliable than current methods.

Q&A: How intelligent streetlights are driving smart cities Special

In Illinois, the company Itron will connect and manage 140,000 municipal smart streetlights. The open, standards-based network connecting the streetlights also powers a variety of smart grid applications.

White paper predicts six key trends in the consumer IoT market

Smart home IoT company Viomi Technology and the International Data Corporation have jointly issued a white paper that identifies key consumer trends for the Internet of Things and the smart home.

Home energy startup secures funding support for IoT technology

Home energy Internet of Things provider GreenCom Networks has completed a fundraising round with Centrica Innovations, designed to support its technology. The IoT system is designed to support energy retailers.

Q&A: Improving healthcare with the IoT Special

The Internet of Things has numerous applications in healthcare, ranging from remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration. Such technology can aid patients to keep safe and healthy.
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Intel plans to use bots to drive the next retail transformation
Intel plans to use bots to drive the next retail transformation
Intel Corporation
Google s patent filing for a  smart  internet-connected teddy bear
Google's patent filing for a "smart" internet-connected teddy bear
Google patent via BBC
The Samsung RF28HMELBSR smart fridge
The Samsung RF28HMELBSR smart fridge
Google s Android Things will connect the Internet of Things
Google's Android Things will connect the Internet of Things
Customers increasingly want specialised IoT  not generic solutions
Customers increasingly want specialised IoT, not generic solutions
Field Engineer / Pexels
Samsung s Family Hub smart fridge
Samsung's Family Hub smart fridge
Samsung Newsroom Flickr
Amazon s Dash.
Amazon's Dash.
© Amazon
Intel plans to use bots to drive the next retail transformation
Intel plans to use bots to drive the next retail transformation
Intel plans to use bots to drive the next retail transformation
Intel plans to use bots to drive the next retail transformation

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